A-Z Reasons I'll Remember You Forever

A year has past since I met you. A year has past since I fell in love with you. Since New Year's is a time when we think about what we had done the past year, let me explain why I've done some things and what I'll miss about you. I'll remember you forever because I love you...


13. L

L is for Laugh 

You don't know how many times you made me laugh this year... It's more than I can count. It's not like once every day. It's like once every minute! 

You say really funny things to teachers. 

When we were watching a slideshow about animals during science, you pointed at a hippo and said, "Hey! That looks like my daddy!" 

We all laughed. You are just so funny. 

If Trey does those things that you do, he's really not funny. But if you do it, it's funny! 

You know why I laugh more than others? Because I love you. Because I love every single thing I do. 

You also used to jump off five stairs at a time. To be honest, it looked so cool. I wanted to take a picture of it. (Of course I want to take a picture of you like every moment!) 

But that made me laugh, too. You dropped all of your books while jumping... 

I'll miss how you used to make me laugh. 

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