Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


27. Are You?

Niall's P.O.V.



Mum really needed to send me the photo of me and Lauren covered in glitters. It was our first real one together. The lads had some from the first night but those weren't really good.

Talking about the boys. They'd come in less than 10 hours. Mum agreed that they could stay here for the day but that they needed to stay in a hotel at night. I stood up and checked the time.

Only 7 o'clock but Lauren needed a patern. The changing between night and day couldn't be good. Mum told it yesterday.

Not too late to bed and not too late out bed. In the weekend it could but not extreme times. She was only six.

It was weird. The conection me and Lauren had. I had heard that it easily could take months even years before parents and adopted child really got a bond.

But between me and Lauren? It was natural. In Harry's words 'Like a flower'

"Baby." She didn't answered.

"Lauren it's time to wake up. Uncle Harry is here in a couple of hours" I shook her lightly. When she heard Harry's name she was wide awake.

"Uncle Harry? Yeah!" she jumped out bed. "Take it easy baby girl. Get ready for breakfast. I'll prepare it for you." and I let her alone to change.

"Mum! Breakfast is ready." Mum walked to me and gave me a hug. "Thanks baby. When does the boys come here?" I thought for a second.

"The plane arives at the airport at 3 so they must be here around 4 or 5 o'clock. Depends on the fans." If there were lost of fans it would take longer. But it wouldn't be later than 5.

"Than I'll make sure that the house is ready for them. And they'll stay in a hotel at night right?

The house is too small for 5 boys, 2 girlfriends, 1 daughter and me and Chris" I laughed.

"Is it big enough for 7 young adults, 1 daughter and no parents?" mum hit me and said.

"Yes, I think it is... So where do we stay tonight? Because you're a parent as well remember"

"You know what... The lads can stay in a hotel" I laughed.

"Dad? Can you braid my hair?" Lauren said and mum walked to her. "I'll do it sweetheart. I don't think daddy can do that" Mum said and I laughed.

"El or Perrie need to teach me how to do that. I must be able to learn it?" I said and mum made Lauren's hair smooth. "Watch Niall. It isn't that hard to do." and she made three parts in her hair.

"This is like magic mum. I don't think I'm able to do this ever" I said when she kept twisting the parts. "Niall just have faith" she sighed. "Thanks granny. I love it!" Lauren said and she walked to the tv.

"Lauren" I said. I had an idea. "What?" "Do you want to learn how to play the guitar?" Her eyes began to sparkle. "Really?" I laughed.

"Of course princess. Than you have something to do on tour." she run to me and gave me a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you daddy! Can you teach me?" "Sure I can. We can buy one today if you want. You can pick one yourself" "Can I really pick a guitar?" She asked with unbelieve.

"Yes baby. We go now so we'll be back before the lads are here." she jumped around and run to the car with me behind her.

"Dad quick! I want a guitar!" I laughed and picked subglasses and a snapback so I could hide behind it.


"Here. This is where I got my first guitar. It is a bit ironic that you get yours here as well" I smiled and she looked so happy.

"Hello sir. May I help you?" a empoloyer asked us. "Yes you can. I want a guitar for my baby girl. Can you show us where she can pick one?" he smiled at us. "So this girl gets a guitar? I'll show you. Walk with me" and Lauren walked behind him.

"These ones are good for you I think. I'll leave you to it. You can call me if you have something to ask" he showed us a part of the store with guitars for children.

"Thank you sir. I make sure that we'll call you when we need you." I told him and he left.

"Which one do you want? Chose wisely. I'm got going to buy you a guitar everyday. Only when this one is to small to use." She nodded enthausiasticly and she looked around.

"This one is pretty. What do you think?" she asked me. "I love it. It's a really pretty one. Great choice baby. If you know it for sure we'll get this one." she looked around once again but was sure.

"I'll take this one!" I laughed and we walked trough the shop. "Here, a bag for your guitar and other stuff you need." She smiled and we paid for everything.


"Are you ever going to let that thing go?" I asked her on the way home. "No! I love this daddy!" She cheered, I laughed and shook my head.

"Look! The boys just got here as well. Harry!" the taxi just drove away and I saw Harry's hair.

"Uncle Harry! Uncle Harry! I missed you! Look what daddy got me!" she jumped out of the car with the guitar in her hands.

"Baby! How are you!" Harry turned around and walked to her. Lauren hugged his leg and showed her guitar. "Look uncle Harry. Dad bought me a guitar!" she jumped up and down. "Calm down baby. What did you say?" "Daddy gave me a guitar!" she was so happy and it made me smile to see her like that.

"Really? Wonderful love. Come inside than you can show me and the rest what you got." and she run inside.

"Hi Nialler!" Harry said. I smiled

"Hi Haz. Missed ya." "Same for me. How did it went with Lauren? After the thing?" I looked up. "I tried to let her forget about it. Yesterday we did nothing and the day before that we went shopping with Denise. I think that she didn't thought about it after that night." Harry patted my shoulder. "We're here for you buddy. We're a family" I smiled and we walked inside.

"By the way... Perrie and Zayn are later. They wanted some alone time. I can understand since Liam almost glued himself to Zayn since you left." we both laughed.

"And aunt Denise is having a baby and me and dad and granny made a surprise for them. And daddy bought me a guitar and he's going to teach me how to play on it. And I missed you all so much!" Lauren updated the boys and El on the past days.

"That's amazing Lauren. Niall spoiled you. I wished that Louis would spoil me like that" El laughed.

"I spoil you enough babe. Or do I need to remind you of last night because-" I stoped him. "Louis. There's a little child here!" everybody laughed but Lauren didn't understood it. "It's nothing babe" I told her. "Where's uncle Zayn?" she asked.

"He's with his girlfriend but he must be here soon. They went to the starbucks at the airport." Liam said.

"Dad?" "Yes baby." "What if she don't like me." "Who baby?" she looked down. "Uncle Zayn's girlfriend. What if she don't like me?" "Baby don't think like that. She's looking forward to see you. She was sad that she missed you on the first day. Don't worry." Harry said to her.

"Really?" He nodded. "But show that guitar Lauren. I want to see it!" Liam said. "Yes uncle Liam. Look, it's black with white paterns on it." she showed it to them. Liam took it and played a fun melody. "That's cool!" she giggled. "I know. So Niall is going to learn you how to play?" "Yes he is. Granny told me that he is really good at it."

"Who's good at what?" Zayn's voice fulled the room. "Hi everybody!" Perrie shouted. Lauren whispered in my ear. "Is that his girlfriend?" I laughed. "Yes she is. Don't be shy. She's very lovely." I squeezed her hand.

"We're here guys!" Louis yelled and Zayn and Perrie came. "Zayn! How are you?" I asked him. He smiled weak, he knew what I meant.

"Better but still I can't believe it. I'm glad the boys called Perrie." and he hugged her.

"I heard it from Haz." He nodded and I did a step so Lauren couldn't hide behind me.

"Hey Lauren! I missed you. How was it with uncle Greg, aunt Denise and granny?" He asked her. She smiled. "It was great. We had a lot of fun. And I missed you too!" she hugged him.

"Hello Lauren" Perrie said awkwardly.

"Lauren, meet my girlfriend Perrie" he pulled an arm around her waist. Lauren looked up and when she saw Perrie she jumped back.

"Are you..."

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