Anna Williams and Luke Hemmings have been best friends for a while, but what Luke doesn't know is that Anna secretly likes him. Its been six months since Anna waved goodbye to Luke when he left for the Take Me Home tour and now she's sitting and the airport waiting for him and the two bands to come home. She spots the One Direction guys and then her eyes find Luke and she immediately runs over to give him a welcome back hug but what she doesn't expect is the girl standing next to him. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily!"

What happens when Harry Styles develops feelings for Anna? What happens when Luke secretly does too?


2. Airport


  *present time*      

 People always asked if I was dating one of the 5SOS boys and, of course I wasn't, but I can't say that there wasn't a reason.. I never really cared about myself. I wore sweats and plain t-shirts, my hair in a pony tail, I wasn't super skinny like all the other girls, and I never wore makeup. So it's not hard to believe that my feelings for Luke were never mutual. But I had six months before I saw Luke again, so I decided to hit the gym!        


When I called up my best girl friend, Demi, she was more than happy to help me out on a shopping spree. I basically bought a whole new wardrobe and tons of makeup that she taught me how to correctly apply. I was actually going to start trying, and gain some self confidence. My plan was to tell Luke how I felt about him when he came home. I was more than ecstatic to see him, we went from hanging out with each other every day to skyping maybe once a week. But hopefully he would see me in a different light now that I have taken some pride in my appearance.         


Today was the day that Luke, 5SOS, and One Direction came home. I knew their would be tons of pretty fans at the airport so I showered and straightened my normally curly hair, applied my new makeup, and slipped into a new outfit. I was wearing navy high-waisted shorts with a white tank top tucked in and my red converse. I applied a light smokey eye and some nude lipstick. I was happy to say that the gym sure did pay off and I looked like a whole new person, I was so happy with myself and I couldn't wait to tell Luke how I felt.        


I called Demi and she gave me a ride to the airport. She gave me a quick pep talk before leaving. the basic "you'll do great" and "you look awesome!" I got into the airport and found their security guard so I could stand with him and wait for the boys. I saw a few random people and then i saw the One Direction boys. Harry Styles and Liam Payne were walking together behind the other three boys and I noticed that Harry wouldn't stop looking at me. He whispered something to Liam, eyes still on mine, before walking over to me.  


"Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer!" I teased him  


"Cute and funny, I like it." He smirked and I just about died. He had the cutest accent ever. I just smiled back at him  


"Can I get your name love?"   


"Anna. Anna Williams"   


"Well hello Anna Anna Williams I'm Harry Styles" he joked and I let out a giggle  


"Well don't you have the most adorable little laugh" he said         


We chatted for a bit and I told him I was waiting for Luke and all that then I saw Calum, Michael, and Ashton walk out followed by some random couple kissing. But as I got a closer look, it wasn't a random couple, it was Luke and some girl. I think I felt my heart break right then.      


 I gave hug to the other boys and then Luke walked over giving me a quick hug and introducing me to the girl.. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily" he said not being able to look away from her. I rolled my eyes and shook her hand, "hi I'm Anna"       


 I got a sympathetic look from Ashton. Next to Luke, i was definitely closest with Ashton. He was the only other person beside Demi that knew about my crush on Luke.    




I walked off the plane and a girl immediately caught my eye. The sound of all the fans screaming quieted and my focus was just on this girl. I turned to Liam, not letting my gaze fall off of  her, and whispered "I have to know this girl."    I walked up and we talked for a bit;  My first thought was that she was dating Luke but he had a girlfriend and she explained that they were best friends. I got so happy inside knowing i'd be spending a lot more time with her. 

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