pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


10. one directions taken a break for a while but were not splitting up

                                                         isabella pov 

                                      "Isabella Isabella" Louis called walking into the house."yes boobear" i saids"where are you" he called "in the kitchen" i called back he ran in the kitchen and smiled at me."what gots yo so happy love" i said he smirked and put his hands on my tummy."love we got an new record deal the bands not ending were gonna surpise the fans next year at us comeing back." he said jummping up and down like a four year old.Istarted  giggleing."lets  dance love" he said " fine when i puke all over you dont blame me" i replied and he laughed."i love you" he said "love you too boobear-" i was cutt of by the new saying "is one direction Louis tomlinson cheating on is engadge women Isabella wit harrys girlfriend Jamie. or is Isabella cheating on louis with harry find out here when we come back" the lady that called me a whore and everything."Louis your not cheating on me are you" i asked."no love i went with Jamie to go pick out the wedding view it was suppose to be a surprise me and Jamie planed everything for the wedding so that all you had to do was pick out a dress but you listien to me id wouldnt cheat on you we planed a beac wedding and for the hoonymoon will be in hawii and for the reception it in a nice little area n the beach for all of us and i know you an harry were picking out presents for us to where because hiding my present in the back of your underware drware is not a great place for you to hide something like that" he said as i giggled and kissed him when Jamie barged in the house with harry."we can explain everything" they both said and so we played along."hurry up then i need to pack my thing and leave cuz Louis agrees with me he dosent wanna rasie this child" i said with fack tears."i wouldnt date isabella cuz shes my sister and secound of all she not my type" harry said "and i dont like Louis cuz hes sure as hell aint my type hes yours and dont break up" Jamie said i giggled "you guys are fools i said as i kissed louis were not going anywhere though id like to punch that lady on the damn screen i hate her" i replied and everyone laughed.

                                         later that day 

                                             still Izzy pov 

                              Me and Louis were sitting on the couch when my dad barged in."isabella your comeing with me you will never see Louis again " he said pulling me away from louis."sir ir was a mis understanding since Jamie is pregneat she got naushase and i helped her i let her hold on to me and thats what happend to izzy to i wouldnt cheat on the girl i -" louis couldn't finish cuz paul hit louis "LOUIS" i screamed and ran to him "your an ass fatheri hate you get out and what Louis said was the truth " i said as i looked at louis "your comeing with me Isabella " he said "No im not im staying here with my boyfriend and just because you dont like louis dosn't mean anything he wouldnt cheat on me he loves me and i love him so stop " i said "thats not all true isabella i did cheat on you with a girl at the bar 5 weeks ago and im still dateing her" Louis said i felt my heart break."you know what Tomlinson have your ring back ask her to marry you and you will never see this child ever and to let you know it was a little boy and i'm nameing him Tommy William Tomlinson but dont you even come near me I HATE YOU" i said going upstairs and packing.My father was right i shouldn't have trusted a popstar 

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