Those Three Words

"Mum can you tell me the story about how you met dad?" My sweet little girl asked. I smiled. "Sure." And so Jenna told the story.
Jenna... a girl who did nothing wrong, and was technically called perf. But when that one person comes in and changes everything. She was doing things she never thought she would. Read to find out what happens.


5. Chp 5

Jenna's POV

Friday.. thank the lord. I spent this week trying to avoid Zayn. Yet I made a few awkward eye contacts with him. After my class I made a quick dash for my locker. I threw my bag in and checked to make sure I had everything.

"Jenna?" Zayn's voice rang from behind me. I jumped a bit. I slowly shut my locker taking a deep breath. I turned to face him with a straight face. "You ignore me everyday, why?"

"Cause your seeing some other chick, I saw the picture of you and Kimmy," I said crossing my arms. "I trusted you." Zayn pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Kimmy is dead Jenna, that is why I moved out here," Zayn said in a low whisper. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I couldn't speak. So I ran. I ran outside and to my car. I leaned against it letting the tears fall down my cheek.

"Im so stupid," I whispered.

"Your not stupid," Zayn said walking closer. I opened my eyes.

"Don't you hate me, I mean I would hate me," I said turning to him. He shook his head.

"I would probably react the same way, which by my guess you were in my room cause you also left you clothes there," Zayn said taking my hand. "You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, and Im sorry if I ever will."

"Zayn you know your to forgiving," I said laughing. Zayn wiped away my tears. "I need to get going, maybe you can "meet" me at the mall, Im gonna be at the book store."

"Sure, just text me, and I will be there," Zayn said kissing my cheek. He walked over to his bike driving away before I did.

"AWW," Nina said clapping her hands. "I wish my life was like that, to cute!" I rolled my eyes.

"Come on," I said ushering Nina over to my car. We went straight from the school to the mall. "Okay, I will meet up with you after I buy my books." Nina nodded walking her separate way. I walked into the book store quickly texting Zayn.

To Zayn ;) - Im at the book store

From Zayn ;) - I can't come, im watching my little sister, sorry

To Zayn ;) - Its fine, see you some other time

I put my phone back in my purse then paying for my books. I walked out running into someone on accident. "Sorry," I said looking down.

"Im not sure if I can accept that miss perf." I looked up to see a jock, specifically Chase. I sighed. "I think you owe me a date."

"I think not," I said trying to walk away, but he gripped my upper arm tightly. I began to bend down towards the ground with him still gripping my arm. "Let go," I said prying at his hand.

"Your to funny," Chase said laughing. "Now listen up deary, your going to come with me."

"Or you let my friend go," I heard Nina's sassy tone. Chase then let go stand straight up. "Now go, before I kick your ass." Chase scoffed walking away. Nina helped me up. "Did he hurt you?" I showed her my now bruised upper arm.

"Its what ever, thank you for saving me," I said as we walked towards the exit. Nina shrugged.

"I kinda wanted to kick his ass anyways," Nina said smiling. I unlocked my car.

"and I would have recorded it," I said stepping into my car. "Playing it for the whole school." Me and Nina laughed. And so I dropped off Nina and decided to stop by Zayn's house. I didn't even knock, I quietly walked in. I saw Zayn just watching football. So i put my hands over his eyes.

"Venus, please stop," Zayn said putting his hands over mine. (BTW Im just making up his sister's name) I giggled.

"Its not your sister," I said laughing. I let go letting Zayn turn towards me. "I came to visit!"

"I see that," Zayn said standing up. "I thought you were at the mall?"

"Was, then we ran into Chase and he was all like you come with me and then I got a bruise from him and yeah," I said rambling on. Zayn looked a bit upset. "You okay?"

"No, he man handled you, no one should treat a lady that way," Zayn said walking into his kitchen. So I followed.

"But Im okay now," I said sitting on the counter. Zayn grabbed an ice pack walking back over to me. I lifter my sweater sleeve so he could see. I saw the pained expression on his face.

"This is my fault," Zayn said angrily. I shook my head grabbing his hands. "I could have prevented this."

"No no, Zayn he has been doing this all through out my high school life, its fine, I swear," I said smiling. Zayn just handed my the ice pack walking back to the living room. I sighed. "Zayn."

"What?" He asked angrily. I set down the ice pack walking over to him.

"Im going now, just relax, Im not going to be home tomorrow, Im leaving to visit my cousins so don't do anything stupid." I smiled as he turned to pull me in a tight hug.

"Be safe, and text me," He said kissing my cheek. I smiled kissing him on the lips and walking away. I walked outside to my car. But before I could open the door I was turned around to face Zayn. He kissed me passionately, then pulling away slowly.

"What was that for?" I asked blushing.

"So you won't forget me," Zayn said smiling. I rolled my eyes opening door. "Bye Jenna" 

"Bye Zayn," I said getting into my car. I then pulled away as Zayn waved to me.


It was now Monday and I probably had a great weekend with my cousins. I texted Zayn a few times, but I was to busy having fun. I walked into the school to see Nina waiting at my locker.

"Hey girly," I said opening my locker. "Have a fun weekend?"

"Talk about a boring one, just baby sitting," Nina said hugging her books to her chest. "Did you see what happened to Chase?"

"Did you beat him up?" I asked laughing. Nina shook her head.

"I didn't, but Im pretty sure your boyfriend did," Nina said. I squinted.

"I don't have a boy friend," I said shutting my locker. "Are you talking about Zayn?" Nina nodded. We walked into Chemistry. "Well I told him not to worry about it." Nina shrugged.

"Just thought I would tell you what I think what happened," Nina said sitting in the seat next to me. We both watched as Zayn walked in. He looked as if he just won a Brit Award. "And by that look, Zayn had something to do with it."


Once it was lunch time I told Nina I was going to sit with Zayn. I found him with two other guys, I sat next to Zayn. "Did you beat up Chase?" I asked right away. Zayn smiled at me.

"Not saying, but you never touch a women like that," Zayn said taking a drink of his pop. I sighed.

"I told you not to," I said aggravated. Zayn just smiled at me.

"Jenna, this is Liam and Louis," Zayn said pointing to the two lads.

"I don't care, I just want to know why you beat up Chase," I said getting to the point.


NOTE: Yay, they are back together, but yet there not dating. hmmm ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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