I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


36. The Tour...

Niall P.O.V

Time passed away, which is now 25th November, Harry makes it official to date Kendall four day ago. In 4 week ago, Harry wrote a new song.

It called 'Diana' and we weren't sure It's about the woman who died, we pretty sure it was about Hollie, not Kendall. So we wrote another song in the same week, it called 'Story of My Life'. 

Hollie was still upset to see 'Hendall' was kissing. But now, we are going to The Tour. Simon will be coming here to see us if we are alright and he'll go with us.

I woke up. "Today is Monday." I talk to myself. I sat up, look around my room, and I yawn. I can hear that my stomach was growling sound.

That mean I'm so hungry. I walk to downstairs, and I went to the kitchen. I saw Hollie sits there alone as she looks down on the table.

"Good Morning, Hollie." I greet. She says nothing; I walk to where Hollie sits on, and I sit down next to her. "Hollie?" I call as I tap on her shoulder. 

She turns around to see me. "Oh, Good Morning!" Hollie signs with her voice. She smiles! I can tell it's not a real smile; it was a fake smile.

I see this smile in 4 week ago after Justin Bieber's Concert. I wonder what wrong with her. I know... She still love Harry. "I'm a little worried about this smile." I sign with my worried voice.

"What?! I'm not sad! I'm happy about Hendall..." Hollie pauses. She sighs sadly. "You're right! I should be happy about this Relationship." She signs with her voice. 

I look at her beautiful face, which reminds me a woman who had died a long time. Diana! Of course, we're right. She has same blue eye as Diana has.

"Of course, Hollie. You should. But Harry's move on and I heard he still like you as a friend. When do you tell him the truth?" I sign with my voice.

"I don't know! When do I make stop jealous level?!" Hollie signs with her voice. "Hey. Calm down." I sign with my voice.

She takes to breathe in and out until she stops to breathe because Harry was there and he whistles in a song. I knew this song.

Diana! I can see her eye was frozen and her body was too. What? No! She was about to run, but I stop her to grab her hand. Harry looks at me and he gives me a friendly smile.

"Hey, Niall!" He greets. "Good Morning, Harry!" I reply. Hollie looks shocked, and she looks down on the ground quickly as Harry looked at Hollie.

His smile fades down. "Good Morning." He signs with his voice. She looks up at him and then Hollie turns away from his face. I was surprised, and Harry looks shocked because he saw that.

"I'm sorry!" I apologies. "It's okay!" Harry says sadly. I was about to say something, but Harry cut me off. "Hollie. Hollie! Look at me." He calls.

Hollie looks up at him. "Yeah?" She says sadly. "Oh, I leave you two alone..." I say as I look at them. "Stay!" Hollie raises her voice.

I sigh sadly. "Really? You hate me, right?" Harry signs with his angry voice. I shake my head. "Oh, No!" I say. Please tell me when it's over...

"I never said it! Well, I like you as a friend. But you just hate me because when I said it, right?! I like you as a friend! Please, just let it go!" Hollie signs with her sad voice.

"Let it go?! I don't think so! Really! I'm serious! You just make me sad and angry." Harry signs with his angry voice. I just sit down on the chair, and I can see them arguing with each other.

I sigh sadly. When are they make it along? When?! Hollie laugh a little. "You think I am the one who hates you?! Alright! Fine!" She signs with her teary voice.

Hollie turns around, walk away from him, and she stops to walk by the door. I was shocked by it, and she turns back to see Harry.

"Then don't come to my room! We're finished!" Hollie signs with her teary voice. With that, she just turns around to continue walking away.

I sigh annoyed, and I stand up. "She just told you the truth!" I explain. "Oh. Really?" Harry says with his shocked face. I sigh annoyed.

"Since when are you two get along?!" I ask. With that, I start to walk away.


Hollie P.O.V

Today is the tour. That mean the boys' finally gone! I'm cruel. But... Harry made me feel sad. I sigh sadly. Liam had gone already, Paul, Zayn and Louis too.

It was just Me, Kendall, Niall and Harry. I groan. I have to go to the tour with them. I shake my head, and I sigh sadly. I hate it.

I can hear that someone run to where I walk, and I turn around to see the person. I was surprised by it, and I run to my room. It was Harry!

I don't understand! I feel the tears roll down on my cheek. He stops my running to grab my hand. "Hollie!" He calls. Harry put his hand on my shoulder to turn me around and I see him.

He looks shocked by the tears still roll down, and he gives me a tight hug. I don't understand! My body was shaking now. "H-Ha-Harr-Harry." I stammer.

He pulls away to see me and he smiles a little. I still don't understand. "I'm sorry. I didn't believe you lied to me, but you weren't. You just tell the truth, right?" Harry signs with his voice.

Oh! Right. Niall told him. I was so happy. I smile. "And I'm sorry too, that I said it." I pause. I sigh sadly.

"Seriously, why am I jealously for you guys? You guys are perfect together, am I right?" I sign with my voice. "I need to go finish my pack. I'm so glad we're friends again, right?" Harry signs with his voice.

I nod. "Yes..." I say. I'm so glad too. "I am too." I continue. I haven't finished packing. Kendall's head peeked out of the door.

"Harry? Can you help me to pack?" She asks. It was so awkward. I was about to walk to my room, but Kendall calls me. "Hollie?"

"Yes, Kendall..." I mutter. I turn around to see her face. Her face looks like Victoria Justice. Kendall is so beautiful. Better than me!

She smiles wide. "Can you help me to pack?" Kendall asks slowly.  I was shocked. "But you just had to ask Harry." I sign with my confused voice.

Kendall looks at Harry and me at the same time. "Oh, just forget him, and I haven't talked to you in 4 weeks ago." She explains slowly. It's true.

I hadn't talked to her for a long time. "Sure!" I signed with my excited voice. I smile wide and Kendall looks shocked. "OMG! You have a cute smile." She says.

I was confused. "Okay!" I say. I walk into Harry's room, and Kendall closes the door. "Okay, how can I help you?" I sign with my voice.

"Hollie. Take a seat." Kendall orders. Huh! I was so confused now. I take a seat, and I look up at her beautiful face. "Do you love Harry?" Kendall asked with her serious voice.

I was frozen by what Kendall is just saying. "N-No. I don't." I signed with my quiet voice. I realise that if I love Harry, Kendall might be worried.

"To be honest, I don't love him." I continue. "Hmm... Then, why are you feeling jealous?" Kendall asks. Should I tell Kendall the truth?

I sigh sadly, look around over her body and I look back at her. "I'm jealous? Yes, I am. Because I have no one. But you... You look beautiful. I mean you two are perfect together." I sign with my voice.

I just told her the truth. "Oh. Yes, you have." Kendall says. "What are you mean?" I sign with me confuse voice. She sighs sadly and sits next to me.

"You have a family and friends who was there for you." She explains. I open my mouth, and I was so confused. "Okay! Let's pack then. Shall we?" I sign with my voice.

After the packing, it was my turn to the preparation, and I walk to my room. I close my door, and I was starting to pack my first suitcase.

While I packed, I start to hum a song while I was packing my clothes. I don't know why do I sing this song, but I like it. Someone knocks on my door. "It's Niall." The person says. "Yeah?" I say.

I open the door, and he came in. I continue to pack my clothes and Niall help me to pack too. I'm so glad we are sister and brother. 

"Where are we going this time?" I sign with my voice. "We're going to New York City. That's where we start the tour!" Niall signs with his voice.

I sigh happily, and I saw him talks to Simon Crowell! He was here?! Already?! He turns back to see me. "Are you ready to go?" Niall signs with his voice.

"Yeah!" I say nervously. Why am I feeling nervous?!

Over what?!

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