From my heart to you

You betray me !


1. True feelings !

When you love someone . When you see the whole world in his eyes . When you give him the care and the true love .

  Strong feelings , long relationship and deep love . you wish to make him blind but not to see him with someone else .

  After all these truefeelings and deep love , he betray me .

I saw him with someone else . Do not ask me about my reaction or what i Did ..

Because In that day , in that hour , specially in that second , i was not in the world .

 Abig shock to my mind and my heart . 

- why ?

  -Did i do something wrong?

  In that second , i didn't know what to do ,  Should i cry or laugh ? Should i blame myself or him ?  Should i ...... ? 

You broke my heart , apiece of my heart that called " feelings " is gone ! 

           You betray me ,, 

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