I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


20. Sleeping with Harry..

Harry P.O.V

I walk inside Hollie's room, but I can hear the crying from the bathroom.

I wonder, who is it?

"Hollie is that you?!" I ask. 

I turn around to see her cochlear Implant is on her bed.

Oh, man!

How can she hear me?

Sure, she can't hear me. 

I can hear the door is unlocked and I turn around. 

I saw Hollie crying face with my shocked face.

I wonder, what happening?

My eyes move on her body, but I stop on her wrist.

There has blood on her wrist. 

I scream loud.

My girl has been self-harm by herself! 

Paul, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn runs into Hollie's room and Hollie didn't realise us came in her room.

I feel the tears build upon my eyes and my eyes were stuck on Hollie's wrist. Louis breaks the staring moment. 

"What's wrong?" He asks.

 "I-I-I-." I shutter.

I point at her wrist and they turn around to see Hollie. 

Their eyes wide. 

"Oh, my god!" They shout in unison. 

Hollie cried.

She's crying...

But what? 

"I have a feeling for you guys. There, I said it! But... Now, what? You guys hate me?! I want to live with my own real parent! I don't care what are they doing to me! Maybe... I'm not ready for became Liam's daughter." Hollie signs with her voice,

"Hollie, I'm sorry. But Harry's younger than us. I'm sorry!" Liam signs with his voice.

"Hollie.. Louis told me that... I love you. So Much! Please. We don't hate you." I sign with my voice.

"Yeah! We love you as friends and..." Niall signs with his voice.

He pauses and he walks to her closer.

Not too closer but closer.

"...brother and boyfriend. Okay! Maybe! Harry ask you out, wasn't he?" Niall signs with her voice. 

She smiles.

Was that fake smile or something?

"No, of course not." I sign with my voice.

Louis pats on my shoulder and he looked at her.

"Yeah! He was about to ask you out, but he's just scared because you're a girl... Is it right, Harry?" He says.

Of course, it is.

But I love her thing like a smile, has a cute laugh and I'm so happy to have Hollie!

I smile at this thought.

I nod.

"Yes, it is," I say.

I step forward, but she stepped backwards at the same time. 

I was confused and I'm going to step forward one more time, so I did.

I was worried that she will step backwards like last time, but now she did.

"W-W-What?!" I ask worriedly.

I was about to touch her hand, but she runs to Liam and then hugs him tight.

What's wrong with this?

Liam hugs back, he sighs and he pulls away from the hug.

"Hollie. What's wrong? Did Harry scared you?!" Liam signs with his voice.

"No!" I scream.

I wake up.

Oh, my gosh!

I must be dreaming.

Hollie never hurt herself and I guess it was dreaming.

I can hear the scream.

It was a girl.

I get up and I walk to Hollie's room. 

I wonder what if she had the same nightmare as I had.

Then I can hear crying quietly on my way to Hollie's room.

I open Hollie's door and I enter her room.


Hollie P.O.V

I tried to sleep.

Nightmare will be starting now!

I feel the sweat on my face, turn side by side on the bed and with that, I scream.

I was shocked, sit up and I wake up at the same time. 

I look at the clock on the desk.

It was 4 AM.

I cried quietly and I wipe my tears from my face.

I hope I didn't wake them up, but I can't sleeping because I'm alone- 

My thought interrupts by the door open.

I look up at the person who's stand by the door and I see this person came in my room.

It was Harry.

"Harry..." I call sadly.

I was scared now and Harry sighs sadly. 

"Having a nightmare?" He signs. 

I nod slowly.

He sits beside me. 

"Well, it's 4 AM." Harry signs.

He just looks at me and he started to lean over, but I turn away. 

"I'm sorry. I'm not ready." I sign.

Harry nod as understanding. 

"I understand."

Should I tell him what he doing here?

"What are you doing here?" I sign. 

"You know... It's funny and... strange that I always have a nightmare and..." Harry signs.

He turns back to see me.

"... You too." Harry says.

I giggle quietly and he chuckles a little.

"Yeah, it's true. Maybe we should sleep together tonight, do you think?" I sign.

"Yeah." He nods.

With that, we start to lay down slowly because we are SO close. 

I turn around and I feel his strong arm wrap around my waist, but after all, he's my friend.

I let him.

I fell asleep fast and I can feel his lip kiss on my forehead. 


Harry just kiss on my forehead!!!


He gonna to pay back.

I smile at that thought.

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