sweet dreams

Camila Cabello has a dream. Harry styles can help her get to the dream. but what happens when she has to pay back his way.


7. The Performence

Camila's POV

When me and Harry took a seat at the restaurant the stupid waitress kept flirting with Harry I know your thinking but you don't love him but I still have feelings for him. so I decided to also play dirty hey a girl's got to do what she has to do so I lean in and whisper "stop flirting or I'll make a scene" he smirked at this which I didn't find funny I was serious. I really shouldn't of said that because instead of stopping he just kept doing it more. ok then I'll play like that too so I said I needed to go to the bathroom and on my way there I flirt with this hot guy who clearly was hotter then Harry I could see Harry's face turning red then I kissed the guy on the cheek just to see Harry pissed off. when I was in the bathroom I got a phone call from a random number I answered it.

C: hello, who is this?

E: this is Ellie Goulding I was wondering if you would like to do a duet with me at the


C: of course! what song will we sing?

E: How Long Will I Love You

C: ok I'll practice it

I came back with a huge smile on my face that some people might think I have mental problem. When I sat down Harry's face was still red wow I thought he would chill out but he still looked angry then he said "why are you smiling like that, did you go make out with your new friend?" then I passionately kiss him then I said " no, I just got a called from Ellie Goulding I'm doing a duet with her!" I hugged him he was still stunned will the kiss. since the AMA's are tomorrow at 5 me and Harry are going shopping. today I slept with Harry he wrapped his arm around my waist and hummed Let Her Go by Jasmine Thompson soon I fell asleep. today me and Harry went to the to buy clothes for the AMA's http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=108251974 when we where on the carpet this time I didn't need Harry's hand to keep me calm I handled everything under control and I answered questions this time there weren't all about Harry and Me this time there questions only about me and fifth harmony. Then me and Ellie did a duet everybody cheered I had tears of joy at the end Ellie of course hugged me.

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