Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


19. I love you

Ashlynn's POV

I stood in the door way, motionless, looking at my abusive father I hadent seen in at least 2 years. He changed a lot, his hair was cut a lot shorter now and he didn't wear any sort of glasses like the last time I'd seen him. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans, slip on shoes, and a button-up red t-shirt that went down to his waist. 


My mind finally started to work again and I tried to push the door shut again, but it was too late, he caught the door and pushed it open so it hit the wall and knocked down one of the vases my grandmother made me when I was only 10. 


"So, I've heard you have a new boyfriend in town ", he said walking into my house making me very uncomfortable. 


"Always knew you were a slut", he said said coming towards me slowly. 


Nothing could escape my mouth. I stood silently and watched him take slow steps in my direction. 



"Did you miss me?" He asked tossing his beer bottle on the ground and making it shatter into a million pieces on my newly washed carpets. 


Now, he was right in front of me. I could feel his breath on my neck. He started to step closer, forcing me to step back, until my back hit against my living room wall. His hand left his side and trailed up to my waist line. I felt his warm hand go under my shirt. 


This isn't happening, I tried to tell myself. I  pull my hand up and tried to push his hand away from my body.


The next thing I knew, my check was aching with a sharp pain from where his hand connected

with my face. I clenched my face , trying to remove the pain. 


"Don't resist, you know you want me" he whispered going back to his same position as before.

"stop", I said just quietly enough for him to hear me. 


He didn't do what I asked but continued. I felt his lips trail all over my neck, making me moan. 


"Stop", I said a little louder this time. 


Harrys POV

I pulled into Ashlynn's open parking place in her driveway and shifted the gears into park.  Once I reached the doorway, I twisted the doorknob and saw the worst thing ever. Ashlynn was pushed up against the wall with her father hovered over her as she tried to escape his grip. 

Once he noticed I was here he began to speak "So, this is the guy", He asked Ashlynn coming towards me with clenched fists. I reacted too slow and found one of his fists in my face.


Ashlynn's POV

Tears flowed down my checks like a waterfall as I stumbled to grab the phone to call 911. I had to Hurry, I couldn't let Harry be in there too much longer. I darted towards the phone and grabbed it off the holder. My fingers shook as I typed in ..... 9..........1...........1.... I fumbled to press the talk button , but was interrupted when a cold hand shook my shoulder and grabbed the phone out if my hand. I turned to see my father throwing the phone as it hit it hit the wall and shattered into pieces. I felt more tears swell in my eyes.


"Let's continue where we were a while ago", he said putting his hand back up my shirt and feeling my breasts.  


"Stop", I yelled pushing him off of me. 


Before he could slap me again, he was knocked down on his knees from Harry hitting him across the head with a lamp. 


I crawled to Harry and wrapped my arms around his neck as I cried into his chest. He let me sob onto his shirt, leaving stains in his nice shirt. 



"I love you", he whispered in my ear. 


I hope you guys all enjoyed this chapter full of drama. I had a lot of fun writing it and will be  updating the story soon. 

-Jada Andrews 


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