pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


7. a surprise for me at an interview

                                                                        Isabella's pov 

                                           the boys have started off there tour and i a officaly Louis main styles. today they have an interview and im in it this is what i dressed in 

             I walked into louis dressing room carrieing some red pants with suspenders and a black strips shirt . "this is what your wearing louis i asked everyone they said its fne and i havent seen you in stripes and colored pants in a while with tms but your wearing converses in stead" i saidputing te converses on the couch and heading over to him."how would you like you hair mabey the old louis look since you shaved" i said he smiled and nodded thn inotice he was looking at me with a smile."what tomlinson"i asked him."you look absoultely hot " he said with a smirk. I laughed ok Louis "i said as i did his hair as he just looked at me."its not nice to stare " i said z'i cant help it cuz your just to fine not to stare at" he said "ok cheeky tomlinson" i said and finished his hair and this i how it turned out 

                                           "dang isabella you did my hair perfect" he said with a smile."your welcome" i said he laughed "love did you die your hair" he asked picking out the blue high lights i put in my hair "no i onlydid it for the show i didnt want my hair looking wired so i made my hair look fn crazy and wild like i am" i said with a smile  he laughed "you are fun crazy and wild" he said i blushed slightly but you couldnt tell when i was wearing my make up.I kept a steady pace at doin his make up. once i finished  i smiled to my self.

                                             "you look bueatiful Louis" i said and giggled.he smiled and got up from the chair."what can i say love you made be look fabulos" he said walking like a girl as i laughed and sat in his chair and took a video of it " i wonder if you can put this on twitter or better yet youtube" i said and giggled he tackled me maken the chair going backwards and my phone flying out of my hand."your not putting that on youtube "he said ."yeah and my back still hurt." i said with a pout. "freaken A i forgott your bruise on you back im so sorry love i didnt mean to" he said still saying sorry.I giggled "louis im fine but it wouldbe nice if you get off of me this is a really acward position." isaid but it was to late the boys walked in and took pictures "this is so going on twitter" i pushed louis off of me."louis get dressed im gonna take phones from very bad four boys" i said as i ran to get the phones.

         during the interview Louis pov for the interview im gonna do it diffrently  (In=interviewer Li=liam L=louis I=Isabella S=stranger H=harry N+Niall Z=zayn) 

 In:so boys how are you guys 

Z: were all good

 In:cool cool so who here is taken and single rasie you hand if your single 

               Niall and harry rose there hands but i didnt i kept my hand down.

 In:Louis are you taken

L:matter fact i am taken 

 In: yeah and by who 

L: the girl i was kissing when the paps to pictures of me and her when i kissed her on the ambulance and it so happens to be the same girl i excorted out of the arena in england 

 In:her yor dateing pauls daughter that rugged thing

 my hole body got tensed'

L:she not a rugged old thing she bueatiful and my age better then all those girls mangment made me date she bueatiful smart funny loves superman and peterpan she dosen't wanna grow up she's just like me ok and almost all the fans love her because she makes me happy i aven't smiled in a while but now i have and its because of her now the next question please 

 In: she here right


 In: lets bring her out shall we she can sit next to me since sh is Bi 

I: im not Bi me and my friend Jamie are like Louis and Harry when we fan girled over them She was Harry and I was Louis  and we did the bromance thing ok so i know for a fact i like boys I have dated 15 boys and now 16 cuz louis makes me happy i have never had a relationship like the way he treats me  an so god help me i hear you call me bi they will be putting me in cuffs and sending me to jail

 In : what ever ten go sit on louis lap 

I:gladly she said walking over to me and sitting on my lap  and kissed me 

 In: will be right back 

  "love mind getting off of me i have to use the lou" i said she smiled and got up as i got up and left 

                                      Isabella's POV 

            "we were gonna bring you lover out JAMIE" the lady said and Jamie walked out and sat next to me "hey Izzy your dad asked me if id come on the rest of the tour as harrys styles and im so sicked your dateing Louis" Jamie said "i know right girl" i said laughing i think you should kiss" the Interviewer said."no better yet tell me the truth oh wait jamie go tell harry theres his favorite dink in the back" "kk " jamie said and left 'anyways tell me the truth Isabella are you only useing Louis for fame of corse you are i mean his last real girlfried did of corse you heard of Marissia i mean who didnt he was so happy with her then he ssnapped her in two cuz he didnt like her anymore so he cheated on her and lied about it  plus we all know your a band whore i mean we heard you you dated some of the boys from the wanted" she said i felt my ees get watery  i got up and ran out only to bump into louis."hey love where are you going" "home" i choked out "im ot feling well my tummy hurts" i said "want me to come to" "no no you stay you need to" i said and ran out of the thing think he dosen't need me right i gusse im packing and going back home for good.


                                         Louis pov 

                     "louis lets go back to the bus were leaving your not finishing the interview and hurry up get to Izzy rental car  the interviewer told her some hurtful things that shes a whore and everything hurry up and go" paul said i nodded and ran to her car i looked and found it t see paps all around her.I pushed past them and opened the door an got her in there and her into the passager side then i got in."love  heard what happened its ok i never did what she said and your not a band whore i know you had no choice to date all the boys in the wanted and i never cheated on Marissia she cheated on me so i called of our relationship but i wouldn't do it to you i love you" i said as i kissed her feeling the wet tears touch my face."and are you sure your tummy hurts" i asked she giggled "to be truth full my tummy really dose hurt" she said i smiled lets go back t the bus and watc tv and eat chocale yeah" i asked she smiled and nodded 

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