pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


1. meeting pauls daughter

                                            Louis pov

                                "Louis stop acting up my daughter will be here in three minutes" paul said "izzy comeing why has no one told me" and paul laughed "I rember when she supported you in the x-factor she begged me the week she was grounded just to go with you "paul said "you know pauls daughter" I said and harry nodded "she turned 22 yesterday for Christmas." harry said when a lovely girl walked in with brown hair her eyes where green like harry's. When she saw harry."HARRY STYLES COME GIVE ME A HUG" she scream "bloody hell break an ear drum will you" I said  as harry walked over t her and gave her a hug."sorry mate didn't mean to I had ton of sugar on the plane ride and and im just always like this my name is Isabella Higgins but you can call me Izzy or superwomen " she said while smileing."daddy"she said smileing at paul

    "hello princess these are the lovely boys you will get to torment im joking don't do that but these  are the boys you will get to style their look." she smiled and nodded as paul walked away."so how old our all of yall" she asked "im 19" harry said "my god Harry your growing up to fast" she said then looking at me."im Louis Tommlinson and im 22" she smiled and gave me a bone crushing  hug."i am two say do you like peter pan" she asked and I nodded "I love peter pan and superman but I can tell you love superman as well" I said smileing she smiled back "how about you blondie" she asked "im Niall Horan and im 20 years old" she smiled then looked at liam."im liam payne and im 20 two " "im zany malik and engadge to perrie Edwards and im 20" he said smileing she smiled back."i have to say I like blondie and curly and superman over there but zany your cool and liam you look to siriouse" she said "sorry bout that I just am" she smiled "since your so stricked don't get between me and my pranking or Ill hurt you bad im a black belt in karate so don't underestimate me"she said then looked at me."hey boo bear is there a frozen yogart place around here" she asked and I nodded "ill take you if you'd like" I said she smiled. "id like that" she said smileing .

                        at the frozen yogart place

                          Izzy pov

             Once we got to the frozen yogart place we ordered and sat down."so Louis nice tattoos on your arm." I said he laughed."you know I thought you were fixen to ask me if I was single." he said."well I was thinking it" I ammited "well if your conserned yes im single" he replied  I smiled slightly."so love I hear you our new styles" he said "that's right im helping out with lou I already told her who id do I said you and harry and im also disingin cloths for you boys to like what ever is you favorite piece of clothing is and you grow out of it I can re dsighn it and make and exact replica of it." I said "so another words you wll be measureing us with or shirts off" he said "that's exactally it" what if its pants" hew asked "you boys are keeping those on" I said and he laughed."now I have a question for you" he said ."yeah Tomlinson whats that " I said "are you single?" he asked "no im in a relationship with harry styles my dad just dosnt know,of corse im single im not aloud to date any boys my dad dosnt approve of so I just decided notto date anyone but now you I'd reconsider and blondie to" I replied "what about harry" he asked "harry is my friend hes like a brother to me I couldn't date him if I tried I just wouldn't feel right" I said "why have yall dated I mean" he asked "yeah it was when he was on te x-factor with you boys I dated harry but it just didn't feel right to the both of us so we both agreed to be like brother and sister. I smiled and nodded and the unexpected thing happened we both kissed

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