pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


5. on the news part 2

                                                                                   isabella pov 

                                                 My heart stopped "louis they said we have to stay away from eachother and they meant it they might fire me" i said as he looked at me."No love they wouldn't not if i tell them that you fell asleep in one of the dressing rooms and we were looking for you but couldn't find you so everyone left going back to the hotel to see if you where there while i stayed and looked " he said  finishing his sentence when my dad walked in."what in the hell is this" he said holding up the magizine."she was sleeping in my dressing room paul when she woke up i tryed to get her out but the pap's got a hold of the hoodie and pulled it off and they hit her i let her sleep in my room since you have the key to yours and i knew you whereasleep because we heard  you snoring" Louis said "they what they hit my princess" he said and louis nodded "it took every inch of my body not to get out of the car and hurt the basterds " louis said as he got really upset.

                                                  "louis thank you fo at least trying to keep her safe im thankful for that your approving that you not such a bad popstar louiskeep it up  but i still think your a no good rotten  popstar" he said as he walked out. Louis turned towards my "dose your back feel any better love" he asked "it still hurts" i replied. "turn around love" he said i nodded and turned around as he lifted up my shirt and sighed."i think one of those bulbs burnt you when they hit you with the camera ill be back im gonna go get some cream for your back princess" he said getting off the bed and opening the door when 4 boys feel in."stocker much" i said and they all laughed "ill be right back bella "louis said as he walked out."hey princess what happened to you" niall asked ."long story"I said "and we have time we don't leave for a while"niall said .

                                           After i finished telling them Louis walked in with mangment."im sorry Louis but since you two broke the rules she will stay with Niall" they said "no she wont i was trying to get her out of there you should have seen what they did to her" Louis yelled "im sorry Louis but you keep this up she will be kicked off the rest of the tour" they replied ."just wait i must do something" he walked over to me and kissed me on the lips and took a picture of it ."now you have something to complaine about  cuz im in love with her and i give two rats bum of what you think about her so far the fans like heri haven't had one terriable replie about her like the other girls you set me up with you are just scared scare that im gonna forgett about all the fans but i can't this girl was a fan of onedirection as well but she my princess and since you took away her privalge to perform on stage i can easily make you lose your job if you make her lose hers's" he replied "dont send that Tomlinson " they said "opps to late we all sent it " Liam said standing next to louis and so did the rest of the boys."We like Isabella and just because you don't oh well because she's here to stay and even her father agrees she been with out a father for god knows how long im surprised she even rembers him" Niall said "Im sorry but she going you pushed it"."im sorry but shes not going anywhere because you might forgett you dont own the boys and you sure as hell dont own my daughter now i think you all have a plane to catch cuz your fired and thats right i can fire you and higher a new crew ok cuz you cant tell him he cant be with my daughter i can but i cant keep them two away from eachother so listien if you still want my job i'd suggest you dont worry about Louis love life because of one unfamous girl walks in and steals his heart the way my daughter dose because she's just like her mother" my dad said and mangement said sorry "the next time ill just let you two get a room(not like that) cuz i know you sneeked out of your rooms im not stuiped" my father said and tossed me the keys."get your stuff and get ready we leave soon.

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