Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


18. How Was Shopping?

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Dad?!?" I said desperate. "Dad! Where are you daddy?" I almost cried as I sat down next to a box full of soks.


"What's going on?" a girl asked me.  

"I lost my dad and I can't find him back." i said soft.  


"Than I'll help you to find him. What's his name?" she asked. I hesitated. Niall made clear that he didn't want to be followed by fans now.

"I don't know. He adopted me yesterday." I said and the girl smiled. "You know what, we go to an employer to search for him." she grabbed my hand and we walked to the other side of the room.


"Excuse me sir can I ask you something?" she asked politely. "Sure you can. What do you want to know?" a man said.  


"Well this little girl lost her dad. Do you have an intercome so we could ask him to come here?" "Yes we have. And what's your name little miss" he asked me.


"I'm Lauren sir." he smiled and he walked away. "We have to wait here." the girl said.



"Can the father of Lauren come to the back of the shop. I said can the father of Lauren come to the back of the shop" we heard the voice of the man through the intercome.


We waited for five minutes before Niall showed up. "Lauren! Baby I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done this today. I'm so happy that I have you back." he hugged me. "It is fine dad. This girl helped me find you." and I pointed the her. She smiled and shook his hand.


"I'm Emmerson, but call me Emma, I prefer that. I'm happy that I could help you." she said to Niall and he smiled at her, obviously happy that she found me and didn't recognized him. 
"You can't believe how happy I am right now. This whole dad thing is quite new for me." she blushed a bit and I hugged him. "But you're the best dad ever."

"you know what... What about having a drink with me Emma? To thank you for finding my daughter back." she blushed a bit. "I would love to." she said and we walked out of the shop.

"I think that it's better if you go shopping with El... She's better in that kind of things." he whispered to me.


"This is a nice place. You two go look for a table. I'll order the drinks. What do you want?" He said. "Can I have a coke please daddy? Please?" I asked him. 

"Why not. But only for this time because it's a special day." and he looked at Emma. 

"and for me a tea please." she said. He smiled and walked away.


"So. How is your dad? Is he nice?" She asked when we found a table. 

"He's the best. I love him very much." I smiled. "And your mum?" "I don't have one. She left me when I was one." "I'm so sorry. I didn't knew that." she said. 

"it's okay now. I.have dad and he's awesome." "That's nice. Even when he lost you in a store. But I can imagine that this is new for him. He looked quite helpless" I giggled and than dad came back.


"So where are you girls talking about? I hope it's me" he laughed and sat between us.  

"actualy we were." Emma laughed and happily accepter her cup of tea while I sipped my coce trought the straw. 
"was it positive?" "that's for us to know and for you to find out" she sassed. I laughed "Hahaha dad. You got sassed by a girl" he looked shocked but he laughed along.

We talked a bit and laughed very much. 

"It was very lovely to meet you Emma. Give me your number so we can meet another time. I mean... If you want." he blushed and she smiled. "I loved this too. And I'd love to see you again." and she gave him her phone. "But I still don't know your name."

"you don't need that. You can call me everything you want." was he flirting?. "Well I'll call you... Mistersexy? Serious you couldn't have done something less cliché?" she laughed. 

"Thats me. Cliché rocks." he joked and they hugged. After that she left.

"We'll call Harry that we're leaving. And after that Paul so he can pick us up." he said and he called them.

"He'll be here in five minutes. So we have to wait for that time. But that isn't a problem?" he said after the calls.  

"It's fine dad. But you'll stay here?" "I won't lose you baby" he smiled and kissed the top of my head. We stood there and talked about things.

"There's Paul. Quick." and we rushed in the car. "How was the shopping Nialler?" he asked. "Well" "Fans?" he asked "No. It was a bit busy in the Primark and than I lost her. But someone found her and brought her to me. We had a chat and a drink. I thing that El better can go shopping with her." Paul laughed. "Niall you're crazy." "I'm sorry. I don't know where to get girls or children clothes" Niall told him and I laughed.


"Hey! How was shopping?" Louis asked us when we walked in. "Bad! I lost her again." Niall confessed. "Again? Nialler how can you?" Liam asked. "Yes... But I found her back. So don't worry" he said.

"It's fine. And we had fun with Emma." I said. "Who's Emma?" Louis asked him. Niall didn't answered but turned red. 

"She helped me find dad back. And than we had a drink and we laughed." I said. Why was he doing that weird about it.


"I see Nialler. Well when are we going to meet her?" Harry said laughing.

"Haz just stop it. We'll just have to stalk him. That will be way faster than ask him. So we'll be super spies." Louis said and Niall blushed and punshed them playfully.


'Did I said something wrong?" I said. "No Lauren. Keep talking about Niall. We want to know everything!" Harry said. "No Lauren you don't say a word about this day. They'll use it to be mean to me." Niall said.


"No Lauren just keep talking. We want to know everything!" Harry and Louis yelled but Niall took me upstairs.



Did I do something wrong?

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