pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


17. this cant be happenign

                                                 louis pov 

                         once we went to the after party they made everyone stay in thier colths at the wedding Izzy didnt wanna stay in her dress but i convince her to keep it on they pinned it so it wasnt draging and she could dance.Her and jamie got on the dance foor and danced to timber they were doing wired dances but busted out some really great street moves when her mother walked up and grabed her arm.I heard her scream my name me and her father went running to see her mother slapping her and yelling at her cuz we played her."they didnt play you i did " i my father in law said "you cant break them two up its impossiable and you had no right to band the children from seeing him so i did this i played you i never want you come near my family guys you can arrest her now and i know you have been abusing my children i never had proof now i do" he said "why i dont like them together" she yelled "so he has proven that he love her more the the world it self no other boy has now if you dont mine i have to take my son in law and my daughter back to the wedding and have a daddy daughter dance" he said and  the cops to izzys mum and i ran over to her."love you ok" i asked she nodded sightly i picked her up bridle style and carried her back . "I love you" i said before i notice she was bleeding and her eyes closed and she didnt say it back "izzy i said shakken her  and i noticed the wound on the side of her "oh come on you cant give up on me now please i need you" i said as the ambulance arrived and took her away 

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