Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


15. My Dad Is Famous?!?

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Did you win?" I asked when the diaries were finished. "No. We became third. But uncle Si gave us a contract. And well. To explain the rest we better can watch something else." Niall said.  

I nodded. They didn't win? How was that possible?


"Harry let's start the movie. You know which one. One Year in the Making." Niall continued and Harry got to another room.  


"What is Harry doing?" I asked Niall. 


"He's going to pick a DVD which can explain the rest. The X factor was only the beginning. After that it became crazy." Harry came back with a DVD.

"We may now present you the Oscar winning movie. One Direction. A year in the making." Harry said. The other boys thought that it was funny meanwhile I didn't understand it.  



What were 'the Oscars' and why did they have a movie about themselves?



"I'll explain it dear. In the X factor we created a kind of fan base. They call themselves Directioners. After the tour with the other contestants, uncle Simon started to focus on our own song.  

He got someone who wrote a song and that became our first single.  

And than...Well watch the movie than you'll understand." Niall said and Harry started the movie.

It was overwhelming. Did they really have that much fans? I mean...They are talented and funny but that much? They had success all over the world.  

"You see... That's what I wanted to tell you. I just didn't knew how. But I'm still the same Niall. What do you think." he said.  



"Are you that famous?" Was the only thing I could say.  

"Yes. But we will try to let you out of that all as much as posible. And please don't ever listen to someone when they say mean things to you. And don't go out of the gates without one of us. 

I thought that you were there and when you're there it's almost impossible to find you back." Niall said. 


"She takes it quite well Nialler." Harry said. "Quite well? She's in shock idiot!" Niall said a bit angry.  


"Niall of course she's a bit in shock. Think of the first we really got that much attention from girls. That was weird for us too. For her this is even more weird. Her dad is a member of a famous boyband." Liam told them.

He was right. How could I react after this?  

"Maybe it isn't a good idea if she sees Perrie now. She hardly can handle this." Liam continued. Niall and Zayn nodded. "Than I'm going to her. She has been alone for an hour. Lets do a movie night." Zayn told us and walked to the kitchen.  



"Yeah!!! Movie night!!!" Louis yelled.

I tried to hide it but Niall noticed my yawn. 



"Lauren come... It's time for bed.  

"I'm not..." I wanted to say that I wasn't tired but I yawned again.  

"Don't tell me that you aren't tired Lauren. Because I can see that you are.  

Come I'll take you to your room." Niall said and he picked me up. 


"Guys I'll see you later. You can start movie night without me. I can join later!" Niall said when he walked away.  




"Niall! Lovely to hear you again. Has been a while." I heard a voice from the kitchen.  

"Not now love. I'll explain it when Niall and Lauren are upstairs. It's a bit hard for her now." Zayn said. So the first voice must be his girlfriend.


"It has been a busy day love. But did you like it?" Niall asked when we were in my room. "It was awesome!" I said. Niall laughed and searched for my pajamas in my suitcase.

"There they are. Come go and change." he throw them to me. I cached them and changed. 

"Now quick brush your teeth and then you can go to bed." We walked to the bathroom. 

"But... It's too high." I said. I was to small to get by the tab.  

"Sorry love. We'll find something for that tomorrow." he picked me up so I was able to open that tab.  



"But..." I still wasn't over the fact that I stole Liam's room.  

"But what?" Niall asked.  

"Liam... He can't sleep on the couch." I said. Niall shook his head. "You aren't letting that go aren't you? You are too good for this world. But I know something. 

Since there probably will be a popcorn fight downstairs and it would be mean to let Liam sleep in popcorn...  



You can sleep in my bed. It's big enough for two people. And then can Liam take your bed for tonight. Do you agree with that?" he asked. I nodded even when I felt a bit bad. Now I kind of stolen Niall's bed.  

"Than we have a deal little miss. Come lets go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. We have to go shopping." Niall said and we walked to his room. It was huge, blue and white and there was a massive bed.

"Who's first on the bed!" Niall yelled and we both run tho the bed.  

"I was first! I was first!" I cheered. Niall played sad. "Than I'm not reading you a bedtime story." he threatened. "Okay... You were first." I said quick. I wanted a bedtime story.  

"That's what I thought as well. You go and lay down. I'll look in Louis' room for a storybook." and he walked away.



The bed was warm and soft. It was perfect even when I felt even more little than I already was.

"Where is my little girl?" Niall walked in again. "There you are. I didn't see you with those blankets around you." He joked. I laughed. "I have found a storybook." and he started to read. It was Cinderella. I loved it.



When he was finished and wanted to stand up I asked him something. "Can you stay here please?" He laughed "I would love to. Make some space for me." I moved a bit to the left so Niall could lay next to me on the right.


"Thank you daddy" I yawned. "It's fine baby girl... It's fine" he cuddled me and I felt safe. This was my daddy. He was famous and millions of girls love him but he's my daddy.


He's all mine! 

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