Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


30. Go Away!

Lauren's P.O.V.


Perrie turned out to be really nice. Aunt Eleanor was right. Sometimes the unknown was the best. And the last past days I really got in touch with the unknown. Aunt Perrie told me a lot new things about Little Mix and about Zayn. She even said that I could meet them! She was really sweet. This family kept surprising and spoiling me.  

I didn't wanted it, don't get me wrong I loved it but they really didn't had to do it. I was lucky enough that I had the opertunitie to be there.


Once in my bed I was alone with my thoughts. Thought about my past, my now and my future.


Even now Niall knew what happened with me in the past he wasn't mad at me. He didn't send me back or yelled. No, he was nice. He tried to calm me down, he tried to find a solucion for it and he was there for me. He didn't talked about it after the night he heard me talking in my sleep and uncle Liam called. He said that the police would believe me. But why?


It was the word of a six year old against an adult man. I was scared that he'd come back and do it again. But I was more afraid that he'd hurt dad or any other family member. He said he'd do that if I ever told it.
Was it a good desicion to tell dad everything? Maybe it was.


My past was really dramatic. I mean I don't know much about my time by my real parents but I must have done something wrong. Irina told me that she left some letters for me for when I'm older. I hoped that Niall had them and wouldn't be that hard in letting me see them. I hoped that they'd give answers. Why she anbandoned me. who she was. Did I looked like her?


My now? Now I had a family. My dad was awesome, my granny was an angel and my aunts and uncles were sweet and crazy. I wasn't worried about my now. That was awesome! But howlong would that last?


I was afraid that it would be gone very soon. I don't know why. Just a feeling that grow stronger everyday.


My future? How would that be? I was afraid that it would be the same as my fast. Without a family I could love and trust.  

I needed (and wanted) it now I knew what it was and how it felt. I never wanted to let this feeling go. But somehow I was afraid that I would lose it.



"Little bitch!" I heard dad yelling.

I looked up when the door opened and dad run inside. His face red of anger.


"Lauren! Get out of here, now!" dad shouted. I got tears in my eyes. The words hurt more than the slap in my face. "Daddy please?" I begged him but he hit me again.  

"Don't ever call me that again! I'm not your father. I never was and I never will be that!" I looked down and tried to walk away but he stoped me.  

"Don't walk away like that! I'm not done with you!" I protected my face with my hands but I wasn't prepared for the kick in my belly. I fell down and cried.

I got several kicks after that and than he left. I was alone. Completely alone.


"And don't dare to get in touch with any of us ever again. We don't want you!" he yelled and everything tuned black.


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