Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


19. An One Direction Day!

Lauren's P.O.V.


"I'm so sorry daddy. I should have shut my mouth." I apologized. "It's fine baby. 

And, me and her, we are just friends. And she don't know anything about the real me." he sighed.

I asked him something out of the blue. "Do you like her?" "Yes I like her as a friend babe. But you're my number one" he said.  


"But do you like like her? Like love her?" he laughed and blushed.  

"Why?" "Because you are really cute together." he smiled more and lifted me up, placing me on his hip.


"falling in love isn't going that quick and easy. But you'll understand that later. We have to get to know each other better.  

And I don't know if she'll treat me equal when she knows about the band. It's hard to understand now." he smiled sad.

"I think that she has to love you. I love you to so why wouldn't she?" "You're so adorable. And I love you too." he hugged me and than he remembered something.

"Wait! I have to buy tickets. Other wise we can't meet granny today." he said and he run away. Letting me behind. Confused.

"You'll understand it later. But now, you went shopping but you haven't bought anything?" Harry said. He stood behind the door because he tried to hear what Niall and I said in the room. I nodded.


"Well he lost me but I found him back. Dad also said that he wasn't very good at this so I would go shopping with El? Who is El?" He laughed.


"That's our Nialler. When he doesn't get lost himself he loses you. And El is Eleanor. She's Louis girlfriend." "What's mine girlfriend?" Louis yelled when he heard his name.

"A carrot. Of course not... Eleanor." Harry joked. I laughed loud.

"Wait! how do you know I date a carrot? It was suposed to be a secret!" I giggled. "But we all know it uncle Louis." I joked and Louis looked shocked.


"I think that I have to have a good word with your father. How did he raise you? You're little and six and suposed to be cute and nice to your favourit uncle" "But I'm her favoirite uncle, Louis. Lauren tell him that you prefer me!" Harry said. I didn't dare to answer them, I was afraid that I'd cause fights between them.

"Guys quit it. How is she able to answer that? It's like ask Niall what his favourite food is." Liam said.  


"And Daddy-direction is home again." they joked.



"I've got the tickets. We have to leave in four hours." niall came back. "Where are you going?" Liam asked him. "I'm going to my mum with Lauren. So she my family.  

We have no gigs until that one in Ireland. So we have to leave in two hours so we have to hurry. Go and make everything ready love." he said. "My suitcase is still packed so I can leave in a second." I told him.


"Than I'll make mine ready and maybe we have time to meet Eleanor." Niall said and Louis jumped up. "Yes! I'll call her!" and he run away.

"So you'll stay here with uncle Harry and uncle Liam. And you two don't mess with my baby." and he run upstairs.


"What does he think of us?" Harry said. "I can understand him. You know what... We can watch tv. So we and with we I mean you can't mess with her." Liam said and we walked to the couch.

"Louis... Babe!" I heard a voice after a while. "I'm here El!" Louis yelled and he run to the door.


"Is that Eleanor?" I asked Liam.  

"Yes. Come with me than she can meet you." he said and he pulled me to the door.

"Lauren!" A woman said. Did she knew me? "I'm sorry but do I know you?" She smiled "I know you but you don't know me." "How?"


"She was here last night and when Niall didn't came back we went looking for him. We found him with you and then we told El everything" Liam explained.  

"It's true but I don't really know that much about you. By the way. Hello, I'm Eleanor Calder. I'm your aunt." she hugged me.


"Hello..." i said confused.


"El! Good to see you. Long time ago!" Niall said when he saw her. 

"No Nialler it isn't. I've seen you yesterday. Sleeping beauty!" she joked and Niall looked confused and embaressed. "I have pictures" She showed them and I laughed.



"El one question... I don't know that much about girl clothes so can you go shopping with her? You'd come with Lou to Ireland right?" she nodded. "I love this. Louis we ever break up than I'm going to kill you because I love my new niece." she said.

"Oh... then" he joked but he got hit my Eleanor.


"It's a joke babe. It's just a joke" we al laughed.


"Well this is a crazy and weird family." Harry said. "But we think it's god damn cool!" Louis yelled.

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