Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


6. Saved me

Ashlynn's POV 

My eyes fluttered open slowly exposing a creak of light in eyes, blinding me. Where am I, I think as My eyes adjust.  I was in a small room with a bed ( which I slept on) two blue windows, a small wooden dresser, a tv on the wall, and a small light blue couch in the corner with a sleeping body on it. 


I flung both of my legs out of the covers and over the side of the bed almost about to step down, when the body on the couch turned on his other side so he was facing me. It was Harry! What was I doing at Harry's house sleeping in what seemed to be his bed? 


All of a sudden, I felt a horrible feeling inside of me , I clutched my stomach and ran to find the bathroom. I quickly flipped open the toilet seat and got down on my knees on his bathroom floor. Hands touched my neck and gathered up my hair from my face while I threw up repeatedly in his toilet. "Are you alright, Love", Harry said with affection in his voice. I felt bad that I woke him up. 


"What Happened" I asked totally hung over. I clutched my stomach and head , feeling terrible. 


" Let's just say this, you had way too much to drink", he responded laughing . 


"Oh no, what did I do", I said feeling so embarrassed already. 


" where do I start" he said continuing to laugh " we'll, first you decided to start stripping and go skinny dipping Louis' pool, then you started slapping people's asses" he said pausing for air " would you like me to keep going?" He asked smirking. 


"No, please stop" I replied " Im so embarrassed". 


" you wouldn't believe what you did after that... " he spat out. 


"Stop" I yelled punching him in the shoulder.


"Let's get you cleaned up" he said going back in his room and returning with one of his shirts. "Here" he said tossing his shirt at me. I caught the grey shirt and waited for him to leave so I could put it on, but he just stood there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. 


"Thanks" I say trying to hint that he should leave, but no.. Nothing.


"you can put it on, you know" he said smiling. 


"Ummmm... " I say hinting at it again. 


"Oh , yea", he said backing away in his room and closing the door behind me. 


Way to make things extremely awkward i say inside my head. I then throw the my shirt off and put it in the shower. I smile as I slip on Harry's shirt, it smells just like him. 



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