I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


37. Sing with them?!

It's only 4 days. I'm at the house! Ugh! I want to stay here! Harry taps me on my shoulder when he enters my room and I turn around to see Harry.

"Hollie? Are you okay?" He signs with his voice. I give him a fake smile. "Yeah, why?" I sign with my voice. Harry raises his eyebrows up.

"Really? Because I see this smile in 4 week ago." He signs with his voice. I sigh sadly. "Oh... Right." I say. I put my hands onto my face.

"I want to stay here..." I mutter. "Hollie?" Harry calls. He put his hand on my hand, I was shocked quietly and then he takes my hands away from my face. 

"I don't understand what you saying." Harry signs with his voice. "I want to stay here because my best friends were here." I sign with my voice.

Harry sighs sadly and he put his right hand on my shoulder. "Look, I know. You miss them, but Liam says no because nobody look after you." Harry signs with his voice.

I sigh sadly, look down on the ground and I was sad. It wasn't because of Hendall thing, it was because I miss my best friends.

I feel the tears build up on my eyes and Harry sighs annoyed. "Hollie? Look at me." He orders. I look up at Harry's face and I let the tears roll down on my cheek.

Harry looks shocked and he sighs sadly. "Hollie, I'm sorry. But we have to go." Harry signs with his voice. He gives me a tight hug and I hug him back awkward.

Harry pulls away and he looks at my face. Harry helps me to wipe the tears off my face. I smile a little and I look down on the ground.

Harry was saying something that I don't understand while he looks at me. "What?" I ask. I giggle quietly.

"He was here." Harry signs with his voice. I was a bit confused. "He?" I sign. "Why are you going to outside and check 'him' out?" He signs with his voice.

I nod. "Okay!" I say. I was about to walk away, but Harry stops me. "With suitcase." He says. I was surprised.

"Oh, right. Okay! Thanks!" I say. I smile and Harry smiles back. I take my suitcase with me. Oh, it was heavy! 

I turn around and I pull it away. "Hollie?" Harry calls. I stop what I doing and I turn around to see his face. Harry walks to my bed and he picks my purple backpack.

"Forget about this?" He signs with his voice. I was shocked. "I-I-I... Thank you." I stammer. He carries my backpack and he gives it to me.

I take it, he smiles kindly and I smile back. I turn away from his smile face and then I walk away from the outside. While I went to the outside, I drop the suitcase on the ground. 

"I wonder who's 'he'?" I sign to myself. Someone walks front of me and I look up at the person who carries rose slowly. 

I was shocked. It was Josh! "I-I-I..." I stammer. He gives me a rose. "It was for Justin Bieber." Josh signs with his voice. I can't believe it!

I knew it! He likes me! "Where is he?" I sign with my voice. "Oh, he was on the tour." Josh signs with his voice. I give Josh a tight hug.

"Thanks!" I say. He hugs me back."You're welcome. Now..." He says while we hug. I pull away from the hug. "I'm better to go. So, good luck!" He signs with his voice.

I wave at him and Josh walks away. Huh! I forget to tell him something. I was about to say something, but someone interrupts my talking.

I guess it was Niall. "Hollie?" Niall calls. I turn around to see him. "Hmm..." I say. "I'm sorry that I'm interrupt your talking. But that's really important."

I sigh sadly. "What the important?" I sign with my voice. "It was Liam. He's now ill!" Niall signs with his voice. I was shocked.

"What happening?" I sign with my voice. "I don't know... We gotta to go now!" Niall signs with his voice. "Who cover him to sing?" I sign with my voice.

"I'm don't know-" Niall pauses. He looks at me with his wide eyes and smile. "I think I found this person who cover Liam's solo and sing with us." He signs with his voice.

I was so confused and then I realize! "Me?" I ask nervously. I'm going to sing with them?! Niall nods with his crazy face.

"Yes! You are going to sing with us, Please?" He signs with his crazy voice. "No, no, no! I'm not." I say nervously.

"Why?!" Niall asks with his puppy eyes and pouts face. Oh! Not that face! Don't look at them! I close my eyes quickly and for a while, I peeked my one of an eye.

I sigh annoyed and I open my eyes. "Fine!" I sign with my voice. I wasn't thinking about that. But it was for Liam. Someone stand behind Niall and the person chuckles.

I guess it was Harry. "See? She's always there for Liam!" Harry signs with his voice. Oh no! "What? You knew it too?" I sign with my confused face.

He nods. "Yes, I knew all time." He signs with his voice. "Oh, please!" I sign with my voice. I put my hand onto my head and I sigh exhalation.

"Okay! Fine." I say. I still wasn't thinking about that. "Okay! Kendall! You coming?!" Harry shouts. I can hear her footsteps and she went to the outside. 

"Wow! It looks nice!" I sign with my voice. It was a dress. "Thank you!" Kendall says. "You're welcome." I sign with my voice.

Kendall turns around to see Harry and then she walks away to get herself into the Limo. Niall turns around to see me and he bow to me.

"After you." Niall says. I sigh sadly and Harry might be noticed me because Harry walks to where I stand. "I'm sorry, we gotta to go now." He signs with his voice.

Harry was right. I smile a little and I nod slowly. "Don't worry about that." I sign with my sad voice. I sighed exhalation.

Well... This is it! Goodbye, my friends. See you soon. I get in the Limo and I feel the tears build up on my eyes. Harry notices me and he get in the Limo to sits next to me.

He put his hand around my shoulder and I put my hand around his waist. I let the tears roll down on my face. "Sh... I know. It's gotta be alright.." He whispers.

I sigh sadly and the tears roll down on my face even more. Niall gets in the Limo. We are going to the airport. He closes the door.

I'm trying to sleeping on his strong chest and now I'm sleeping.


9 hour later,


I open my eyes. "Harry..." I whisper. How long have I sleeping? I sit up and it was dark outside. What?! I stand up. "Where am I?" I sign to myself

Someone knocks on the door. "It's Louis." The person says. I was shocked. I'm in New York?! I start to panicked, walk to the door and I open the door.

"Louis?!" I call. I give him a tight hug quickly and he hugs back. I pull away from the hug. "Where is Liam?" I ask. "Oh, follow me!" Louis says.

I follow him and when Louis open the door, I get in. "Liam?" I call. "Hollie?" Liam calls as he coughs. I was shocked.

Poor Liam! "Are you sure about to sing with them?" Liam signs with his coughed voice. "Sure. I'm sure about that, of course! I do it for you." I sign with my voice.

Harry enters Liam's room with his hand on chicken soup. "Hi!" Harry shouts. "Hey!" I shout back. He gives the soap on Liam's lap.

"Here you go. Okay? Be careful, it's hot." He says. "Harry? How long have I sleeping?" I sign with my voice. "About 9 hours." He answers.

I was shocked. "You're cute when you were sleeping in the plane." He continues with his sign. I sigh sadly. "The concert?" I ask.

"That's 2 hours later. So, get ready." Harry signs with his voice. I walk away and Louis was still outside. He takes me to my hostel room and I get the change into the dress.

No worries! I had shower by a little earlier. It was Black Mini Dress, Dark Purple legging and Black Trainer. I went to outside where Harry was waiting.

"So? What do you thinking?" I sign with my voice. "You look great. Now come on." Harry signs with his voice. He takes my hand but I didn't care.

I'm his friend at all. We are all outside and the boys' eyes are on my dress. "What?" I ask with my annoyed face. "It looks amazing!" Niall signs with his voice.

 "I agree." Harry nods. The boys nod. "We're agree..." They say in the union. "Oh... Thanks!" I say shyly.


At the concert,


It is 45 minute to go. I sigh nervously. I'm so nervously. With that, Harry gave me lots of solo lines that Liam sings. "Are you sure about that song?" Harry signs.

I look up at him. "Oh, yes, I'm sure about that." I sign. Harry shakes his head. "It's fine. I know you're missing them. Just forget about them." Harry signs.

I turn away from his face and I'm going study on the songs. There has 10 song and 5 new song. The first song was what make you beautiful and End of the song was Diana.

Diana? Who wrote it? It was a beautiful song. The middle was Best Song Ever. I love it. Oh... It is now 15 minutes to go. 5 new song is Back For You, Story of My Life, You and I, I Would and Diana.

10 song was What make you Beautiful, Kiss You, I Should've Kissed You, Best Song Ever, Everything About You, I Wish, Irresistible, Live While We're Young, One Thing and One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks).

Yep! It is lots of the songs. Altogether makes 15 songs! Including my song, it was actually 4 song. The 4 song is Firework, With Your Love, Swagger Jagger and All I Want is Everything. 

Altogether, again, makes 19 songs for me. It is too much, I know it, but I have to...

Na! It's fine! Right?!

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