I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


35. Harry got a what?!

Harry P.O.V

I got a bad moody day and I still can't believe it! She's Cinderella! I sigh sadly and I shake my head. I can't stop loving Hollie! 

Liam was right. I have to stop loving her because she was so young than me. She's only 17 years old. Come on, man! Think about that!

If I find another girl and I will stop love Hollie, then I will move on! Louis was right! I just have to! I sit on my bed and I was lying down on there.

I sigh sadly. I have to... But how? I can hear the front door open and then close. Someone calls my name. It was Louis! What did he want?

"Harry! Someone want to see you!" Louis shouts. I can hear that someone run off to the person's room and then slam the door. 

"Fine! I'm coming!" I shout back. I walk downstairs. "I'm here, Louis!" I shout. Then when I went downstairs, I saw a beautiful girl that I never have seen before...

Wait! Is that Kendall Jenner? What does she doing here? "Kendall?" I call. She turns around to see me. Yep, it is. "Harry?" Kendall calls.

"What are you doing here? I mean you should be at Catwalks in New York." I ask. Kendall nods. "I am, but the boss give me 3 months to be free. So, I came here because of your lady friend that you love, right?" She explains.

I was shocked. "Oh, I'm sorry. No! She's just my friend!" I apologies. Someone interrupts us. I can hear this person walk downstairs to where I stand.

"Harry..." The person calls sadly. Oh! I sigh annoyed and I turn around to see the person. It was... Hollie! "Hollie..." I call.

"Harry..." She calls sadly. Hollie looks down on the ground and she was about to walks away to go outside, but I stop her. I open my mouth.

"Hollie?!" I shout. She stops. "I'm sorry!" I continue. Hollie turns around to see me "Oh, it's okay. Trust me... You don't have to love me, you should have Kendall." She signs with her sad voice.

I was surprised to see the tears fell down on her face. "Holli-" I call softly. With that, She runs away from me. "HOLLIE!!!" I shout.

I sigh sadly. I made an excuse. "If you excuse me..." I say. I run away and I went to find her everywhere. I stop by the park and I pant heavily because I take my breath.

What? I can't breathe! I walk away to find the beach where I found her and that when I kiss her. I call her name by three-time "Hollie!"

Until I find her to sits on the beach and I start to run to where she sits on. "Hollie?" I call softly. She sounds shocked and she turns around with her shocking face.

"I-I-I." Hollie stammers. She stands up and she starts to run away as I run to grab her hand. She tried to let her hand go. 

"LET ME GO!" Hollie screams. She sobs. I pull her to closer my chest. "Tell me... Why are you always run away from me?" I ask,

She sounds shocked and she pulls away. "Because I want you to be happy and to find another girl, but if you love me, then you never move on and keep on me." She signs with her sad voice.

I put my hand around her waist and she looks shocked... "What?!" I ask. She tried get off of it. "Just get off of me." She orders.

Someone interrupts us and the person stand behind me. "Yeah, let her go!" The person orders. I let her go and I turn around to see the person.

"Louis?" I call confusedly. Hollie runs to where Louis stand there and she hugs him tight. Louis pulls away to see her face. "Hollie. Hey, don't be sad." Louis says.

What going on?! "What?!" I shout. Louis glare at me. "You have a girlfriend, not Hollie... Well, Kendall is." He says. I was shocked. 

"Harry got a what?" Hollie signs with her sad voice. She runs away... Again. This time, I'm not going after her. I sigh sadly.

I turn around to see her quickly. "Hollie!!!" I shout. She runs away as fast as she can. "Hollie..." I call sadly. That was Liam run to where we stand here. "What's going on?" He asks.

I groan. I turn back to see them, yeah, all of them. "Just tell me what's going on?" I ask. There has silence moment and Niall break the silence moment.

"Where's Hollie? Because I'm going to run after her." Niall asks and explains. "I'm with you." Liam says as he make an excuse. I sigh annoyed and I put my hand onto my forehead.

"Guys! Why am I feeling that you guys didn't tell me something I don't know?" I ask. That's right! I cross my arms and then Niall starts saying first.

"It's not our idea and, yes, it was Louis's idea." He explains. "Yeah... It is not our fault. Hollie was saying that she loves you." Liam explains secondly.

"We're sorry." Zayn apologies. I smile nicely. "I'm not mad." I say. "Yeah? It was all my fault... I shouldn't call her to not come here." Louis says.

"No. You both were right, Liam, Louis. To love Hollie, it was impossible to love her. I need to move on." I explain. So, I guess we're still friends.

I sigh sadly. "Louis, you go to Hollie and we talking about the tour in our house." I order. "Okay!" Louis says. He starts to walk away and he starts to call her name by 4 times.

I turn around to see them and I start to walk away. Hollie... I'm sorry, I have to move on. I thought so... What you saying was right, we have so much Drama.

I will be your friend, I promise. Louis runs back to where we walk. "Wait! I found her... to sit with..!" He shouts. He looks freak out. 

"Whoa, calm down!" Liam orders. Louis takes a deep breath. "JUSTIN BIEBER!" Louis continues. We look shocked. "Where is she?" I ask.

"She was at the playground, to sit on the swing." Louis answers. "Right, I should go to them." I say. I was about to run away, but Louis stops me to grab my arm.

"Not so fast. I heard she said that she hate you. I'm sorry." He apologies. I sigh sadly. She already hates me! "Wow!" I say. I sigh annoyed and I put my left-hand move onto my face.

"I have to go." I say. I turn around and I start walk away to our house. So did the guys. I wonder what is happening?


Hollie P.O.V

I stop by the playground and I pant because I have to run. I guess I have no one... Nelly have a college and she has no time to talking to me. 

Ellie has a college and university for Emily. So, I guess they're busy. That's it. I sit on the swing and I sigh sadly. I look down on the ground.

"Oh, Harry... Why am I all alone?" I sign to myself. There have someone walk to where I sit. "Hey, Hollie." The person greets. The voice looks familiar to me and I look up at the person.

I was surprised. It was Justin! "Justin!" I call confusedly. Justin gives me a nice smile and he looks shocked as he notice my sad face.

"Are you sad?" Justin says as he smiles a little. "Oh. That. Pt... No!" I sign with my voice. Justin crosses his arm and he raise his one eyebrows. "Really?" Justin asks.

I sigh sadly. "No, really... I'm just upset, I'm just found out that Harry Styles have a girlfriend. I guess I'm jealous." I sign with my voice,

Justin sits on swing next to me. "Yeah, you are. You sound like jealous." He explains. I sigh sadly. "I wish my jealous will be down and yeah, Louis plan this." I sign with my voice.

I look up at the star. "I hate Harry now." I say. "Oh, wow!" Justin says. I look at him "No, I mean I like him as friend and I hate him that because when I'm around him, he make me cry." I explain.

I feel the tears build up on my eyes. "Come on. Cheer up." Justin says as he stands up. "I can't!" I sign with my voice. I sigh sadly and I look at him.

I saw him that he stands behind me and he starts to push me to swing. "Whoa!" I say. I smile. "Oh... Slow down." I order.

He stop the swing and I chuckle a little. "Oh." I say. I smile and I stand up. I turn around to see him. "I have to go home. Good night, Justin." I sign with my voice.

I smile, turn away and I was about to walking away but Justin grab my hand. "Oh." I say. "Hollie, let me drive you from your house?" Justin asks.

"Sure." I reply. I don't know what wrong with me. Justin always get every girls to date. "No! I mean, I prefer to walks. So..." I sign with my voice.

I walk away. "(Okay)I whipser. I hum Naturally song until I stop by our house. I can't believe it, I'm nervous. I sit on the stairs at outside of the house and I sigh sadly.

I look up at the sky. "Why? Why am I feeling jealous?" I sign with my  voice. But then someone open the front door.

"Because you loved me, isn't it?" The person says. The person slams the front door hard, I was shocked, gulp and I turn around to see the person.

"Harry?" I call confusedly. "Explain this. I'm in bad mood and you said you hate me. Explain now!" Harry signs with his anger voice.

I'm scared now. "I-I-I." I stammer. "Oh... Then I. Hate. You." He signs with his voice slowly. "Then you all wouldn't be here and so am I! I wish I could remember my real parent! Not Liam! I'm sorry!" I sign with my voice.

Liam walks to where we stand here. "What's going on?!" He asks, I was shocked and I look down on the ground. "Liam... I'm sorry. Ask Harry!" I sign with my sad voice.

I run off to my room. "Hollie! Fine! Run as fast as you can!" Harry shout. I open my door and I slam the door hard.

I run to my bed and lying down on there. I was crying. I hate being here!

I lose someone who does have a girlfriend!

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