pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


21. out ith pheboe and daisy

                                              isabella pov 

                               i woke p the next morning and got dressed in this outfit 

 im not really a girlygirl but i couldnt find my shorts i packed and plus ist suposse to be relly hot to day. i walked down stairs to see the littlegirls dressed in thieroutfits ready to go they were eating pancakes. "morning girls" i siad as i walked into the kitchen "yu look bueatiful izzy" theysaid i laughed and smiled."thx you girls do to" thats when lou's mum walked in "ok isabella who suckered you into wearing a skirt cuz louis told me you usally dont wear them" she said with a smirk. " i couldnt find my shorts and i think i know who stole them" i say as louis poped out of nowhere with all of my shorts. "you mean these" lou asked "no i mean your lovely face sweetheart" i said and he smirked and handed the shorts to his mum."you two planed this didnt you. "i asked  and they nodded. "figures" i said walking past  louis who slaped my ass while his mum laughed. I turned around to she louis smileing chekily. "louis william tomlinson  did you just slap my ass" i asked and he smirked "why yes yes i did" he said laughing asi pushed him "dork " i mummbled as louis mum smiled "well you gus better get going im staying home with my babies" she said as she looked at mine and louis kids. "shes gonna spoile them" he said "oh im aware" i said as we took pheobe and daisy by the hand  and we walked out 

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