Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


37. This Is Me, Niall

Niall's P.O.V. 


Back in England was horrible. I knew that my chance of finding Lauren had became less. 

"Niall you need to eat something. Just eat.   
We're worried. We can understand that you're worried but you can't just lay in bed the whole day" Liam complained. I sighed. My bet I could lay in bed my entire life.   

"Okay guys. I will. After that I have to go. I have something to do" the boys looked worried. 

"What?" Louis asked me. I shrugged. "My business. Don't worry I won't do anything stupid. I promise" couldn't they trust me? Maybe they couldn't. I was a complete mess since Lauren was gone. Was I ever going to see her again? I really am a horrible dad. 



"Why always the sunglasses? I want to see your eyes. Check if they're blue" Emma laughed when she saw me. I smiled weak. 
"Not here. Come I have reservated a place at a cafe. There we can talk" I didn't want to cry in the middle of a Primark.   

"Sure. Lead me to it" she laughed and I tried to laugh as well but I couldn't, everything about her reminded me of Lauren, her hair was almost the same and her eyes... Just the fact that she found Lauren for me once and now she couldn't be able to find her. 


"So can I see your eyes now? And know your name? Why all the difficulties?" I nodded.   

"But you have to promise me one thing" she looked at me confused "Yes I can. Everything you want" I smiled.  

"Please don't act weird. Just say everything that you think. Don't see me differently"  

"Okay... Now you're acting really strange. Of course I would treat you the same. I just know you name. That's all. Or... Wait! You aren't a serial killer or something like that" I laughed.   

"No I'm not. I'm just me" I took my sunglasses and snapback off.   

"This is me. Niall" 

I sighed. She looked confused and opened her mouth.   

"You're Niall Horan? Well, now I know your name" I saw that she was amazed by this but tried to act normal.. "So what do you think" she took a deep breath, probably to prevent herself from screaming.   
"That I understand why you were so happy that I found Lauren. You're just the same person as before right?" I nodded. 

"I just didn't know how you'd react. And since Lauren got upset when I didn't told her I was afraid that you'd react the same. I'm sorry for not telling you directly" she smiled and picked my hands. 

"I don't mind babe. I'm overwhelmed that I kind of flirted with THE Niall Horan without knowing it" She giggled. 

"But how is it with Lauren? What happened?" she changed the subject.  
"Horrible. No one have seen her. She's been missing for three days" she squeezed my hand. "What happened? Just tell me if you want" I decided to tell her. 

"Well I was in Ireland. Family visit, and she run outside in a crowd of fans. I tried to find her back but it was impossible.  
When I looked for her trough the window I saw someone walking trough wards her.   

I thought that someone wanted to help her but he covered her mouth and took her. I was too late. I saw the van driving away with her in it. I'm so messed up" she looked shocked and hugged me. 

"I'm so sorry for you. Do you have any idea who it could be?" I swallowed and decided to tell her the truth. "I have a feeling" her eyes sparkled.   

"But? I can feel a 'but' coming" 
"This is something that happened before I knew her"   
"You know you can tell me everything. I won't judge" If she really wanted to help me I had to tell her the truth. She deserved to know it. Even when it hurted me to say those words again. 

"She got raped when she was five and we think it's the same guy" by the word 'raped' Eva covered her mouth. 

"Niall that's horrible. I'm so sorry for you and her. And you have no idea where he could be?" I shook my head with tears in my eyes. 

"I'm going to help you. What's his name? I know some people who work at the newspaper. They can help you find her. Just tell me everything you know. I'll help you with it" 

I smiled trough my tears. "Thank you. You're amazing" she smiled and hugged me.   


"You deserve the help. I can see that she's so precious to you and that you would do everything to get her back. And I still can't believe that I'm friends with Niall Horan. I mean, we're friends right?" I laughed. 


"Yes we are" maybe being friend would be the best. I didn't know very much about her. We could just be friends. Really good friends. 



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