pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


6. trouble

                                                                     Isabella pov 

                           "izzy me and your father have a special preasent  for your monkey ass " he said "omg harry you said a bad word " i said "hey you do to mis try to be innocent" he said "well thats  taken away now that im with Louis" i said laughing "true that true that" he said "hey how are we doing the buss arrangement" i asked "yeah you and Louis are sharing a bunk and it the very top bunk its louis no one esle is aloud to have that top bunk"he said i smiled and nodded."if louis is looking for me tell him i went to get us all some Nando's before we leave and im taken  my 2013 black camro" i said and he nodded . i was dressed in this outfit (without the purse)

                  I got into my car and drove to Nando's and parked. Once i got out of my car i was getting wolf whistels by these wanna be bad boys."hey princess how about i take you to dinner tonight in that sports car" he said "sorry there mate but i have a boyfriend" i replied "i dont see him" he said movin his hands to my belt buckle."thats because he's behind you and i suggest you remve your hands where they are."  i heard the voice of louis say.the boy turned around and swung and louis hit him maken him drop."now mate we dont want trouble her so run and i never wanna here you hitting on her again" he said "id kill you" the stranger said "go ahead cuz you would have millions of angrey fans at you and one girl who will comitee suicid to be with me and before she did she'd take your life before she took hers" Louis said "yeah who" he said "the girl behind you she's a 3rd degree black belt in teakwondow she was a the captian on a cheerleading squad and the best street dancer anyone has ever seen  so back of mate or things will get ugly and you will die" louis said as he clentched his jaw and held out his hand .Itook it as he pulled me behind him and told me to go get the food and call the boys.i nodded ad called the boys and went inside and got all our food .As soon as i got it i walked out and saw cop cars and a ambulance and niall and te boys talking to the cops but louis wasn't there and the boy who had his hands on me were in the cop car. i ran towards the ambulance to see louis in a body bag just kidding he was sitting insde the truck with the male dudes fixening him up I let out a sigh and took the foodto my car and ran back towards the ambulace to see the boys talking to Louis 

                                  I went over to the boys "hey guys the food is in m car heres the keys and dont get food in my car or you will be cleaning it" i siad as louis got up i pushed him back down"go on will be there soon" i said "oooo they have to have a talk" Harry said and winked and walked away.i sat next to him he had his shirt of h had a ouple cuts here and there but i layed my head on his shoulder."what happened?are you going to jail?" i asked he  turned me to face him and he held my face in his hands."no Love im not going to jail he was talking crap about you and i lost it the boys tryed to get me leave but thats when he said i'd make her feel more pleased wit me then you ever could and on top of it he add about how he kill you afer wards if you tryed to stop him but he would still kill you and i lost it i hit him intill he said sorry but the cops are exacuting him tonight cuz he insulated you nd threaten to kill you but it turns out he kill 17 girls you could have been number 18 id don't know what i would do if I lost you i love you so much and heck i dont care anymore if anyone finds out im dateing you cuz next time someone threatens my girlfriend ill striaght up kill them" bhe said as he kissed me we saw flashing and louis didnt care he countiuned to kiss me. 

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