pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


3. secretly dateing is really hard

                                                                  Isabellas pov  in her dream 

                                   I was backstage in louis dressing room playing on my phone and watching the boys perform in the this is where we are tour."ok time for twitter questions" Louis said."this one is for louis it say Louis we never see you with a girl are you gay r just like Niall waiting for his true love to walk in." liam said "well guys I think i have found my special girl but i dont know if she likes me back and No im not gay i like girls all the way" he said as i cracked up laughing and tweeted liam saying "hey liam  lets have a dance off" . "oh i have a new tweet  it's from pauls daughter it says hey hey liam lets have a dance off me you and louis" he said changeing up my tweet."paul bring out isabella this is gonna be great "louis said smileing."i think we all know who louis fancy" a fan yelled out as i busted out laughing when paul brought me out.."you fancy me tomlinson" i said laughing."yes i fancy you ok"he said smileing sightly while blushing and she smiled "ok boys lets do this dance off so i can kick your butt and let you finish your concert.we danced to Timber by kesha and Pitbull gusse who won i did. "I won now Tomlinson and i have one more question that i have been dying to know from all you boys which dance moves you know would you use to impress a girl " i asked them  "id use the suttle stop the traffic let them through and which way are we gonna go oh there we go" Louis said as i giggled "id probely do a sliding move" liam said "id do a vas happening dance but i already have a perfect girl"zayn said "id probely do my irish dance move it always has the girls screaming" Niall said  i laughed really loud. "id just do my 1 two three flick " harry said "but that was liam's thing how about you both do a slideing trick" i said he laughed and nodded.

                                    "i have an anoccment"louis said "im dateing pauls daughter" he said thats when i woke up."hey love did you sleep alright" Louis said "how long have you been there i asked."long enough to know what moves i would do to impress a girl and you wanting to see niall do his irish dance cuz it has all the girls screaming" he said "i was talking in my sleep wasn't I" i said "yeah but it was really cute and the concerts over want to ride with me to the motel" he asked "did everyone already leave" i asked "yes so i gusse you really dont have a choice but here put this hoodie on so no one thinks anything " he said I smiled and took his jaket and put it on."ok love once we get out there keep your head down or burie it in my arm and ignore the questions just wha ever you do not do not let go of me ok i dont want you to get hurt i wouldn't forgive myself if you did" he said  grabing his car keys."are you sure  your louis tomlinson i have never heard him be so cheeky  or soft" i said "what can i say you have me falling truely madly deeply  in love with you . ( a/n see what i did there hehe) .

                                    we walked out of the biluding and questions left and right were being thrown at us they were. "louis louis louis who is this is this your secret girlfriend."hey love take off your hoodie"."just ignore them" louis whispered  then the next thing i know my hoodie was being pulled off .Louis tryed to get infrount of me but it was to late. once we got into the car."love you alright  take of the jaket what happened?" he said "they pulled my hoodie of and my lower back really hurts and  one smacked my arse"I said shaken he smiled sightly "dont worry love the windows are tinted so the cant see in here and love i am here no dont worry about it let me see your lower back"he said Inodded and lifted up my shirt and we saw a huge bruise on my back."god damn im so sorry id kick thier ass but i dont wanna scare my bueatiful girlfriend and i think everyone is asleep bye now since we got to get up early tomorrow so i let you crash in my bed and ill sleep on the floor" he said as we drove to the hotel.

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