I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


46. News?

Louis P.O.V

At 6.25 pm

Harry should be here at our house in five minutes. Niall was at upstairs in his room to play his guitar, Zayn was in the Kitchen to make his own tea, Paul, well, I honestly don't know and there was me. 

I'm in the living room, watch TV. I sigh sadly. Man, I can't stop thinking about letting Hollie go. My eyes were stuck on the screen until the door,  I can hear, open and then close.

Huh! I look at the clock, and it was 6.29 pm. "He comes home on time." The person walks past the living room, and the person saw me as I look at the clock. 

The person cleans the throat, I was in frozen, and I turn around to see the person. Okay. The person's green eyes stuck on mine.

Guess who? I was shocked. "Harry!" I shout. "HARRY!!!" Niall shouts at the upstairs. He runs downstairs, run to where Harry enters and then he gives him a tight hug.

"He's already arrived?!" Zayn shouts at the kitchen. He starts to walk to where Harry enters, and Zayn gives Harry a nod as hey.

"Harry, welcome home..." Zayn says. Harry turns around to see me. "Where's Hollie?" He asks. I look at Zayn, his eyes wide and he shakes his head.

I look back at Harry quickly. "Oh... Hollie is on school trips, which is outside of London and stay there for one year?" I explain.

Okay, I admit to lied! Harry crosses his arm. "Er... Yeah, she's staying there, is that right, Niall?" Zayn lies. Harry turns around to see Niall.

"One year?" He asks confusedly. Niall looks at me, I give him a nod slowly, and Niall looks back at Harry quickly.

He smiles nervously. "Yes..." Niall lies. "Alright, I will wait for her!" Harry says. I sigh happily. That was so close. "Why are you asking?" I ask.

"Because I have a big news to tell you all..." Harry answers. We cross our arm together. "Er... It's... It's uncomfortable." He pauses. 

Harry sighs sadly. "Okay, here it goes. (Sigh) I'm going to move out to LA next month. My second house, I mean. I think I ask her to marry me." He continues.

I was shocked, and everyone looks shocking too. "You can't!" I shout. "Yeah! You can't ask her!" Zayn joins in. "You even know her about two months You can't marry her!" Niall joins in.

Niall's right. He can't ask Kendall. I hope not. Because of Liam... Liam! "Oh! Really?!" Harry shouts back. Oh... I'm busy to do is upset about Hollie.

I sigh sadly and I look down a little. Maybe I need to take a break. I was about to walking upstairs, but Harry stops me to grab my arm. 

"Louis, what do you think?" He asks. "It's not my choice, not our, it's yours. It's not our decision. It's yours now." I snap. I get it off.

I continue to walk the upstairs. "That's what I thought so..." Harry whispers. I stop at the top of the stairs and I sigh sadly. 

"Well, I just wonder who this stupid person who have an idea to call Kendall to come here-" cut him off. With that, I turn around to see him quickly and I start take my hand into a fist. 

Hollie... It wasn't my idea, but It was all Hollie's idea. I guess I cover it for her. "Oh... It was my idea!" I reply quickly. Everyone look shocked.

Oh, great, Now, Harry looks angry. "I knew it! What kind of are you?!" He shouts. I'm sorry, Hollie. "No! I'm trying to be a good friend! I want you to be happy!" I shout back.

"Wow! I don't need your help!" Harry shout. Harry walks away. "You know what?! You still love Hollie, you idiot!" I snap. 

Harry stops and he turns around to see me. "What did you call me?!" Harry shouts. "Oh, I call you idiot! I know that you still love her, huh!" I shout back.

"Oh! Don't be stupid! You love her too!" Harry snaps. I sigh annoyed. "That one was a long time ago! Let it go! I don't love her! She's my sister!" I argue.

It was true. I feel the tears build up on my eyes and I turn away quickly. "But, still, I still love her as a sister!" I pause. I turn back to see him.

"You're the one who love her! You are stupid to know that! She loves you too! But now... Harry, You let her down to go marry your stupid girlfriend!" I still argue. 

"I wish I'm never meet you for the first time as we met!" Harry argues back. Everyone look shocked. "And Louis! Why are you caring about me being stupid?!" Harry continues.

"Fine! You know what?! That's it! I'm done with it!" I snap. "Then-" I cut him out. I turn around. "Don't. Talk. To. Me. Again!" I shout.

With that, I run off to my room and I stand there by the door. I can hear that Harry say something. "ME NEITHER!!!" Harry screams.

I slam the door hard. I sigh sadly, and I slide down against the door. I'm so sorry. Everything that I am saying is... True!

I let the tears roll down on my face, I sigh sadly, and I was shocked as someone knocks on my door. "Who's it?!" I ask.

I'm not in a good mood! Just bad mood! Harry ruins my happy place, and it turns into my nightmare! "It's Niall and Zayn." The person says with an Irish accent.

"Oh..." I say. I stand up, and I open the door as they enter my room. "Hey..." I say sadly. I look down on the floor, walk a little, and I sigh sadly. 

"Are you okay?" That was Niall asks. I look up at them. "Yeah! Don't worry about me." I answer. "You know what? We're siding with you now." Zayn says.

"Oh?" I say. "Yeah... (Laugh a little and sigh sadly) Is it true? What are you talking about?" Niall asks. "Yes. It's all true." I answer.

I chuckle a little. "I mean... It just... All true." I continue. Zayn sighs sadly. "So... He's idiot, isn't he?" Zayn asks. Do you want to know why he's a jerk?

Because he still love Hollie. "Yes..." I answer. "But why?" Niall asks. "Because..." I pause. I place my hand onto my face.

"(Sigh sadly) He should not ask that stupid girl to marry him. But it's all I know is he still have a feeling for Hollie, not Kendall." I continue.

I pause and I sigh sadly. "Man, Liam don't like to hear it what Harry saying..." I say. "Now... Harry never ask us where is he... He never notices him." Niall explains.

Maybe I should not take the blame on him. He is the one who takes blame a person who has this person's idea. Huh! Hollie! I was shocked.

"What's wrong?" Zayn asks confusedly. "Oh. Nothing!" I lie. I was so worried about Hollie. "I thought so. Hmm... Are you cover it for someone, aren't you?" Niall says and asks.

I was shocked. "How do you know about that?" I ask. "Your worried face..." Zayn answers. I sigh sadly. "Yes, I was..." I say. Niall looks shocked.

"Will you tell us who?" He asks. I sigh sadly. "It wasn't my idea." I pause. Here it goes! I sigh sadly. "It was Hollie's idea!" I continue.

They look shocked. "What?!" They say in the union. I sigh annoyed. "Yes? But you see... On her birthday, she has an idea that I have. But Harry should be blaming on me." I explain.

"Now what?" Niall asks. "Well..." Someone interrupts me, but the person cleans the throat. "Ahem..." The person says.

We all were in frozen and we were shocked. I gulp and I turn around to see the person stand against the door. "Are you listening what we talking about... Harry?!" I ask.

I hope not. Harry nods. "Yes, I am." He answers. I sigh sadly. "Hollie's part?" I continue. "Yes..." Harry answers. 

Oh, man... This is bad. "Harry, don't blame on Hollie! Just... Blame on me." I say. I sigh sadly. "Idiot! I'm not take the blame on you." Harry says.

Harry pauses and he sighs sadly. "(Chuckle a little) Besides, you're still my friend." Harry says. He smiles. "Really?! Wow! Are you mad at Hollie?" I ask. 

I hope not... "No. Of course not!" Harry replies. Oh, well... Zayn was right. I never thought so that he never ask us until... He looks around.

"By anyway, where is Liam? I never seen him on tonight." Harry asks and says. Lied again. Yay! There has silence moment, Zayn breaks this moment and he clean his throat. 

"Um... He was staying at Sophia's house to help her to do something." Zayn lies. "Yeah... He was staying there for..." That was Niall lies.

"... Two night or three?" I finish his sentence. Harry crosses his arms. "Really?" He asks. I nod. "Yes..." I say. 

Harry looks at us. "Okay! I will wait for him!" He says. That was so close! I mean we did it! We all make him believe us.

I smile a little. "So, are we still friend again?" I ask. Harry smiles. "Yeah. We are!" He answers. He gives me a friendly hug.

I seriously need to talk to Liam and ask him when he's come over. I guess... I wonder how is this go on with Hollie? 

Is she okay in America?


Liam P.O.V

We are in New York, went to Nelly's house and we went to put Hollie's suitcase away from her new room. So, today is the last time I've ever seen her face.

"Done!" The hairdresser shouts. Nelly has a friend from the college who study Hairdresser. What? You ask for it! Hollie had Natural Brown hairs, but now she has dyed it into Blonde hair.

Man, I miss Brown Hairs. "There is she... Emma." The hairdresser says. She has a brown contact lenses eyes that they gave her and she will be safe.

I sigh sadly. "Hollie..." I call, unfortunately. She turns around to see me. "Hmm..." She says. "Can I talk to you alone?" I sign with my voice.

"Oh... Er... Come on, you guys..." Nelly says. The hairdresser and Nelly are gone outside as they give us to be alone. 

"Er... I'm not sure about that. Leaving you is hard." I sign with my voice.

Hollie sighs sadly and she stands up as Hollie gives me a love hug. She pulls away for a minutes and Hollie smiles a little. I feel the tears build up on my eyes and I let them roll down on my face.

She put her hand on my cheek and Hollie wipes the tears away. I look at the clock. It was 9 am. I'm really gotta to go quickly.

I sigh sadly. "Well, Hollie, you will be okay. Yes?" I sign with my voice. She looks down on the floor. I know she going to be crying. She sighs sadly.

"Well, I'm going to miss you so much. Liam, you're my best father. Great dad, I mean. I think I'm ready to saying this." Hollie signs with her voice.

I was shocked to see Hollie looks up at my face. "What is it?" I sign with my voice. "I love you, Dad." Hollie signs with her voice.

I sigh sadly and I give her a last hug. "I love you too, honey..." I say. Actually, she said it third time. I pull away from the hug and I give her a last forehead kiss.

"Here's my present to you." I sign with my voice. I hold it up from my pocket, give it to her, and she looks shocked. It was Heart Locket.

I did put the pictures of the boys and me. "I bought it, and I put the picture on it. But I'm sure Harry will miss you." I sign with my voice.

Hollie sighs sadly. "Yeah! I know right. They're easy to let me go but... Harry is hard to let me go, and I know you too." She signs with her voice.

I smile a little. "Well... It's made me feel better but no. It's not. I know it was a good idea to run away from Harry. We gotta miss you so much. Right..." I sign with my voice.

I pause, and I wipe the tears away from my face. "Well... I have to go. So..." I continue. I chuckle a little and she giggles.

"Don't be sad! Be happy!" I say. She looks down on the floor and then she looks up at me. "Look, I know it's kind of lame for me to saying it. Be good girl, okay?" I sign with my voice.

She giggles a little. "I will, Dad." Hollie signs with her voice. I smile at it. It was last time to see her. "I'm going now... I promise you... It's going to be okay." I sign with my voice.

She nods. "It is..." Hollie sign with her voice. I sigh sadly, and I walk away. "Emma..." I whisper. Emma... I miss to called her Hollie. 

Man, It wasn't easy to let her go. I promise you... It's going to be okay. It is. These thought stuck in my head. I get in a taxi, turn around to see them, I wave to Hollie and she waves back to me.

"I miss you!" I shout. "I miss you too!" She shouts back. I saw the tears build up on her eyes, I smile at it and I close the door. "I would to go to the airport quickly..." I order.

I was so sad. When I arrive, and I pay the guy, I get the ticket, and then I was on the plane. I sigh sadly, and I smile at the window. 

Good-bye, Hollie. I miss you already. All I need is sleeping. I lean my back down, close my eyes, and I was sleeping. 


At Home,


"Thanks, Dave..." I say. It was 5 in the morning, and I got out of the car. Oh, Harry has to be angry or confused or scared. I sigh sadly. 

I think I have gone to Sophia's house. I have to. Louis told me so... To stay there two or three night. I look up at the sky, and I smile a little.

"Hollie... Do you love Harry?" I whisper. I sigh sadly. "I have no idea who am I talking to..." I whisper. I chuckle a little, and I smile at it.

I walk away with a smiling face.  "Good morning..." I greet to a neighbour.

I'm always thinking of you, Hollie...


Two more chapter to the left. To finish the story.

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