Those Three Words

"Mum can you tell me the story about how you met dad?" My sweet little girl asked. I smiled. "Sure." And so Jenna told the story.
Jenna... a girl who did nothing wrong, and was technically called perf. But when that one person comes in and changes everything. She was doing things she never thought she would. Read to find out what happens.


4. Chp 4

Jenna's POV

 Sundays.. spent doing homework and reading. But for some reason my body is telling me I should do something else. I sighed pulling out my algebra homework. I sat there listening to JT (Justin Timberlake)

"Hunny I have to go to work, I will see you later," My mum called from downstairs. Its funny usually parents would yell stay in the house and don't do drugs.

"Love you mum," I called back. I sat there tapping my pencil to the beat as I figured out the problems in my head.


Zayn :) - Hey you want to come hang ?

Me: Can't, I have homework to do

Zayn :) - After?

Me: Maybe

I tossed my phone on my bed. I sighed concentrating on my homework again. ~~ Once I finished my homework I layed on my bed reading my favorite book series.


Zayn :) - You done?

Me: Yes

Zayn :) - Look outside your window

I knew it was him. I place my book mark in my book setting it down. I grabbed my shoes and coat. I walked outside to see Zayn with his usual helmet on. '"I got you a present," Zayn smiled. I walked over to him.

"What could you have possibly gotten me?" I asked crossing my arms. He handed me a helmet with my name cleverly graffitied on it. I smiled. "For me?"

"Well I don't know anyone else with the name Jenna," Zayn smirked. I rolled my eyes. "So what do you think?" Zayn asked. I smiled and placed it on my head.

"I love it," I whispered. "Now I need to go back inside."

"No, you are coming with me," Zayn said offering me his hand. I sighed in aggravation . "Remember, trust me." I took Zayn's hand getting on his bike. "Good."

"Where are we going?" I asked as he began to drive away.  But he never answered me. He must be concentrating. After a while we came to a small park that I use to go to when I was really small.

"Why are we here?" I asked getting off his bike. I placed the helmet on his bike walking over towards the water. "Nobody ever comes here anymore."

"I know but your friend Nina told me you use to come here," Zayn said looking around. "But now I see why people don't come here," I slapped his arm. "Hey!"

"You.. you bring out something in me I thought never existed," I whispered as Zayn walked me back over near the bike. "I don't know why."

"Maybe because you needed someone to show you the wild life," Zayn winked. I rolled my eyes.

"That or.. you just are hypnotizing," I said poking his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. "Zayn!"

"What, just being friendly," Zayn said pinching my bum. I smacked his arm laughing. "So, what should we do now?"

"We should... go to a bar!" I said getting excited. Zayn just cocked his eyebrows.

"Calm down there tiger, we have school tomorrow, and I don't think you should go to school hung over," Zayn said holding my hand as he messed with my hair. I sighed. "How about you come over to my place for some movies and hot chocolate?"

"I guess so," I said grabbing my helmet.


"Zayn I said stop it!" I yelled throwing popcorn at him. He had gotten whip cream all over my hair. I kept throwing popcorn at him. "Okay, I need to take a shower, I don't want my mom thinking I was out.

"Upstairs to the right, I will get you a clean shirt," Zayn said kissing up my jaw line. "You had a little something there," Zayn said winking. I smacked his arm walking away. I found his bathroom and took a quick steamy shower.

"Where's my shirt," I whispered looking around. I sighed wrapping a towel around my body. I walked downstairs searching for Zayn. "Zayn?" I called out.

"Hey there," Zayn said walking down the stairs. He tossed me a shirt and a pair of sweats. "You could lose the towel and ya know we can have some fun before you leave." I scoffed.

"Im  getting dressed," I said walking past him. I got changed in his bathroom and grabbed my dirty clothes. I decided to be a snoop. I walked around until I came across his room. I walked in setting my clothes down. I walked over to his dresser picking up a picture. It was him and a girl at Merry Achors Festival. I sighed turning it around to find the inscription. To my beloved Zayn, I will always love you from here to beyond. Kimmy 8/19/13. I put it back where it belonged. I then decided I should leave.

"Hey babe," Zayn said as I walked downstairs.

"Can you take me home," I whispered looking down. Zayn was about to speak. "Just please."

"Okay," Zayn said grabbing my coat, handing it to me. "Are you okay?" I nodded. We walked outside. Zayn got on and followed wrapping my arms around him. He took me home with out a word.

"Bye," I said kissing his cheek. I ran inside closing the door quickly. I knew he was trouble, but obviously I couldn't fight the feeling.


Weeks have passed since I talked to Zayn. I try every way possible to ignore him. "Jenna," Nina called walking over to me. "Here," She said handing me an envelope.

"Who is it from?" I asked confused. She shrugged.

"Teacher gave it to me to give to you," Nina said following me to the library. "But who ever sent it, tell them the envelope smells good, I think its from a guy. I sniffed the envelope. Zayn.

"I will open it later, its probably not that important," I said tossing it in my purse. Nina shrugged. I tossed my book in the return bin and decided to find the next book in the series. "I really need to buy these for myself."

"Then do it, if you really want it then buy it!" Nina said whisper yelling. I smiled at her.

"Is this an excuse to make a trip out the mall this weekend?" I asked walking out of the library. Nina just smiled.

"Maybe, maybe not," Nina said stopping at her car. "I will see you later." I waved goodbye as I made my way to my car. I leaned against it opening the letter.

Jenna, Im sorry for what I did, but Im hoping you can forgive me, or tell me a way to make this better. I love you ~ Zayn



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