A-Z Reasons I'll Remember You Forever

A year has past since I met you. A year has past since I fell in love with you. Since New Year's is a time when we think about what we had done the past year, let me explain why I've done some things and what I'll miss about you. I'll remember you forever because I love you...


26. Y

is for Young 

We are both young... Those eighteen-year-old people and sixteen-year-old people say that young people don't fall in love. 

But I did. I really did. 

I loved you so much. I tried to make you happy. I sacrificed many things to you... 

I even broke some rules. I helped you during the math tests. That's cheating, but you really needed help. 

I was so happy to look at your smile when you got a hundred. 

It was young love. And those older people can't claim it was never love... 

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