Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


6. Why Did He Came Back?

Lauren's P.O.V. 


It was about one o'clock and time to have lunch. We all sat in the large kitchen and ate our food. It was quiet and I liked it that way. I loved it when I had someone to talk to but sometimes I needed time to think about everything. Even when I was only six years old and most six year olds couse the noise. That was just me.

"Lauren... Thanks for letting us win today. You're a pretty good player. Why don't you join our team forever?" Jayden said. I laughed.

"I don't know Jay. I'm not that good, I love to play but I don't want to be forced to do it. I'm just playing for fun. That's all. But I like it that you want me in your team. I'm here if you need me. I don't think that I'm going anywhere else very soon. But I'm finished so I'm going to my room. I'll see you later." I told Jayden.


I left the kitchen and got to my room. I didn't knew why but I was tired so I decided to go to sleep for a little while. I put my shoes of and lay down. I grabbed my fluffy animal. I cuddled it and tears stream down my face. I thought back at the little time I had with Niall and Louis. I had hoped that this would be my change to be adopted. And after I got to know them better that feeling grow stronger. 

I cried and I slowly I fell asleep.



"Do you want me to wake her up or do you can come here another time?" I head a soft voice. Irina I thought. Yes, it was Irina.  

"I don't know if we have time tomorrow and we were here now. So..." This voice I couldn't recognize.  

"I think that's right if you wake her up. It's four o'clock so it isn't the time to sleep. So I leave you with her. If you want anything than you can just ask me. You know where my office is. Good luck guys." Irina again and than a door closed. I was alone with someone. I didn't knew who it was and I hoped that if I pretended that I was still asleep that he would leave. I laid and tried not to shake or breath heavy.


"Should we wake her up Li?" I head a familiar voice. I couldn't place it because I was a bit sleep drunk but I knew that voice. Where did I head it before?

"That's up to you boy. You have to ask her one time. You can't hide. If you want this you have to ask it. It's all up to you." I had to put myself together or I would stand up to look who were talking about me.  

"Come... If you're going to stand here any longer without doing something I'm going home. It was a long day. I'm tiered." Again a new voice. With how many were they? I head two unfamiliar voice and one who I could remember but couldn't place. That made three. Three men. It started to freak me out. What did they want from me.

"Okay Hazza. Just calm down. I'm nervous. You know that. I'm going to wake her up. Your right Li. I can't wait and run away. I have to do this. And I want this." The first one said. Who was it? It was really annoying that I couldn't place the voice.


"Lauren? Please wake up. It's me. Niall... Wake up sleepyhead. It's me again. I'm back like I promised. And I've something that I would like to tell you. Wake up babygirl." That was is. It was Niall. Why was he back? To tell me that he wouldn't adopt me? Nobody ever had done that but everything has his first time.

"Lauren? Time to wake up, it's not the time to sleep. Louis is here as well. And the rest of the boys we told you about. They like to meet you." He said. Why would they like to meet me when Niall wouldn't adopt me?


I couldn't pretend to be asleep al the time. I had to wake up sometime.

"*Yawn* What's wrong? Who's there?" I tried to sound innocent and confused. I sat up and looked at Niall who was sitting at my bed. He smiled and I looked down shyly.


"Hey baby girl. You're awake. You are cute when you sleep." He laughed. I blushed. How long did he sat there.  

"Hello. What's going on? You said that you would come back tomorrow. I didn't thought that you'd come back." I said confused.

"Lauren! You little sleepyhead. You're just the same as Zayn! He can sleep that deep as well. Unbelievable!" first I was scared but then I realized that it was Louis.

"Louis? Why are you here?" I asked. "Why do you think? To see you of course. We told you that we'd come back. So we did!" he yelled. I laughed. Even when this situation was very awkward Louis made me laugh. He was really funny.

"Why did you thought we wouldn't come back? We promised it." Niall said. I looked shy and answered "Well... that's what every family tell you when they talked to you and realized that you aren't the child they're looking for. I thought that it would be the same this time. Because you were gone that quick. I thought that I did something wrong. Sorry." "Don't say sorry Lauren. We said we'd come back because we had to do something for Lou's work and we were already a bit late. Sorry for making you think that. And don't say sorry for everything!" Niall said. I smiled a bit.

"Why are you here anyway? And who are those people?" I pointed to the other three people who stood behind Niall. He smiled and started to introduce them.

"These are my band mates and best friends. The curly one is Harry. This is Zayn, with the quaff. And the last is Liam. He's the serious one of us. And guys this is Lauren. Is this what I told you?" what he told them about me? Why would he do that?

"It's nice to meet you Lauren. I can understand that this is a bit awkward for you, so I'll tell you something about myself. I'm Liam and I'm 19 and like Niall said I'm the serious or smart one of the band.  

I'm trying to make sure that the boys don't make a mess of everything. It's nice to meet you. Niall told us a lot about you." Liam said. I smiled. He was different than Louis. He wasn't trying to make me tell thing about myself. Or being hyper. He was careful just like Niall. "Hello Liam. Nice to meet you." I said, looking to my lap.

"I'm Harry. And I'm 19 as well. And I'm really happy to meet you. I was a bit mad at Niall for taking Louis instead of me. But it's lovely to see you now." The curly one said. Harry was his name. He gave me a cheeky smile.  

"And I'm Zayn. And I think that we can go on well. Because I love to sleep too." He smiled and winked. "Oh and by the way. Vas happenin!" he smiled. I looked at him. He laughed at my face expression. "That's what I always say. Just always. It's kind of my think. Like Louis and his carrots." He explained.  



"and now why we're here? Let me tell you. 

I thought about everything you told me and Lou and I wanted to ask you something. I want you to answer honest" I nodded and Niall kept going

"You said that you wanted a family who could love you and care about you. But I don't know if I can. You see, we have the band and that why we can't stay at the same place for to long. We travel around the world and if I adopt you than you have to come with us or have stay home with a babysitter. I can't give you all the time and attention any other one could give you.

So I want you to thing about that and answer this question honest. Would you mind that? The fact that I can't give you the full attention you deserve. Would you still like it to be adopted by me? I don't want to force you, you have to be happy." He said and grabbed my hands. I looked at him and saw the hope in his eyes.


"I... I don't mind that. I don't need that much attention. I don't get that much here as well. But if you don't want to it doesn't matter. It's noting new. You get used to the rejections. I don't want to bother you and your band. So it's okay if you don't want me. You don't have to pretend to be nice." I said. Why did they gave me hope when I already knew that they would go away without me.


"What? Lauren, no! If I would think that this would bother the band than I wouldn't be here. I... Don't think like that. I can't believe that no one has adopted you. But I'm glad that they didn't." what? I didn't expect that he would be that rude. But it was nothing new.

"Because now I have to change to adopt you. So I'll ask you something. Would you like it if I became your dad?"

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