Those Three Words

"Mum can you tell me the story about how you met dad?" My sweet little girl asked. I smiled. "Sure." And so Jenna told the story.
Jenna... a girl who did nothing wrong, and was technically called perf. But when that one person comes in and changes everything. She was doing things she never thought she would. Read to find out what happens.


7. Chp 7

Jenna's POV

 Finally Friday, and almost summer time. One more week and Im free, until next year -_-. Anyways I got Nina to come join the table consisting of me, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Which is always good for me. And Zayn is co-captain on the football team. No surprises here. And Only Nina knows this, but Im taking a trip out to Ireland to visit my nana. I haven't told Zayn so he wouldn't get angry.

"Come on you be serious!" Nina said shocked. I nodded. Another reason I haven't Zayn is cause him and Heaven have been flirting, but I haven't said a thing.

"I know, we shouldn't be going to the game, but I have a bad feeling," I said parking in my assigned spot at the school. Me and Nina grabbed our blankets and walked out to the field. We were early but so were a few others.

"I swear if he is flirting Im gonna bust his ass," Nina said setting down her blanket. The players were warming up. I made sure we were by are teams benches. "I swear boys." I just laughed.

"Yeah I know, boys are ignorant," I said as Louis jogged over.

"Not all," Louis said taking a drink of his Gatorade. I rolled my eyes. "Got a problem?" Louis asked leaning against the railing separating us from the field.

"Just with Zayn," I said smiling. "And don't say you got a problem with your boyfriend cause no we aren't dating."

"Dam girl, you can read people's minds," Louis said laughing. I shook my head. "Alright, I will talk to you later." He said before jogging off onto the field. I sighed.

" You guys aren't dating?" Nina asked. I shook my head. "Then what's the problem with Zayn flirting?" Nina asked wrapping herself in the blanket.

"Cause he promised he only had eyes for me, and I don't like when people brake promises," I said as the players jogged over to their benches.

"I understand," Nina said smiling.


After the game me and Nina waited by the parking lot until it cleared out. Once it did I saw Louis, Liam, Zayn and Heaven. Zayn and his arm around Heaven's waist. "Hey Doll," Zayn said smiling. I rolled my eyes beginning to walk away. "Stay here," I heard say to Heaven. He jogged up to me.

"What do you want asshole," I said unlocking my car. Nina got in the passenger seat waiting for me. "Just go, I know now you chose Heaven over me."

"What do you mean, yes Im dating Heaven, but I only have eyes for you," Zayn said crossing his arms. Now I was confused. I just pushed him away.

"Zayn your a fucking prick, I honestly never want to talk to you until you can think straight," I said getting into my car driving off leaving him standing there.

"I heard what you said, I had my window cracked a bit," Nina said sighing. "I didn't think he was that stupid."

"Me either, and I honestly thought she was dating Jerome," I said pulling up to my house. Nina shrugged. "I swear she better not be using him."

"Are you gonna go bitch mode?" Nina asked excited as we walked into my house. I just laughed.

"Nope, Im just sit off to the side lines and watch," I said walking into the kitchen. "Sundaes?" I asked reaching into the freezer. Nina nodded.


"You know I wish I that I had Jessie's girl!" I sung with Nina. We laughed as we cooked random shit.

From Louis: Hey can I come over, Im super bored.

"OOOO do it please, he is hot.. like mmmm he is fiiiiiiine," Nina said smiling. I rolled my eyes. I walked into the living room.

"Hey dad can my friend Louis, who is a guy, come over?" I asked. My dad sighed.

"He can only come over, but if he spends the night he sleeps in the guest room and you lock your door," Dad said sternly. I just giggled.

"Okay, love you dad," I said kissing him on the cheek.

To Louis: Sure come on over, and bring clothes for tomorrow

I smiled ass I slid the phone in m back pocket. "Alright, he is on his way," I said sitting on the counter. Nina squealed in excitement. I then heard a knock door, and I knew it was Louis. I ran to the door opening it quickly.

"Jenna!" Louis said pulling me in for a hug. "I missed you." He said making me laugh. "So what are tonight's plans?"

"Movie night!" I said leading him into the kitchen. Nina sat there swinging her legs on the counter. "I just have to finish making the food."

"I can help, Im a pretty good chef," Louis said setting down his things.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Day hahahahahahaha~~~~~~~~

"Jenna... please answer your dam phone," Nina said throwing a pillow at me. I yawned rolling onto my stomach answering my phone.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey Doll, did you just wake up?" Zayn asked from the other end of the phone. I yawned again.

"So what, why are you calling?" I asked confused.

"Is Louis at your house, cause I called his house and his mom said he went over to a girl friends house." Zayn said a little pissed.

"SO what, are you jealous?" I snickered. Zayn grunted on the other end. "Doesn't matter, go have fun with Heaven, bye now," I said hanging up. I threw my phone on the table rolling over.

"Now what?" Nina asked stretching. I shrugged. "Hey there is a fair not to far from the old oak tree park," Nina said excited. I smiled.

"Okay, I will go wake Louis," I said getting out of bed. I walked over to the guest room opening the door quietly. I walked over to the bed to see only his bottom half was covered. I smiled at how cute he looked. I began to reach for his shoulder but I squealed when he grabbed my arm pulling me down onto him.

"Morning Jenna," Louis said rolling over so he was on top of me.

"What are you doing?" I asked laughing.

"Wrestling you, and obviously I won," Louis said plopping down next to me pulling me into his arms. "Its to early in the morning."

"Its 1 in the afternoon, and Nina and I want to go to the fair, so can you take us?" I asked sweetly. Louis just smiled.

"Well of course, do you want to invite Liam along, I hear he has a wee crush on you," Louis said winking. I began to blush. "So come on then, lets get ready." Louis said helping me up.


NOTE: Last snow day off, well, I won't be able to type for like... Idk till maybe Sunday. SORRY ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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