Anna Williams and Luke Hemmings have been best friends for a while, but what Luke doesn't know is that Anna secretly likes him. Its been six months since Anna waved goodbye to Luke when he left for the Take Me Home tour and now she's sitting and the airport waiting for him and the two bands to come home. She spots the One Direction guys and then her eyes find Luke and she immediately runs over to give him a welcome back hug but what she doesn't expect is the girl standing next to him. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily!"

What happens when Harry Styles develops feelings for Anna? What happens when Luke secretly does too?


5. First date

*5 weeks ago*




Luke and I haven't hungout much lately because he's always with his girlfriend but I've become much closer with Ashton, Michael, Calum and the One Direction boys. Right now i'm getting ready for a date with Harry while video chatting with Michael.  


"Mikey I really do like him!" I said excitedly 
"I know you do but I just don't want you to get hurt, it seemed like when we were on tour he always had a different girl around. Im happy that you're happy I just want you to be safe is all." He said skeptically 

"Thank you for caring Mikey, I'll be careful!" I said while putting my earings on. I was done with my hair and makeup, I just had to get dressed and I was good to go.   

Harry told me to dress casual so I put on my black jeans and a green army jacket. I finished off my curled hair by wearing a white headband to match my white converse. Just as I was finishing up with Mikey the door bell rang. I said goodbye to Michael and went down stairs, I checked my hair in the mirror before answering the door.   


"Hey Harry! How are you?" I gave him a quick hug

"I'm Good, You look great by the way!" he said handing me a bouquet of sunflowers.

"These are gorgeous Harry, let me find something to put these in i'll be right back." I walked to the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets before finding a tall vase to put them in. I stuck them in some water and met Harry in the hallway. 

"Ready!" I gave him a sweet smile. He opened the door and led me out to his car.  

"So where are we going?" I asked excitedly. 

"I was thinking we could see a movie and then maybe grab some dinner?" 

"Sounds great!"


I expected to be making a right into the movie theater parking lot but when he drove past me he clearly saw the confused expression on my face before saying "Just trust me!" and giving me a smile.

About twenty minutes later we pulled into the old drive-in movie theater. He got out, opened my door for me and led be to the back of the car where he opened the back and pushed down the back seats revealing fluffy white pillows and a white duvet blanket on top of tons of other blankets. It was actually really comfortable, and we just laid together and watched the movie. The movie ended and I leaned over and kissed Harry. 

"Thank you so much Harry that was awesome!" 

"No worries love, I really like spending time with you, Anna. How about we go get some dinner?" "Sounds like a plan!"  

We went to dinner and really got to know each other better. He told me about his concert experiences, his hobbies, and what he would be doing if he wasn't part of One Direction. He talked very highly of his family and said how much he loved them and was very happy to see them soon. It made me happy to know he had a close relationship with his mom, thats very cute!  


He dropped me off at home, walked me to the door and gave me a kiss.

"Anna will you be my girlfriend?" He said nervously.

"Of course!" I gave him another kiss.  

Once he left I opened my laptop and chatted Michael.  


A: What are you doing?

M: Nothing, just watching a tv show. Why whats up

A: Give me like 7 minutes then video chat me!?

M: Haha you're so weird. Of course! See you in 7! ;)  


I called Demi and explained the whole date to her and how we were going out now! she told me she was coming home in a week. Demi had gone up to Sydney with her brother to visit their parents and I was ecstatic  that she was coming home soon. I loved hanging out with the boys but I definitely needed some girl time! I hung up with Demi right as Michael started a video chat and I explained the whole story to Michael. I was so happy when Harry was around!


*end flashback*



hey guys sorry its been so long before ive updated! im working on my next chapter right now and ill probably end up publishing that in the next couple days! 

If you want to be a part of the story kik me! Also, sorry if there was any confusion reguarding the 5 weeks ago. i want the next chapter to be Anna and Harry dating for 5 weeks but i didnt want to write 5 weeks of dates and stuff haha 

kik: sashajohns


thanks for reading! xx

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