A-Z Reasons I'll Remember You Forever

A year has past since I met you. A year has past since I fell in love with you. Since New Year's is a time when we think about what we had done the past year, let me explain why I've done some things and what I'll miss about you. I'll remember you forever because I love you...


5. D

D is for Dumb

I still remember that day, when you called me dumb. You don't know how hurt I was. I cried for three hours straight when I got home.  

I could stand being called dumb by any other boy, except you. 

I sure did plenty of dumb things. Like the time I started to cry when I got a C on the vocabulary test, and the time when I said that bien was hi in Spanish. 

Everyone acts dumb sometimes. And it's perfectly fine if people call you dumb. But if you know that someone likes you, I don't think it's right to call them dumb in their face. 

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