Trouble in Paradise

A thrilling romantic story about One Direction and their adventures around the 1D house!!!!!


1. The Dillemma

Our story begins in the kitchen of The One Direction Household, where Niall is having a little trouble.

"Harry!" Yells Niall, frantically

"What?!?!?" Asks Harry

"My nose!!! It is BLEEDING!!!" Screams Niall

"Hmmm, maybe if we made out it would stop the bleeding?" suggests Harry, anxiously

"OK!" Exclaims Niall, quite happily

Meanwhile in the One Direction Bed, the other 1D members; Louis, Peter, and Robert, are tickling each other's feet

"Peter, I thought we agreed, no biting this time!!!" Yells an Angry Louis

"I'm sorry, I got carried away. Plus, your vestigial tail turns me on, i needed a piece of that sweet sweet tail!" explains Peter

"Hey Louis, is your dad in town?" asks Robert "You're always moody like this when he comes to visit."

"No, he is not. I haven't even talked to him since the last time he came over to the house and all he did was make out with Harry. I'm still mad. He should have been making out with ME! HIS SON!!" Says Louis, with a very angry face.

"Hey dude, it's all good! Who needs fathers when you got 1D lovin and feet rubbin!" Says Peter

Soon after, a knock is heard at the door. The band unites to answer said knock at the aforementioned door. It was the pizza guy!

"Hey!" says the pizza guy "I'm Benedict Cumberbatch, The Pizza Guy! I'm here to deliver your Bacon Toenail Pizza! That will be $11.50!"

"Uh Oh!" Says Harry "We don't have any money! We spent it all on hamsters and fine art. maybe there's another way to handle this, if you know what I mean." He suggests, playin it cool

Benedict gives the boys a devilish stare and says "YES!!" and explains his terms, The boys agree, and so the boys lined up, and one by one they picked Benedict's nose with there tongues

"OK boys, that's enough for today!" says Benedict

"Goodbye!" says the boys "We had fun!"

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