Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


32. The Last Day...

Niall's P.O.V.



It was a restless night. I didn't dare to go to sleep much. Lauren was too important.

Everytime she began to murmer I whispered in her ear. "Baby I'm here. I love you! Believe that" and after that she calmed down.


I was worried. Lauren really needed to believe that people loved her.  

She needed to believe in love. How was I going to do that? Showing love wasn't that hard. El and Louis, Perrie and Zayn were perfect examples. But it was different.  

Seeing people love each other and believe that people love you is different.

I knew it. The hate got to me harder than the rest of the boys. Comments on my teeth, that I couldn't sing and wasn't worth to be in the band.


"Sleep well angel. I love you with my entire heart. You have to believe that" I whispered and her arms wrapped around my neck. 


"You're wrong." I looked up. Did she talked in her sleep again? She just calmed down.

"My dad loves me!" I smiled and cuddled her.

"Good girl. Daddy loves you very much" She smiled and rested her head on my chest. I stroke her hair until I fell asleep.



"-This is worth a picture. How cute is this? Do you rember that he was the one lying next to us? He's growing up so fast." I recognized mum's voice. Probably Chris was the one she was talking to. I opened my eyes.


"Good morning everyone. Are Lauren and I interesting when we're sleeping." mum laughed

"Not interesting. You're just really cute together. Good morning to you too baby" I laughed and shook Lauren awake.

"Lauren wake up, granny is here. It's time to wake up. We don't want to stay in bed the whole day." she rubbed her eyes before she opened them. 

"Goodmorning dad" she looked at me and probably she saw the dark circles under my eyes.

"Dad? Did you stayed awake the whole night for me?" I shook my head "But..."  

"Baby listen to me. I don't mind because you're more important that sleep. I stayed awake to make sure that you'd sleep happily and carefree"  

"Thank you daddy. I'm sorry for letting you do that" I tickled her.

"So now it's fine. I stayed awake for a while for you and you got tickled. Now happy?" she laughed. "Stop! Please stop!" "One condition" she nodded

"Eve- everything" I laughed. "That you promise me neven say sorry for no reason.  

That you believe that we love you. And..." she looked shocked "More?" I laughed again. 

"That you go shopping with Eleanor this week" she giggled and hugged me.  

"I promise dad" mum laughed and hugged Chris.

"Granny!" Lauren yelled when she noticed mum.
"Baby. How did you sleep?" Lauren looked down, ashamed.  

"Bad, I had nightmares but daddy made them disappear." mum gave her a hug. 
"I'm happy for you that he did that. Do you wanna talk about it?" "I dreamed that dad was mad at me and he hit me and said that no one loves me." mum looked sad.  

"Why baby? why do you dream that kind of things? You know that we love you very much" I nodded

"I told her that as well. And she told me that she believed it. But now I want breakfast. I'm hungry and we can't stay for too long. We have the gig tonight" fuck!  

I didn't thought about that when I didn't slept that much last night. I had to sleep between rehersals and soundchecks.

"You're always hungry Niall. I'm sad that you can't stay longer. But I'll visite a lot when you're back from tour"  

I laughed and walked to the kitchen to make myself breakfast since no one wanted to do it for me.


"Lauren! Quick eat your breakfast. We need to make everything ready to leave when we need to." she quickly ate her food and went upstairs again to make her suitcase ready.

"Dad! My suitcase is too small for all my new cloths." I laughed.  

"I have a new suitcase for you. This one you can keep for sleepovers. Here's your new suitcase" It was a pink one with fake diamonds in the word 'Lauren'

"wow! Dad this is so pretty!" she said and hugged me.

"Nice! But hurry up. The lads are here in 3 hours and we need to say goodbye to uncle Greg and aunt Denise as well"  

"Are we leaving? Why?" She said sad.  

"Yes baby we're leaving. Because we go on tour with the lads. We'll see uncle Greg and aunt Denise when we're back. So don't worry" she smiled when she heard that we were going on tour.

"So we go on tour with uncle Harry and the rest? How long?" I smiled and spun her around.  

"Two weeks. And after that we have three months off. To work on our new album" She laughed and excaped out my arms.

"I'm packing my bags."  

"Should I help you? Or can you do it on your own?" "I'm a big girl! I can pack my suitcase on my own dad!" I laughed and let her alone so I could clean my room and pack my suitcase.


"Niall! The boys will be here in one and a half hour and you have to say goodbye to Greg as well!" Mum yelled. Holy ***** time was flying again.

"We're almost ready and than we go to Greg's. Calm down mum" I shouted back and run to Lauren's room. 


"Are you ready?" she looked up, nodded and showed the room. Completey empty and clean.  

"Well done baby. Let's go say goodbye to uncle Greg and aunt Denise" she nodded and run downstairs. I picked her suitcase and put it downstairs along with mine. We had a little two hours before the lads would be here. So that would be enough time to say goodbye.


"Aunt Denise! Uncle Greg!" Lauren yelled when I parked the car. I looked around and saw a couple of girls running in our direction.

"Quick baby! Go inside, it's cold here" she nodded and we walked inside. Lauren already was inside but I kept listening to the schreaming fans. I had to keep Lauren out of this. She was too breakable.


"OMG! It's Niall! Who was that child with him! Can't be Lux! She's older!" I shook my head and closed the door. I really had to call the boys to pick us up here and take the suitcases with them.

"Niall I'm gonna miss you. After such a visit I only miss you more" Greg said. I smiled and patted his shoulder. "Don't be a pussy Greg. I'm only gone for 2 weeks. I have been gone for 5 months. So be a man!" Denise laughed  

"And you still have me." we all laughed.

"We have a half hour before we have to go back. What are we gonna do until then?" I asked after we played some games and talked. Everybody shrugged.


"Don't know. We can go to Maura's? So you don't need to hurry" Denise sugested and I nodded.  

That was a good idea. Lauren could ride with Denise and Greg so the fans wouldn't scare her that much.

"Yup! Lauren we go back to granny. Do you want to ride with aunt Denise and uncle Greg?" she nodded happily.

"Yes! I want that. But aren't you lonely than?" I laughed and shook my head.  

"no baby. It's just ten minutes. I'll be fine" she laughed and run to the door. "You're slow! I'm already in the car!" No she couldn't go out alone.

"No Lauren wait!!!" But she already was outside.

I heard the fans schreaming and I run outside as well.


"Lauren! Lauren!" I yelled but there was no way that I could yel louder than those girls who were only schreaming louder since they saw me.

"Shut up! Lauren where are you! Lauren!" I freaked out. I would never find her in there.


"Lauren baby where are you! Lauren!!!" Greg pulled me back in the house. This was were I was afraid of. That I'd lose my babygirl in a crowd.  

Why couldn't I just be a normal dad? In less than one week I lost her three times.


"Lauren, baby come back" I said to no one in peticular. Lauren was gone.

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