Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


14. The Video Diaries


Lauren's P.O.V.

"Lauren! Boys! What is wrong? Why did Perrie have to stay in the kitchen?" Zayn said when run to us.

"It is time that Lauren knows everything. And since Harry let her hear Little Mix she's a bit of a mixer I don't think it's an good idea to involve Perrie now. Louis explained it on the phone if it's right." Niall said. 
"I see. Now how are you explaining this to her?" He asked to Niall.

"Harry came kind of with the video diary idea. So come than we can start" Niall said. Harry was busy with searching something on his laptop and the rest of the boys sat down on the couch. 

"Wait! We have to have popcorn! Just a second. You can start them Harry." Niall said and he run away. I looked at him confused. 

"He eats a lot. And Niall I want sweet popcorn!" Louis said. I laughed.

"I'm back! Lauren come. Harry play the movie!" Niall yelled. I laughed even more and Niall pulled me on his lap, Louis picked the bowl popcorn and Harry pressed the playbotton and put the laptop on the table.

The big X came on the screen. The same X as we saw when Harry showed me the video diaries of Little Mix. 


"Did you compete in the X Factor?" I asked. 

"Stt. Listen and you'll know." Louis said. 

The video diary started.

"Hey! We are One Direction and this is our video diary number one!!!" They said. 
They explained what they did after they became a group and they asked people to vote for them. It was fun to watch because they were funny.


"Gosh... My hair was really terible back than!" Louid said and the boys laughed. 

I noticed that they were exactly the same as they were around me. 

Liam was serious and a bit quiet. Zayn was really quiet but Louis was his energetic and busy self, Harry was funny and had a lot of fun with Louis and Niall was a bit quiet but laughed the whole time. 

We watched the diaries for half an hour. We were out of popcorn by diary number four.



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