Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


1. Chapter 1

I fixed my ponytail and skirt, taking a nervous sip from my coffee. "Skylar, calm down." My older brother Nate chuckled and I smiled at him, flashing my dimples. "Ready for your first day in a new school?" He asked me and I shook my head. "No." I said with a giggle and he smiled. "C'mon I'll bring you." He told me and I nodded smiling, following him towards his big black range rover.

This'll be my third school in two years. Since my dad is some big shot at some company I don't know the name of and my mum owns multiple restaurants all over the world we tend to move alot. My parents are never really around and when they are they never really pay attention to me. I don't blame them though since we live with six people. My baby brother Mike (4), my little sister Anne (13), me (17), my older brother Nate (19) and my parents. "We're here." My brother's low voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I took a deep breath. "I'll pick you up, just text me okay?" I nodded and pecked his cheek before getting out of the car. 

My ponytail bounced behind me as I entered the school gates, my eyes fixed on the floor. I heard a few wolf whistles and felt really uncomfortable. As soon as I entered the school I got even more nervous. I walked towards the lady at the front desk who gave me everything I needed before searching for my locker. Once I finally found my locker in this huge school the bell rang and I started to panick slightly. I grabbed the books I needed and closed my locker back up before looking for my history class. The halls were empty and my converse made squeaky sounds against the floor. I soon saw four boys, yes, now I can ask where to go and I won't be any more late. I walked towards them but started getting nervous once I saw them. They all had a lot of tattoo's and piercings and to be completely honest, they scared me. I quickly walked past them, earning some wolf whistles and I felt their eyes burn holes into my back. 

I finally found my history classroom, I was about fifteen minutes late. I fixed my ponytail and outfit before entering the classroom. "I'm so sorry I'm late." I said, biting my lower lip nervously. "Oh it's totally fine, sweety. You must be Skylar Moore, I'm mrs Sykes." My history teacher told me smiling and I smiled back at her, flashing my dimples. "You can take a seat next to Harry, there in the back." She said pointing at the empty seat inbetween a tattooed, pierced, curly haired boy and a window. I nodded and sat down. He also scared me and I just tried to sit as far away from him as possible. I'm being so paranoid. He's a highschool student what's he going to do? Just introduce yourself Skylar. I took a deep breath and put a dimpled smile on my face before turning to him. "Hi, I'm Skylar." I said, sticking out my hand. He looked me up and down before sitting back in his chair. "Harry." He stated bluntly and I awkwardly took my hand back and focussed on what mrs Sykes was saying. 


The lunch bell rang and I slowly put my books in my bag before walking out of my art classroom. I walked towards my locker, putting away the books of the classes I just had in there and the books I needed in my bag. I closed my locker and nearly screamed when I saw Harry's face. Didn't expect to see him. "Hey." He said with no emotion. "Eh... hi Harry." I said with a confused smile. "Wanna have lunch with me and my friends?" He asked and I bit my lower lip. Someone bumped into me from behind, causing me to take a step foreword. "Oh I'm so sorry!" A blonde haired, brown eyed boy wearing a varsity jacket said with an awkward smile. "It's fine." I told him. "I'm Justin." He told me smiling and sticking out his hand. "I'm Skylar." He looked into my eyes and blushed slightly. "You have really pretty eyes." I blushed slightly but offcourse Harry had to ruin the moment by fake coughing. "Move it Bieber." He spat and Justin looked at me and back at Harry. "You shouldn't hang out with people like that. They're bad news." Justin warned me before taking my hand. "C'mon you can come sit with me and my friends." He said and softly pulled me away from Harry. I looked back at Harry who looked slightly hurt but once he saw I was looking he tried to look like he didn't care... tried. I flashed him a weak smile before turning back around and following Justin. 

"Hey guys! This is Skylar, she's new." He said to a group of jocks and cheerleaders. They all smiled, greeted and introduced themselves before we all just chatted. The cantine doors opened and my eyes shot to the entrence. Harry.

*one month later*

"Justin is so going to ask you out!" My friend Lucy said as we walked through the mall. I just giggled. I soon saw Harry who's been avoiding me for about a month. I told Lucy to just go into a shop and that I'd be right over. She nodded and I walked towards Harry and his friends. "Harry!" I yelled and he turned around. His friends looked me up and down and Harry just looked confused. "Why are you avoiding me?" I asked him and he rolled his eyes. "Because people like me...-" He pointed towards himself. "Don't hang out with people like you." He said pointing at me. "You don't even know me." I said and he just chuckled. "Actually I do. You're the girl with the perfect family, perfect grades, perfect friends, perfect life you probably do alot of sports and study alot. And you want everyone to like you even though you're a stuckup bitch." I felt my bottom lip shake. "You're so wrong. How could you possibly judge me like that? You know what? Two can play this game. You're the 'badboy' who doesn't let anyone in. Your dad probably left you, which is probably the reason you don't let anyone in. You hide your feelings with tattoo's and piercings and you want everyone to be scared of you and guess what? I'm not scared of you so drop the act." He tensed up. "You have some nerves." He said through gritted teeth. "You did the same thing to me." I snapped and he pushed me against a wall. "Never speak to me like that... ever" I suddenly felt really scared. "You don't know me." He said and I got angry. "You don't know me either." I said but it came out as a whisper causing him to smirk, knowing I was scared of him.

"Than let's get to know eachother." He said, that stupid smirk still all over his face.

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