Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


22. Wrong Time?

Ashlynn's POV

I twisted my hands through Harry's Hair, and I started to make the kiss more intense. We were still in Louis House, in his pool, but now everyone had jumped into the pool, freezing in the cold, damp water. I pulled away from Harry, our chests still touching as he put his forehead against mine.


"ewwww, get a room", Niall said to us directly. 


We exchanged smiles. His smile always made my heart a little more every time. I felt him move back, making a gap grow in between us. 


" I can't believe you did that", I say to him remembering that he was the cause I was in the freezing cold pool water.


" Kiss you?", he asked jokingly knowing what I meant.


" You know what I mean", punching him in the arm lightly and fast.


"owwww", he said half laughing as he grabbed his shoulder. 


I turned my attention over to where louis was jumping off of the diving board on our side of the pool . He turned and did a flip, landing with a huge splash that drenched my whole body as well as Harry's, who was holding my hand under water. 


" Louis", I screamed totally pissed that I just got completely drenched again!!


 2 days Later


Ashlynn's POV

" Merry Christmas", I hear a familiar whisper in my ear. I turn over on my side to see Harry with messed up curls, and his low raspy morning voice alert. 


"Merry Christmas", I  reply back smiling at him as he wrapped his arms around my stomach, pulling me closer to him. 


" I can't wait for you to unwrap my gift", he says like a child telling his mother something. 


" I can't wait for you to open my gift", I say back to him smiling at him.


I pull away from Harry's Grip and turn over so my legs are dangling off the side of his bed. He does the same, knowing I want him to follow me downstairs. I walk down his squeaky stairs covered with purple-ish carpet. " I thought that maybe, we should make a huge Christmas breakfast", I say walking into his huge kitchen that was full of pans, knives, spoons, forks, and pots.


" Sure, I'm sure Niall will appreciate that, when they get here.", harry continued " did I tell you all the guys were coming?", he asked.


"the more the merrier", I say opening a drawer that had a few black small pots in it. 


" Thats what I love about you", He said wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder.  


" huh,  what do you mean?" I ask pulling ingredients out of random cupboards to make some pancakes with. 


" You always have the most positive things to say", he said making me blush and smile on accident. 


" And you, really know how to sweet talk a girl", I said returning the favor , making him smile. 


I felt him come closer to me, making me back up, until my butt hit the edge of the counter. He crashed his lips on mine and pushed his hands on my bum and lifted me up on the counter. I wrapped both my hands around his warm neck, and my legs around his waist as he intensed the kiss more intense. I moaned and he smiled on my lips. 


I heard a door slightly open . " ooooo, should we come back later?", I heard Louis say covering his eyes as the rest of the gang chuckles to themselves. 


Me and Harry break away quickly, like nothing ever happened. 


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