Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


22. Problems

Niall's P.O.V.


I had heard enough of mum and Lauren and I walked in.

"Daddy!" Lauren smiled. It made me happy to see her like that. Carefree and happy.


"Hey baby girl. What did you and granny do?" I asked like I didn't knew it. "Talked. About you!" she giggled. "And what about me?" She didn't got the chance to answer because the doorbell rang.


"Is that aunt Denise?" She asked excited. "I think so baby. We'll see" and she run past me downstairs. "She's so lovely. You better take good care of her." mum said when Lauren was gone. "I will mum. I can't imagine myself without her." and she hugged me. "My baby boy is growing up so fast." "Don't mum." I laughed and I went downstairs.


"Babe!" I heard Denise. "Babe! I missed you!" Greg schreamed.

"Uncle Greg? It that aunt Denise?" She was so adorable. "Who is that babe?" Denise asked questionly.


"That's Lauren. My daughter." I said.
"So that's why I had to get here. Hello love. I'm aunt Denise. And what's your name?" "I'm Lauren. And you are really prettie." she said. I laughed along with the rest of the family.


"Thank you but you are the real prinsess here. Niall what's this?" I laughed. "I adopted her yesterday. And we're visiting her new family. And since you're part of that as well." Denise looked happyly surprised.

"Well Lauren, welcome to the family. It's a lot of fun and soon you'll have a cousin." and she pointed to her belly.  

It definately was growing and showing.  

"How soon?" She asked with a weird expression to Denise's belly. I laughed, she couldn't believe that a baby was inside of her aunt.

"A month. But we don't know the exact date. It's surpise." "And the baby is in your belly? How can that?" She asked.


"That is something for later. I hope that it will take a lot of time before I have to tell you that." I said quick before Greg could say something. I knew him longer than just today.


"Lauren you know what..." Mum said to distract her. "What granny?" It worked.
"What if you and aunt Denise go to the living room and pick out a dvd. Then we can watch it when the pizzas are here." Lauren smiled and Denise showed her the way.


"So how long did they said it would take for the pizzas to get here?" I asked. I was hungry!!! Don't judge me. I'm Niall Horan, I'm always hungry.


"I expext them any minute. Just a little bit more patiance lil' bro." Greg said to me. I laughed and walked to the livingroom and saw Denise and Lauren picking a movie.

"Do they have Disney movies?" Lauren asked. "I don't think so love. Noboys here watches them anymore. And granny didn't have had time to buy one. And this is a good movie as well. But I agree, disney movies are the best." Lauren looked a bit disapointed.

"Maybe I have a old disney movie upstairs. Greg and I used to watch it all the time when we were younger. I'll search it for you baby. And tomorrow we can buy you some movies." I said and on her face apeared a huge smile.

"Mum! Do you know if we still have some old movies? From when I was younger? Like disney movies?" She thought for a minute.


"I have one upstairs. I didn't want to do it away since you and Greg loved it. I thought about giving it to Greg's baby. But if Lauren wants she can have it."

"That doesn't have to mum. Just for tonight. I have to go shopping anyway. She need some more cloths and things for her for while we're on tour." by the word 'tour' mum looked worried. "How are you going to handle that. She needs attention and love Niall" I nodded "I can be with her almost the entire day since she needs to go to bed before the gig starts and than I just hope that she won't wake up. How did we do it with Lux? Most of the time she's sleeping or with Tom." I thought outloud.  


"I'll get if for you hun. And you'll find something for the shows. And for that one in Ireland. She can stay with me if you want?" I smiled. "I don't know that yet mum. I thought that it would be fun for her to be there. El is there as well so she has somebody there. But I'll think of it." she left to get the movie.

"Pizzas are here!" Greg shouted. Quick I got to the kitchen. There was a huge pile of pizza-boxes. Most of them were for me and Greg. For Lauren we had one as well. She wouldn't eat all of it but I could eat the rest ;)

"Baby come so you can eat your pizza now it's still warm." I said. She run to the kitchen and I lifted her up so she'd be able to look in the boxes.

"Can I have that one daddy?" she pointed at the salami pizza. I nodded. "Sure you can. Wait a minute than I'll cut it for you. And don't eat to much. You don't want to become sick." and I sat her down. She smiled and waited for me to cut her pizza.

"There you go. Denise the usual?" I asked even when I knew the answer. She nodded and accepted her pizza.

"Mum! Pizza's ready! Do you have the movie yet?" I yelled. She came back five secondes after that.  

"I have it. And you know which pizza I like." she showed me the movie.

We sat on the couch together. Eating pizza and watching the movie. I couldn't concentrate. I kept texting with Emma.


1text from: I found your daughter, Emma ;)

Hey you!

Please tell me something about yourself. I don't even know the colour of your eyes since you wore sunglasses. And yes I live in London why? I miss you babe. Will I ever see you again? 

xx Emma.


I texted back.


to: I found your daughter, Emma ;)  

Hey love. 

My eyes are blue. And I miss you too. I'm in London in a week. I'll call you when I'm there so we can meet. So yes you'll see me again. And then it isn't because I'm the worst dad ever but because of you. 

xx Your mistery boy.


I cuddled with Lauren untill I felt her falling a sleep.

"I'll take Lauren to her bed. I'm back in a sec." and I picked my prinsess up in braidstyle. She wrapped her arms around my neck while she was sleeping.


"Sleep well baby. I love you to the moon and back. Forever. I can't be a superhero but for you I'll be superhuman." I kissed her head and laid her down with her clothes on. I didn't want to wake her up. She was so sweet when she was a sleep. My little prinsess.


"No! Don't tell them! I can't lose them!" she said in her sleep and tears were on her cheeks.

"Shhh baby. It's fine. You can tell me everything and you'll never ever lose me. I promise." but it didn't work.

"You never loved yourself as much as I loved you" I sang softly.

"And you'll treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know I'm here for you... Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you. Ohhh. And I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth. Cause it's you... all it's you. It's you they've add up to. Cause I'm in love with you and all your little things" she calmed down but I was full of questions.


What didn't she want us to know? And why would she lose me? What was going on? Why did my prinsess had so many problems?

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