Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


26. The Days After That!

Lauren's P.O.V


"Baby wake up. I thought it would be a good idea to go shopping with you and aunt Denise" I opened my eyes and saw dad's chest. I was save with daddy.


"Really? I mean, you don't have to spend money for me because I have my cloths and that's all I need. Please don't make it too hard for yourself" he laughed and hugged me.

"Baby I have money enough and I think that aunt Denise would love to go shopping with you. You need stuff for when we're one tour anyway" he poked my cheeks and I giggled. Dad always made me giggled no matter how awkward the situation was.

"I have an idea baby. Granny is still asleep so we can make her breakfast! Would you like that?" I nodded and stood up, changed and run downstairs, to the kitchen.

"What do you want to make for her princess? You can chose whatever you want" I thought for a minute and had something


"Can we make pancakes daddy? Or is that too much?" dad shook his head and lifted me up so I could sit on the table.

"I think that it's a wonderful idea love. Do you know how to make it?" I nodded and jumped off the table and run to the refridgerator to collect all the ingredients we needed.

when we made the batter I gave dad all the stuff he needed and after that I could mix it all together. It was really funny and there came a point where I started spatting the batter on dad's face.

"Look daddy! You're dirty! Look at your face" he laughed and kissed my nose.

"I saw that baby. But you're dirty as well" I shook my head and laughed "No daddy. I'm not dirty" but before I could say the word 'dirty' dad threw some batter in my face as well. So we were both covered with batter.

"and now princess, we better can stop because other wise we don't have enough batter for the pancakes. I think that I'll do the baking because I don't want you to get burnt but you can make fresh orange juice. Let me show you how you do that" and dad showed me what I had to do. It wasn't really hard, only the last bit was difficult because there wasn't much juice left in the oranges.

"Look! We're both finished at the same time. Do you wake granny up? Than I'll clean this up" I nodded and run upstairs to wake granny up.

Niall's P.O.V.

She was adorable when she covered my face with batter and didn't expected me to give her a payback. She didn't noticed it but I took a few pictures when she was making the orange juice with full concentration.

"Do you want to wake granny up? Than I'll clean this up" she nodded, kissed my nose and run upstairs to mum's room while I started cleaning the kitchen. When I was finished that mum, Chris and Lauren walked in.

"Look granny! Daddy's face is covered with batter as well!" I laughed when I realized that I didn't cleaned my face, just like I didn't cleaned Lauren's.

"I see it baby, I thought that my eyes were bad. But wonderful that you two did this for us. It's really wonderful love" Lauren giggled and run to me again. "Granny likes our surprise!" I laughed and lifted her up.

"I heard that baby but now, we need to get our faces cleaned before we're going to eat" she nodded and I made a washcloth wet before rubbing her face clean after I did the same with my own face.

"Hi Niall! I have heard it from Maura. Awful what happened with her, I'm so sorry for you both. How is she doing?" I smiled weak and hugged Chris.

"Better now, better. I still can't believe. She was fucking five years old and he... I'll try to distract her as much as possible. Back in London we need to tell the cops" he nodded and patted my shoulder.

"Everything will work out Nialler. I'm sure that everything will work out" I nodded and sat down, eating my huge pile pancakes.

"And now... I'm going to call aunt Denise to ask if she wants to go shopping with us" I said after cleaning the breakfast table and Lauren nodded, not leaving mum's lap.

"Hi Greg! I have a question for you" he laughed when he heard me "No shit Sherlock. Ask me lil' bro" I laughed and sat down. This already started very good.

"Can I borrow your wife for today?" he laughed and I heard him running.

"Denise! Can Niall borrow you for today?" "Greg asshole! You could have warned me for this... I'm definately deaf" He just laughed and continued "I think you can... Why?"

"I want to go shopping with Lauren and since I suck in buying girlstuff or even go shopping I thought that it would be a good idea to have somebody with me with a little more knowledge" I heard Denise's laugh what meant that she heard it.

"She agrees Nialler! But be careful with her. I'll give her the phone" "I won't dare not to be careful with her" He laughed and I got Denise on the phone.

"Hi Denise. Would you like to go shopping with Lauren and I?" "I'd love to... When are you leaving?" I thought for a minute before answering Denise's question.

"If you can be here in fifteen minutes I'll make sure that Lauren and I are ready to leave" she agreed and gave the phone back at Greg so we could talk about stuff.

"And how does of feel to be an uncle?" I asked and Greg laughed loudly.

"I don't know how you did it but... You have a wonderful and beautiful daughter."


"Daddy! Look aunt Denise is here! Quick" I laughed and gave Lauren her coat before I picked a pair of sunglasses and a snapback for myself.

"Hey aunt Denise!" Lauren said when she jumped in Denise's car. Denise laughed and smiled at Lauren "Hello baby. Are you exited about shopping?" Lauren nodded and I laughed softly and sat down on the seat next to Denise's.


"How did it went last night? Greg and I left not really much later than you brought Lauren upstairs again" I nodded and waved it away. "Not now, this whole shopping thing is mainly for her to forget about this. And because I like to spend time with you" I said and Denise nodded. We'd talk about it later.


"Right, we're here. Lauren you can go with aunt Denise to shop cloths and I'll do some shopping thinks for granny. We'll see each other at twelve o'clock at Nando's for lunch. Have fun together" but before I could walk away Denise grabbed my arm.

"Does anyone knows that she's your daughter?" I shook my head.  

"We were planning on telling it in the video diary when the WWA-tour starts but I don't know if we can hide her that long. But if someone asks today, she's your niece, not everything with me but from your side of the family" she nodded and grabbed Lauren's hand "Come baby! We go shopping!" Lauren blew me a kiss and I cached it before they walked away.


What to do next? I had to buy the eggs for mum and I had to look for a new pair of sunglasses and some more snapbacks but that was it.

It was done in less than twenty minutes and I had still more than an hour left before Lauren and Denise would meet me at Nando's. I decided to call Emma and ask her if she wanted to meet me again once we were in England again.


"Hello? It that you?" I laughed when I heard her voice again "It's me love. I wanted to ask you something..." she giggled and I bit my lip, how could I ask her this? "Tell it mister sexy. Speak your heart out" I laughed and relaxed more, she was funny, would she still be that once she knew the real me?

"I was wondering if you eh... Do you want to... Only if you want of course but..." she laughed and interrupted me before I could stutter more than I already did.

"are you asking me on a date? Ahh! Is our little mister sexy a bit shy?" I laughed and nodded, she wouldn't see that anyway.

"That's what I wanted to ask you indeed. I'm in London again on Friday so maybe we can meet again?" she giggled and I heard her closing a door.

"I'd love to, but..." did she had a boyfriend? "don't worry boy, I don't have a boyfriend" I face palmed myself when I realized that I didn't only though it but also said it out loud. "The think is that I have work till three" I nodded

"I don't mine love. We can do it after that. What would you say of half past 3? At the Primark and after that I'll make sure that everything is organized" she giggled and agreed

"I think that I can change in thirty minutes and get at the Primark as. What do I need to wear?" I laughed "I'll text you about that. I don't know where we're going so... It's a mystery just like me" she giggled more and after that we talked till she had to go, her work break was over.

"I'll see you on Friday babe" I blushed and said the same before the line went dead. Friday, that was the day that I wouldn't have lies anymore. I could be myself in front of her... Friday!


"Look daddy! Look what aunt Denise bought!" Lauren hugged me and Denise laughed, her arms full of shopping bags.  

"Aunt Denise bought one for herself and the baby as well. For when the baby's a girl!" she showed me a cute, polkadotted, blue summer dress. Denise showed that bigger one for herself and a really small one for the baby.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the three of them could wear them together?

When we waited for our food at Nando's Lauren showed me almost all the cloths she and Denise bought. 

"I'm sorry if it's too much Niall. I just don't know how much she needs on tour and after that and-" "Don't worry Denise. She needs it anyway, if it isn't on tour it is when we're back home" Denise sighed relieved and I hugged her.

"And the idea of the dresses... Brilliant!" she laughed and we ate our food, which had arrived a few moments before.

"Right baby. We have your cloths but..." Lauren looked at me and I poked her cheeks.  

"I thought about giving you a DVD player which you can use in the touring bus. And if you get that you need..." "DVDs! Really daddy? Can I get that?" I nodded and walked with Denise and Lauren to the electronic store for the DVD player.

"What do you think of this one?" I pointed at a pink, small DVD player and Lauren looked at it. "Yes! Please can I have this one? It's so pretty and pink and... I love it" I laughed and hugged her. "Sure you can baby" she smiled happily and handed the DVD player to Denise so she could see it as well.

"You're gonna be the most spoiling dad ever. But she deserves it" I laughed and paid for the thing before leaving to the Toys R us for DVDs for Lauren's DVD player.

"Baby, you can go with aunt Denise, searching DVDs and I'll do some other things. Just go and pick the ones you like" she nodded and run to the DVD area of the store. Denise followed her and I walked to the books. 

It was for sure that Lauren couldn't go to a normal school once it was public that she was my daughter.

Crazy fans, they could do everything to get in touch with me and the boys. She could go to school till the arena tour and after that... She could get thought by me or Liam, or internet or I don't know...

I bought her some storybooks, fairytales but also study books. Just stuff that she might needed once.


"Daddy, look at how much DVDs I chose. Aunt Denise said that I could have them all. Really?" I nodded and she dropped her basket full of DVDs to hug me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you daddy! I love you so much" I laughed and lifted her up to kiss her forehead. "I love you more" she giggled and Denise took a picture of us...


"So... The little lady got spoiled by mummy and daddy" the employer said when he saw Lauren, Denise and I with the basket full of DVDs. Lauren looked indigenized, almost angry, at the man.  

"She isn't my mum! She is my aunt!" the man looked down, ashamed and quickly finished our payment and we left again.

Lauren carried the bag of DVDs, I hold my stuff and the DVD player and Denise carried a part of the cloths. I didn't let her carry too much, what if something happened like that she fell and broke something or that something happened to the baby? Greg would kill me if that happened.


"Thank you Denise. This was better than last time. I think that I have to send her shopping with you or El or Perrie all the time. That works better than that I go alone" she laughed and hugged me before she left again.

"I liked this Lauren. We should do this more often. Just a day shopping with all the girl. I bet that aunt Eleanor wants that as well" Lauren giggled and hugged Denise before she run inside to mum and Chris.


"How did it went last night? I have time enough before I have to go home" I nodded and sat in Denise's car again to explain what happened last night.

"I brought her to bed and told her that everything was fine and that I'd never do such a thing to her and that everything will work out. I just couldn't sleep and it was too sad to see her that scared. I'll try to let her forget as much as possible till we're back in London. I just want to kill that for doing this to her. She was fucking five years old!" Denise nodded and squeezed my hand.

"Calm down Nialler. I don't think that she thought about it today and once you're on tour she has no time for that as well. Only remind her of it when it's really needed. But I think that you have to go inside again. I'll see you soon Nialler" I hugged her and left.


"Niall, you're back! How was shopping?" mum asked and I updated the about what happened there, except the call with Emma. That was private...

After dinner I brought Lauren upstairs, helped her getting changed, brushed her teeth and read her a bedtime story from one of her new books.

"And now it's time for this princess to go to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow" I kissed her forehead and went downstairs again.


I didn't spend much time with mum and Chris since I got here and they deserved that as well. 

"Hey mum! I missed you" she laughed and hugged me. "I missed you too baby. How are the boys doing?" I laughed and told everything that happened with us while we had our tour in America and Canada. She knew a lot from internet but the private things she didn't knew yet.

"And who is that girl Lauren was talking about?" I laughed and stood up  

"do you two want something to drink or something? I'll get it for you" mum laughed and I run to the kitchen to get drinks and popcorn.

"Niall we know that there is something. Just tell us" mum said laughing and I shook my head "nothing mum, just friends" mum laughed and I started a movie, just to get the attention off me and Emma. Nothing was between us, not yet, I hoped


"I'm really sorry but I'll be going to bed. I don't know how it's possible but I'm more tired than I am after three weeks full of gigs, recording sessions and interviews" mum laughed and kissed my forehead.

"Don't worry Ni. We'll watch the end of the film and go to bed as well. 

And it's understandable that you're tired. After everything that happened everybody would be tired. Just try to get some rest" I nodded and left, once I was upstairs I was even more tired. Since when was walking up a stairs that hard and exhausting? And no! I'm not pregnant.


The Next Day!

Lauren's P.O.V.

When I woke up I was alone. I panicked but calmed down when I heard a soft snore, dad's snore. 

He was laying on the couch in the room, with his parts still on but without a shirt. It was really funny, probably he fell asleep while changing an as I giggled he turned around, almost falling from the couch. Should I wake him up? Would he get angry if I did?

"daddy" I tried to be as quiet as possible but Granny heard me.  

"baby? You're awake?" I nodded and let me get lifted up by her. "We better can go downstairs so we won't wake him" she pointed at dad "up. He's really tired so he deserved his sleep" I nodded and followed granny to the living room.

"Shall we eat pancakes for breakfast of do you want something else?" She asked me and I nodded my head. I really loved pancakes. "but only if it isn't that much of a problem" she laughed and shook her head

"sure love. I'll make them for you" she walked to the kitchen and started making them with the stuff we had left from yesterday.

"I have a question Lauren" granny asked after we ate breakfast. I looked up and nodded "What?" she laughed and sat down next to me. "I have an idea for a gift for uncle Greg and aunt Denise's baby. I was thinking of making a book, like a scrapbook with wishes and paintings for the baby" I smiled and nodded while granny continued

"but I don't know if it will work. Can you make a cover? So I have an idea how it looks like when it's finished" I nodded and hugged her. "Yes I will. I can do that granny" she laughed and ruffled my hair, "thank you baby. I'll get it and than you can start" she walked away and I jumped around of joy. This was fun! I knew it.

"Here it is baby. Can you make a cover please?" I nodded and got an idea. "Granny, do you have pictures of uncle Greg when he was a baby?" she laughed and nodded "Why haven't I thought about that? Of course I have baby, and you have wonderful ideas" I giggled and as granny left again I started making a pretty cover.

"It is wonderful baby. Really pretty" granny said when she came back and saw what I made. It was a big heart with uncle Greg and aunt Denise's names and the word 'baby' in the middle of the book.

"And I have the photos. Come here and I'll show them" I dropped my markers and sat down, next to granny who opened a box full of photos of dad and uncle Greg. They were really funny and I found out that dad used to have brown hair, just like me.

"So we have the pictures you want?" granny asked when we had been trough all the photos and chose the ones we liked.

"Yup and this one. From their wedding. Aunt Denise looks so pretty there. Her dress!!!" she nodded and laid it down with the other pictures we'd use.  

"I'll get two scissors. You can continue your drawing" I nodded and grabbed the markers again, to go further with my heart.


"Here they are. Your heart is really pretty baby. They'll like it" granny said and I smiled at her. "Thank you granny, you really think that?" she nodded and sat down next to me.

We worked on the scarpbook for the whole morning and after we quickly ate lunch we continued. It was almost two o'clock when dad came downstairs as well.


"Hello beautiful. What are you doing?" I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck "Good afternoon daddy! You're a sleepy head and now..." I picked the glitters without looking away "You're also a glitter head!" I threw the glittes in dad's face and laughed. 

"What have you done there? I hope that it isn't what I think it is" I giggled and dad picked some glitters as well.

"Because if it is than I think that you know what will happen" he hold my wrists with one hand and with the other he scattered the glitters all over my face and hair.

"Daddy stop! I won't do it again. Please stop!" he laughed and kissed my nose quickly. "I don't believe you but anyway. I'll stop" granny laughed when she saw us like that.

"You two! Don't move till I have my camera here" I nodded and granny run to her room. Probably to pick her camera.

"Here it is. You two smile and say cheese!" I laughed and dad hugged me a little tighter. "One more guys. You look wonderfull" I laughed and escaped from dad's arms to see the picture granny made.

"Wow! Daddy that is funny!" dad laughed and nodded once he saw the picture granny took.  

"It's beautiful baby. I like your look with glitters" I giggled and nodded, what caused the glitters to fly through the room. 

"Baby we are going to clean our faces and after that you have to explain what you're doing there" dad pointed at the scarpbook for uncle Greg's baby and I nodded.

"It's a scarpbook daddy. For uncle Greg and aunt Denise's baby!" I explaind when my face was glitter less again, dad laughed and sat down next to me. "You use those pictures perfectly love. And talking about pictures... Does the orphanage has pictures? I want to have picutes of you" I shook my head sadly.

"They took at least one a year but more? Not very much... Why?" dad laughed and pulled me on his lap "Because I want to have pictures of my baby girl. But I'll mail Irina to ask if she has some and if she can send them to me and from now on... We'll try to make at least one pictures a day. Granny took the first one so our lifetime picture challenge starts... NOW!!!" I laughed and kissed dad's cheek.

"I love you daddy" he stroke my hair and stared in fron of him, like he saw something that nobody else could see "I love you baby, forever"

The rest of the afternoon we worked no the scarpbood, the three of us, daddy, granny and me. And with the extra help I managed to get it done before five o'clock and even started on my own page. Daddy helped me with writing stuff so I could copy it. It was great teamwork beween me and him.


Niall's P.O.V.


"Baby you have to stop watching this... It's already late and we have a busy day tomorrow" Lauren looked up and shook her head "Please daddy? I want to watch the movie... Please?" I laughed but didn't gave in. 

"We can watch the end tomorrow. Now you have to go to bed" she nodded sadly and disappointed but walked upstairs.

"Goodnight princess. I love you and I'll see you tomorrow" Lauren kissed my nose and I laughed. "Good night daddy. I love you too" I smiled and left the room.

The rest of the night I didn't do much. I had fun with mum and Chris and watched the princess movie that still was in the DVD player. It was a little childish but to be honest... I liked it a bit, just something where you don't have to pay too much attention.



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