pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


2. acting like that kiss never happened

                                        Three day lkater after that kiss

                                           Isabella POV

                       Mangement told me and Louis to act like that kiss never even happened and that exactally what we are doing. "morning Louis you look sleepy" I said as he walked into his dressing room."im not tired im just lazy" he replied "yeah ok come sit Tomlinson ill fi you right up and harry go to your dressing room ill be there next" I said he nodded an left."how would you like you hair done toda for your concert Mr. Tomlinson" I asked him . "the way its usally done Isabella" he said smileing at me. "ok mr curly" he laughed an grabed the curl iron and handed it to me.I smiled and took it and started working on his hair. "you know I can't stop thinking about that kiss" he said. "Louis your gonna half to its not right to date your tour manger's and bodyguard's daughter but so we get this straight  I can't stop thinking about that kiss either" I said as I finished his hair and started doing his make up.When he took the make up out of my hands and kissed me. I kissed back as we heard  a shrike behind us we both pulled apart fastly to see lou standing there."ill go do harry for you Isabella but then you haf to mesure the boys before the show and get their clothing they cant wear anymore" she said and shut the door behind her

                                  I quickly grabed the make up and put some on his face. Then he took it out of m hands and put them on my face."i love you Isabella since the first day you walkedthrough the door and yelled harrys name you have everything in common with me I know I have never felt this way about another girl please at least be my girlfriend will keep it a secret for a while cuz I want to get to know you a little better before we become and official couple" he said I smiled and nodded as I grabed the makeup out of his hands and countiued to do his make up as he stared at me.

                                  As I walked out of Louis dressing room we made it into the center of the room  "alright boys take your shirts off". I said "why so you can stare at Louis abs when know your secret we were listiening in on your conversation". harry said I laughed "fine boys but it a secret so be cute about it" they smiled and nodded. I went over to niall first and measured hi to see how long I have to make his shirt's. I then did harry zany liam then Louis who was enjoying every bit of me blushing."ok boys put your shirts back on before I start to faint"i grumbled and sat on the couch as they put their shirts back on."you enjoyed it Isabella and might I add your way bueatiful when you blush" Louis said as he put his arm around me."ok boys time to get dressed" we heard my dad say as Louis jumped to the other couch and fall straight on his butt as we all laughed."ow my bum" he said "make paul kiss its or better yet -" niall said but couldn't finis when harry put his hand over his mouth and whispered something."here lois lets go get you outfit ready" I said holding out my hand and I helped him up but then my dad stoped him."i know your secret I was listieng to the conversation you break her il hurt you but I still don't think your good enough for her you better prove to me that you are Tomlinson" he said and both of our eyes widen."and Louis try not to but dial me next time


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