Anna Williams and Luke Hemmings have been best friends for a while, but what Luke doesn't know is that Anna secretly likes him. Its been six months since Anna waved goodbye to Luke when he left for the Take Me Home tour and now she's sitting and the airport waiting for him and the two bands to come home. She spots the One Direction guys and then her eyes find Luke and she immediately runs over to give him a welcome back hug but what she doesn't expect is the girl standing next to him. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily!"

What happens when Harry Styles develops feelings for Anna? What happens when Luke secretly does too?


3. Dinner?


I stepped off the plane and saw Anna talking with Harry before she ran over to me. I pulled her in for a quick hug and introduced her to my new girlfriend Lily. I couldn't stop thinking how great Anna looked, I was really proud of her and I could tell she was proud too. She had this new confidence about herself and it radiated trough her big smile and the sparkle in her eyes, but there was a hint of something else, was it hurt that I saw in her eyes? I quickly brushed the feeling and we headed for the car. We walked over to the car and I couldn't wait to catch up with Anna and tell her all of the bands crazy tour antics, but I was awakened from my thoughts by Harry telling our driver that he was going to drive Anna home, apparently he had his car here.


Harry offered to drive me home so we both walked over to his car. I had to keep my mouth from dropping open when I saw the beautiful black range rover in front of me. It had always been my dream car. He chuckled, snapping me out of my thoughts and I laughed silently. We got in the car and engaged in small talk before it got silent, not awkward, just quiet between the two of us. I let my gaze fall to the window, taking in the scenery until Harry spoke up. "Is everything alright?" He said as we were pulling on to the street his hotel was on. For some reason I felt safe with Harry and I decided to completely let my feelings out. I told him about how I felt towards Luke and how I completely redid myself with intentions of telling him. Harry stared at me sympathetically. By this time we were parked outside the hotel.

"I'm so sorry I.. I just needed to get that out"

"Don't worry about it. You don't deserve that, Anna. You're beautiful." He said with a look of sincerity.

I leaned over and kissed him. He immediately started kissing back and a few moments later I pulled away.

"I am so sorry Harry I just.." I was interrupted by his lips crashing into mine.

He brought me up to his hotel room and I took a seat on a bench by the window, admiring the outside world. He began preparing us a drink when there was a knock on the door.

"Ay mate!" Liam started, "have you thought of how you're going to meet Luke's friend?"

Harry almost choked on his drink and I let out a laugh. Liam looked over and I immediately saw the guilt on his face

"I'm so sorry man" he said to Harry before walking over to me.

"Hi I'm Liam!" He smiled and I returned the gesture.

"Hi Liam! I'm Anna, it's great to meet you!" I started. "How was the tour?"

We talked about the tour for a few minutes and just chatted about other things when I noticed the time.

"I'm sorry guys it was great hanging out with you but I have plans with Luke! Maybe later tonight?" I basically said to just Harry and I think Liam caught on because he said he was just going to take it easy tonight, and go to sleep early.

"I'm free!" Harry said, "How about we get dinner or something?"

"Sounds great! Give me your phone!"

Harry handed me his phone and I put my number in.

"Give me a call later" I lightly kissed his cheek and gave Liam a quick hug before stepping out the door and heading to Luke's

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