Little him *complete*

"Daddy, will I see Niall again?" Ciara asked her father, still looking at the place where the little boy had stood a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry Ciara; I'm afraid you won't see Niall ever again..." She kept repeating this sentence in her head; and even after all those years that went by, Ciara still keeps hoping that her dad was wrong.


19. I promise


The doorbell rang and I rushed toward the front door to open. I was back in the house in London; I had decided to leave here until Niall and Ali’s wedding but I had started to pack up as I’d be leaving tomorrow after One Direction would leave the city.

I opened the door quickly, revealing Niall, standing on the door step with a weak smile on his face. I told him to get in and we walked into the living-room in silence. He was the first one to speak,

“I should have told you earlier we were leaving. I’m sorry I didn’t.” He looked at his hands and I shook my head though he didn’t see me. “Don’t worry... I don’t blame you for not telling me. I completely understand you have to go on tour! Have fun all around the world!” He looked up at me and smiled wider. He came closer to me and hugged me.

“I’m gonna miss you, Ciara. It’s sad I have to leave so early after meeting you... I wished we could have spent more time together to get to know each other better!” I giggled, my head rested on his shoulder. “I’ll call you every day and tell you something about me and you’ll do the same!” I joked, trying to sound thrilled but sadness was audible in my voice.

“Yes, I’ll call you every day at the same hour so you’ll know it will be me!” I exclaimed. He pulled himself away and looked at me agape.

“You better not do that! What if I’m sleeping when you’ll call?” he groaned. I laughed at the look on his face. “I don’t care! I’ll wake you up!” I teased him and he started to pout.

“I think I’ll accidentally forget my phone here, then...” he muttered slowly, looking at me with an amused look. This time, it was me who pretended pouting, which made him laugh.

“I’ll miss you, little brother...” I muttered and hugged him again. I didn’t want to let my brother go but I knew what I thought didn’t matter.

“I’ll miss you more.” He kissed my forehead and we stayed silent for a while afterwards.

I broke the silence this time, “Maybe you should go back home to finish packing...” I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes but I didn’t want him to see me crying. I didn’t want him to remember me weeping when he’d be on the other side of the planet. He nodded slowly, saying he had to say goodnight to Josh as it was late in the evening.

“Goodbye, Ciara!” And I waved at him till his car was out of sight in the street. And then, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore so I sat down under the porch and cried, my head buried in my hands without minding the few cars and pedestrians passing in the street.

“He will come back one day, you know,” a voice said in front of me and as I looked up, my sight slightly blurred by my tears, I recognized Harry walking up toward me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him, sobbing, as I tried to wipe my tears away. He sat down beside me and replied,

“I came to say goodbye. I’m leaving too.” He said the last sentence playfully which made me slightly smile.

“I know...” I muttered, mainly to myself without looking at him.

I heard him sigh as I was looking for something to say as none of us dared to talk. “I don’t feel like leaving this time...” I turned my face to look rather surprised at him and I saw he was staring at me, his head rested on his hand.

“Why? It must be amazing to go on tour! You must have so much fun!” I exclaimed, shocked by his saying. He nodded and turned his face to look in front of him.

“Yes, that’s true. But being on tour for half a year also has negative points... A few things are hard to live without when on tour...” I raised an eyebrow, “What kind of things?” He didn’t reply.

He turned his head to look back at me and suddenly move closer. “That kind of things.”

And he pressed his lips against mine. I first was surprised but I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I put my hand on the back of his head, feeling his curls against my skin, as he kissed me with more passion.

“Please... Don’t go...” I whispered, my lips skimming his. His eyes looking deeply into mine, he smiled weakly.

“I wish I could stay here...” I could hear sadness and disappointment in his voice. I nodded slightly, looking down at the ground and pulling myself away from him as I felt a single tears flowing down my cheek. Harry caught it before it fell down and pulled my chin up, forcing me to look him in the eyes as he moved his head closer, our foreheads touching.

“Don’t cry, Ciara... If you do, I won’t find strengths to leave...” I nodded, trying to smile, as I replied, “I know I can’t hold you back here... But I’ll wait for you. I’ll be here when you’ll come back.” I saw happiness appearing in his eyes as he nodded. “You promise?” I smiled widely, “I promise.”

“I can’t wait to be back then.”

And he leaned in; our lips meeting gently as we kissed with passion as a last goodbye...


The end


Thank you everyone for reading the story! I hope you like the end though you must think it shouldn't have happened...

Thanks again for all the likes, faves and all your nice comments all along the updates! I really enjoyed writing that fanfic and I hope you enjoyed reading it!


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