pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


16. the next day

                                              Isabellas pov 

                    i woke up to screaming and shouting i looked over to see louis was gone i got out of bed and opened the door at the same time dad opened his."what the hell i thought that was you and mum " i said as we both walked downstairs "i want you out louis i want you to never call my daughter again and ill be puting the babys up for adtoption" my mum screamed at louis as me and my dad looked at her."dont punish the children at least ley Isabella keep them i'll ledave but you should punish me like this because of that stuiped mistake that happened at the mall all i did was stop to take pictures with fans and you get pist and to add on top of that your just pisted that isabella took me back after that mistake i did earlyier in are relationship im sorry ok but i will leave ill tell izzy its over and that im calling off the wedding"he said "no dont go i can't do this with out you" i said as louis ran to me and held his face in his hands "baby you wont youll have niall to help you" he said as tears went down both of our faces "i dont want niall to help me and raise a family with i want you i never wanted anyone else if you walk out ill take a knife through my heart cuz witout you there is no me.i replied 

                               i watched as louis kissed the babys on thiere heads and walk out of the house.I turn to my mother."i hate you i hope you know that you big prat" i spat and spit on her."you go to your room now" she said "bitch you cant make me and you will never see your grand babies again cuz im leaveing." i replied "if you walk out that door ill dis own you" she said i smirked and put my middle finger upand walked to my room and got dressed in this 

    i got my children ready and packed our bags since mum threw out all my cloths Louis bought me she said that they were slutty so since she didnt want me slutty ill look punk my dad handed me a pice of paper "this is where louis is he has  a room well two room i told him youd probely get kicked out of the house he smiled and laughed your mum really is gonna disown you but im not your my daughter and she had no right to do that your gonna go downstairs and tell your mum your going with niall that she was right your gonna pretend to be nialls girl  but  the paps already know and  twist and turn the stuff i told them if they did that id fire them" my dad said i smiled and Niall walked up with my mother."hey sweetheart you ready to go" Niall asked me."yeah " i said as he grabed the car seats and i grabed the bags."are you leaveing with Niall" my mum asked "yeah you were right louis is an arse and i dont love him i love Niall" i said as niall kissed my cheek "alright babe imm gonna take them to the car and. come back to get  the rest of the bags" he said and kissed mei pretended to kiss back knowing didnt mean anyyhing towards that kiss."louis knows about this" my dad whispered in my ear i nodded as he took some of the bags and niall came back with the rest.

                                "When we arrived at the hotel i grabed my bags and Niall grabed the children i walked up to louis room not know there was an elervator i walked up 12 flights of stairs once i got to louis door i knocked on it "room serves" i said the door oped "you dont look lik room servise you look like my really hot soon to be wife  since we have everything planed and your gonna pretend to marry Niall will get married next week your mum knew about it but know it you and niall but it wont turn out as that" he said and grabed my bags i ran in and jumped on the bed and yawned."tired already" he asked "hey a women who just got done being pregneat walked up 12 flights of stairs and carried 4 bags full of cloths"i said " well your wearing pants and not the things i got you why" louis asked "my mum threw it out " i said he smirked "dont worry at home i bought everything secound in case if something happend to the first set" he said i smiled and kissed him."uh Izzy your mums comeing to see you we have to hurry to are room" louis said walking in i quickly jumped away from Louis."dont worry were you comeing to see Louis or bring the babys to see him" my wicked mother said "bring my  children to see himbefore i went to mine and nialls room i was gonna let them spend time with daddy before i acctally take them away from him " i said "oh ok well the wedding is here next week so i was maken sure ok bye" my mother said as i muttered "bitch" 

the week of the weding 

           Isabellas pov 

 m]jamie walked out in this bueatiful dress 

and her hair done exactaly the same since harry wants his wedding in england thier having thiers in the  next 2 weeks , then sophian perrie and kinzie are friend who was dateing calum form 5sos were dressed in this dress

and i was dressed in this dress 

(without the heels) i left my hair curly and keeping it down ."you look perfect louis gonna like it i took a picture of him and this is what he looked like  and harry since harry was louis best mate 

after she showed me the pictures my dad came back "you not wearing any shoes" my dad said i smiled "if you  want me to break my neck walking in heels in the sand the sure" i said he just laughed "thier ready" i smiled and linked arms with him as the rest of the girls and the flower firls walked down the isall then we did 

                         Louis pov 

       she looked so wonderful in the straples dress once they got up thereshe took nialls hand "yoday we are hear to take these two in marriage if anyone speaks diffrent speak now" the preacher asked ashe looked at me i mouthee keep going "ok no one good so mr Louis tomlinson speak after me i will take isabella higgins to be my lovely wedded wife to love and everything for the rest of my life" i repeated him as niall went and got in my spot and i took his" the izzy did the same "do you take isabellas to me your wife through sickness in heath" he asked "i do" i said "and izzy you- he didnt finish cuz she cut him off "hellz ya i do" he laughed and smiled "you my do the vows Louis you go first" he said "i dont have this written down bu ti rember it by heart Isabella i rember the first day i met you you yelled so loudly that now i know how the boys felt when  yelled  you were so crazy happy joyful and never wanting to grow up just like me but we had to because we have two wonderful cildren tommy and Lucindia(lucy) 

i couldnt aske for better you have no clue how much i love you and im acttaly glad to call you my wife no matter what but i must say ill never ever make the mistake i did before we got married when i cheated on you but i swear to my ps4 that i got i will never do it again cuz i cant lose you nor my children" i said as tears went down her face i whiped them away as she laughed " i would so hold you against that louis" she said and i smiled

                     isabellas pov

    "um hmm where do i start ahh yes i remner walking through that door and seeing you wit those tatto  and those mussles i felt soo weak but out of the band you were always my favorite i rember seeing you on the x-factor you had that wired hair do and you were singing hey there deilalia i was up there Harry  watching him as we both agreed that you were good you miled at me halfway through the song i always voted for you nd when you lost i felt broken i literly through my phone as i sorta saw you cry then when simion got you guys together as a band i was so sos so happy that i was the bggest fan ever when i went home and you guys were with harry i dont think you rembered me but you were always flirting around i was grounde3d for 5 weeksand i got to watch you on x-factor i beged my dad  he knew that i was a huge fan when he got the job as your bodyguard i was so happy that i wouldnt stop braging about it at school but i have change now i have you and two baby from you but who would have thought it woul e you standing up here and me marrying you i love you so much" i said he smiled as laughs came from everywhere."well then with the power vested in me i prounce you husband and wife you may kiss the girl go on kiss her" louis smiled anf grabed me by the waist as we kissed all i vould think about know was that my mum cant do shut now 

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