pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


14. going home

                                                         Isabella POV

                        "hey love wake up" Louis said as I opened my eyes."yeah louis" i said "were going home today but not to england yet just to your house into were ready to go back to England or when i can get a ticket for all four of us but ill be the first to go so i can get little Lucy's room read in Tommys room"  he said smileing at me when he said he was gonna approve to be with me and our now children he ment it he trys to do everything for me while im sleeping."i brought you some cloths go get dress baby" he said kissing my forehead and giving me my cloths i smiled and went to go get dressed in this outfit 

with these shoes 

I walked out and louis pushed me against the wall and kissed me i kissed back and he wispered "you look so bueatiful the way that hair of yours stays stright and that shirt shows how bueatiful you look" he said "i also got the babys dressed for you Tommy is in a mummys boy wanduzy" he said and  Lucy  has on one of Tommys shirt but baby dont worry while im in england with the boys and Jamie will get Lucy some baby cloths" he said "Louis calm down im not mad so calm down and quite trying so hard love i have forgiven you and besides i wanna go back with you to England and if i have to get Jamie to sit with the babys ill do it but i wanna go back with you do you got me Tomlinson" he smiled "yes Mrs Tomlinson" he said and smiled "im not Mrs Tomlinson yet" i said "no but you already are to me" he said when we heard a cough behind us we turned to see my dad."sorry paul the babys are over there were ready to go im gonna stay in my pj's" Louis said and paul smiled "call me dad  mean you are marrying my daughter so i think you call me dad" my father said ."i have to wait intill im acttaly married to my girl" he said. and my dad smiled "i got Lucy" i said running to the little girl who was already in a car seat."love where did you get this" i asked "Jamie and harry got it for her to go home in they droped it off why you were sleeping so i hided it form you so i made it a surprise" he said with a smiled 

                                              Once we got out of the hospitall paps and news carmeras were everywhere which scared poor Lucy .Louis got her out and held her and she was fine but then i was pulled on to the ground as several cameras were in my face and questions like "are you and louis back together" i replied to that with a yes but then one pulled me up bye my hair.I screamed and i heard Louis calling my name but the put a hand over my mouth i bite the fuck out of the person into i was hit stright in the mouth and the dude on top of me i put my arms up so he couldnt hit me that when he was off of me and louis punching the freak out of him."dont you dare touch my wife i swear to you your lucky im not gonna kill you for what you did to her" he said punching him one more time and getting up he picked me up while my dad got the car seat.I buried my face in louis shirt my mouth taste like blood i silently let the tears flow from my cheek."are you ok princess plkease tell me they didnt hurt you" he pleaded i pulled back and he saw where they slaped me and punched me."aww baby i think i need a little more body guards since one direction is not over" he said with a little laugh.I smiled silghtly . 

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