I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


12. Apologize...

Liam P.O.V

I can hear Hollie's crying and someone at her door, bang on her door.

I'm in the living room, I was angry, and I went upstairs.

"Harry Edward Styles! What's going on?!" I call and ask. 

Harry is still banging on Hollie's door, didn't reply to me and he still calls her name.

"Hollie! Hollie!"

"HARRY!!" I raise my voice.

Harry stop bang and he turn around to see me quickly.

"What?!" He shouts back.

"Alright! What's going on?!" I say and ask.

"I'm trying to apologise to Hollie!" He explains.

Hollie finally opens the door, and she slaps on his face. 

I saw her cry, and so did he. 

"Hollie," I mumble.

"Apologies for what?!" Hollie signs with her cried voice. 

She saw me, runs to me and she gives me a tight hug.

I look down at her.

She must be upset.

Did Harry do anything to her?

"Harry? What did you do?" I ask. 

"Liam! I-" Harry says.

She cut him off.

"No! Liam! Harry kiss me! On my-"

When she pulls away, I was surprised, and I cut her off as I look up at Harry. 

"You what now?!" I raise my voice.

Hollie turns around to see Harry.

"I'm sorry, Harry!" She signs with her sad voice. 

Hollie turns back to see me.

"I'm going outside!" She signs with her cried voice.

She runs off to the outside, and I turn around quickly.

"Hollie! Wait!" I shout. 

Niall went to follow her, and I turn back to see Harry.

"Harry! What did you do?! Explain!" I yelled. 


Hollie P.O.V

I sit on the bench from the park, still, wear Cochlear Implant, cried a little and I sniff.

Someone sit next to me, and I turn around to see this person.

It was Niall! 

"Niall? What are you doing here?" I sign with my voice.

"Hollie. I'm just here cos I follow you." He signs with his voice.

Niall could be my brother. 

"I can't believe it! I just slap on his face and..." I pause.

What if I should the one saying apologies.

"Hollie," Niall calls.

"...I should say to Harry for apologies." I continue to sign. 

"Hollie, you have a new sweet dad, awesome brother and friends." He signs with his voice.

I giggle. 

"...And who are they?" I sign with my voice.

"A new dad is Liam, of course, awesome brother is me and friends are..." He pauses.

I think he may be saying Harry but I'm fine.

I smile at myself.

"Niall..." I call.

He was about to saying something, but someone interrupts our conversation. 

"Hollie?" Someone calls my name.

I turn around to see this person and my smile fade down.


It was Harry.

"Harry?" I call with my confused face.

I turn away from to see Harry's face.

"Niall, can you..?" Harry asks. 

"Oh, sure," Niall says.

He turns to see me.

"Well, I'm better to go." Niall signs with his voice.

He walks away, and Harry watches him until he was gone. 

I turn back to see him, and he did too at me at the same time.

We are staring at each other, and Harry breaks the stare moment.  

"Hollie, I want to say... Apologies for a kiss." Harry signs with his voice.

I sigh sadly, and I look up at Harry's face.

"Don't! It's okay..." I pause.

Should I?

I look down on the ground.

"...But I am too. For slam, the door front of your face and slap your face. It's sound... Like... I'm cruel and rude to you. I don't..." I continue.

I pause, and I place my hand on my chest.

Harry took a seat to next to me, and he shakes his head.

"No, not at all... I don't mind." He signs with his voice.

I look up at him with my confused face.

"No. I want to say that... (Sigh sadly) The kiss... was good." I sign with my voice.

Harry looks shocked; I smile a little.

"I..." He signs with his shutter voice. 

I can see he has the tears is in his eyes, and so I did too.

I hurt him! I let the tears roll down on my cheeks.

"I shouldn't tell you too soon. I'm better to go." I sign with my sad voice.

I wipe the tears away from my face, and I was about to get up but Harry's hand place on my side.

I was shocked at it, and I turn back to see Harry.

With that, he stands up, and he gets closer, closer onto my face. 


He kisses me on my lip. 

I smile at it

I close my eye slowly, and I kiss him back. 

Wow! I can hear a little firework is going explosion, we break the kiss, and he gives me a gentle hug.

I hug him back.

I fell in love with Harry now, am I?

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