I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


45. Move out in America...

Zayn P.O.V

The Next Morning,

I wake up, and I sigh sadly.

"The day of Hollie's move out in America." I talk to myself.

I wish she could stay here. We all wish to.

I sigh annoyingly, and I turn by turn to see Hollie's cute sleeping. 

She can't stay here because of Harry.

I chuckle a little, and my eyes were stuck on Hollie's face.

We all finished her packing and suitcase last night.

Man, I can't let her go.

She seems like..!

Beautiful and good girl.

Sometimes when she seems like sad or angry or run away to our house or the park as she looks cute. 

Louis and Niall always follow her.

I remember it.

I smile at her face. 

She looks peacefully sleepily, and she reminds me of Niall's face.

She sounds like a princess.

My princess.

I know I got a girlfriend, I didn't mean to that way.

I only mean she was like my little sister.

Hollie's eyes open slowly, and her lip turns up into a smile. 

"Good Morning!" I sign with my voice.

"Good Morning!" Hollie signs with her sleep voice.

Oh, I love her voice.

I sigh happily, and my hand touch her cheek and rub her cheek gently.

She looks shocked, and she looks at my face.

I sigh sadly.

"I'm sorry. You look like..." I pause. 

She smiles a little, and I smile back.

"... My sister." I continue with my sign. 

She smiles wide.

"Thank you, brother..." She signs with her voice.

My smile face fades down.

"What's wrong?" Hollie signs with her voice.

I open my mouth.

"I'm sorry... I can't believe it! Today is you will move out. Liam sold your things to Nelly's house and you-" She cut me off.

Hollie hugs me quickly.

"Oh!" I say.

"I love you!" She shouts.

I can't believe it!

She said it, but I love her too.

"I love you too!" I shout back.

She pulls away to see my face and Hollie smiles a little.

I get up.

"Er..." She says.

I walk a little, and I turn around to see her.

"Hmm..." I say.

"Thanks... For sleeping with me." She signs with her voice.

I smile wide.

"You're welcome." I sign with my voice.

Last night was the last sleeping with her.

Everyone did care about sleeping with her, but everyone was so tired and went to their bed, forget about the deal.

I didn't mind to sleeping with her.

I turn away from her face, and I walk to enter the kitchen with Hollie.

Niall was there to sit on the chair, and Louis was there too.

"Can you believe it?! Harry broke up with Kendall and want to be back here!" That was Niall asks.

I was shocked.

"Say what now?!" I shout.

Louis and Niall turn around to see Hollie and me at the same time.

Louis sighs sadly.

"Zayn, Hollie, Good morning. Hollie, may we talk to Zayn alone?" He signs with his sad voice. 

Hollie looks at me and then looks back at Louis. 

"Sure! I'm in the living room." She signs with her voice.

"Yeah... Go ahead. I'll be there for... three minutes?" I sign with my voice.

With that, she nods, and she starts to walk away.

"Alright... I'm here." I say. 

I take a tea of cup. 

"So, what's up?" I continue.

There has silence moment.

I wonder what's happening?

Niall breaks the moment. 

"Alright... Here it goes." He says.

"Well - Don't freak out, okay?" Louis says.

"Okay. Cool..." I say.

Louis sighs sadly.

"Okay. Hendall calls it quit..." Louis continues. 

I wasn't surprised, and I open my mouth.

"Why are you saying-" Niall cut me off. 

"Harry wants to be back here by... Louis, why do you think it?" Niall explains and asks.

"No!" Louis joins in.

Someone came here in the kitchen.

This person finished Niall's sentence 

"...Today." The person completes Niall's sentence.


They look frozen by someone say it.

"Did he say something-" Niall cut Louis out. 

"Yep..." Niall says.

They turn around to see Liam.

"Now, why did he come here by today?" Liam asks angrily.

"Is it true?!" I ask.

"Yes..." Niall answers.

"What's time?" I ask.

"Well, Har-" Liam cut him off.

"6.30 pm." He snarls.

Louis looks shocked.

"How did you know about that?" He asks.

"On my phone and I'm checking it out. I use Twitter to check it out... And boom, Harry coming here tonight at 6.30 pm!" Liam answers.

"Wait! Have you book the plane ticket for Hollie, right?" Louis asks.

"No, I didn't. Why?" Liam answers and asks.

Niall crosses his arms.

"Well... She has to dye her hairs and change her name when she arrives, New York. Why not?" He explains and asks.

"Hey, that's pretty good idea..." Liam says.

Niall smiles wide.

"... And book the two ticket for Hollie and you, Liam, will go with her. Because she's 17-year-old." Louis joins in.

"We can't tell a lie to Harry if he's looking for you, Liam. There is no way we could say where are you." I explain. 

"Just tell him... I'm at Sophia's house and help her, yeah." Liam explains.

"That's pretty good idea! We could do it!" I say.

But she still was gone?

Maybe I'm the one who's not ready, or everyone else is.

How long has she back here?




Hollie P.O.V

At 3.30 pm,

I can't believe that I'm leaving! 

Liam told me to get ready one hour ago.

"I'm ready!" I shout.

Liam walks to enters my room.

"Are you ready to go? Before Harry get here?" He signs with his voice.

"Yeah!" I say nervously.

I was too scared..! 

I smile nervously, and Liam smiles back. 

"Okay! We have to go." Liam signs with his voice.

We walk to in the front door, and I stop to feel the tears build up on my eyes.

Have I forgotten something?

"Wait!" I shout.

The boys!

I sigh sadly, and I turn around to see them stand by the stairs.

"I'm gotta to miss you guys." I sign with her teary voice.

I give the boys our last group hug.

I pull away to see them, and I smile with my sad face.

"Louis? Could you do a favour for me?" I sign with my voice.

I hold the letter from my hand, I sigh sadly, and for a while, I give it to Louis.

He takes it.

"Who could I give to?" Hw signs with his voice. 

I know it was kind of wired and wired, but I was trying to say it.

"It was from... (Sigh)... Harry. Can you give it to Harry on his birthday?" I sign with my sad voice.

It was kind of strange. 

"Alright. I could do it." Louis says. 

I smile wide. 

"Thank you, Louis. You're the best." I sign.

I give him a tight hug, and I pull away to see him. 

I pull my hood onto my head, and I went outside to get in Limo.

I feel the tears build up on my eyes.

Liam gives me a tight hug as he notices me. 

"Liam..." I call sadly.

Liam pulls away to see me.

"I know... I promise you... Everything will be okay." He signs with his voice.

I sigh sadly.

"I know... It just... I miss them so much." I sign with my voice.

"I know..." Liam says sadly. 

He looks away from my face, and Liam turns around to see the boys.


He waves his hand to them.

"Harry just arrive here tonight at 6.30 pm! Good luck!" Liam shouts. 

I was shocked to hear it, and Liam turns back to see me.

"Look, I'm sorry! We gotta to go quickly!" He signs with his voice. 

"It's okay! I mean, it's perfect! I never see him again." I sign with my voice.


Liam sits next to me.

"Hollie? Are you okay?" He signs with his voice. 

He put his hand around my waist, and I give him a tight hug.

I sigh sadly, and I pull away to see him.

Liam closes the door, and Dave starts driving to the airport.

At Airport,

We were on the plane, and we got first class.

Still, I was too scared to leave this place.

I look out on the window.

Goodbye, my old two best friends and I'm sorry.

Goodbye, Harry.

Goodbye, London.

Goodbye, boys. 

I put my head on Liam's shoulder, let the tears roll down on my cheek, and I sniff my nose. 

I was watching the window. 

I miss you, Harry.

The plane takes 9 hours to ride.

I sigh sadly, and I closed my eyes slowly.

Now I was sleeping...

Liam shakes my head gently.

"Hollie. Woke up. It's time to wake up." He calls.

I wake up slowly, and I yawn.

My head gets off his shoulder, and I look around to see no one there. 

"What now?" I sign.

"Well... I want to tell you something..." Liam signs. 

"Oh. Shoo! Tell me." I sign.

"At first, I want to call you Emma Dawson. Second, We want you to dye your hairs." Liam signs.

I look down on my hairs, and I look up at his face.

I shake my head, and I sigh sadly.

"I'm sorry. For your good. Paparazzi are everywhere. Look, I know it's too soon." He continues.

I sigh annoyingly.

"Alright. It is for my good." I sign.

If I want to dye it, I don't know what colour

I look down on my natural brown hair, and I pick it up.

I sigh sadly.

I'm sorry, my hairs, it's for my good. 

"Also, you don't have to sign to other people because people will realise you're real Hollie Payne. Understand?" Liam signs.

I nod.

"If I walking outside my new house or somewhere, I will be talking without signing." I sign.

"Yes..." Liam says.

"Yes, I will be." I sign.

I pull my hood onto my head, and I sigh happily as I put sunglasses on my eyes. 

"I'm ready..." I say.

"Okay! Come on!" Liam says.

We got out of the plane, and I get the suitcases.



I have to carry my bags.

"Liam, why do you didn't have to take my bag?" I complain.

Liam turns around to see me. 

"Well... You're my Assistant." He explains.

"Fine..." I say.

I pick 'his' suitcase, and I saw Nelly.

I sigh happily.

"Hi!" I shout.

"Hi, Liam and... Emma!" Nelly shouts back.

I gave her a huge hug.

"It's good to see you... Liam told me a lot about you when we're on the plane." I say. 

I just wonder what's going on with the boys and Harry?


There is three more chapter left to go. To finish the story.

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