Fake Girlfriend

(Same story as before but it's just changed a bit) Cassidy Hanson a simple girl with a simple dream she really wanted to live. All she had to do was sign a piece of paper that allowed her to live that dream she wanted after 6 months of fake dating Harry Edward Styles. She thought it was going to be easy. But she was wrong. He fell for her and she fell for him. But things always go wrong after all they are 'fake' dating. ** Will he change for her? Will they be together for 'real'?


1. The deal


Cassidy's P.O.V

I hugged my mother and father goodbye one last time. I didn't want to leave them but I'm now 18 and my job in now awaiting me in London. Even though i didn't want to do it, I need the money so I could live my own life away from my older sister, Kaylee. And I had to go to London so I could find out the rest of this job. 

I was soon walking out towards the big plane. I walked up the stairs and soon came to a flight attendent who kindy told me where my seat was. I soon found B33 and sat down near the window. I made sure to be all cosey and took out my earphones and iPod. I looked around and was happy to find that everyone had found their seats and we would be leaving in 3 minutes. I was happy that everyone found their seats because I had no one next to me to annoy me like an old grumpy people who sits next to you on a plane and tell you to shut up if you cough or move a finger like seriously! I like it better if the person who sits next to me on a god damn plane is nice!

I was about to put my earphone's in when a boy about my ago or 19 spoke up. "Uh, hello! Is this seat B34?" his American voice asked so kindly. His voice had an accent and one of my very favorite things in people is their accents! His voice sounded so like Kian Lawley's. I'm weird, so what i watch youtubers!? 

"Yeah," I replied with a smile. He returned it and sat down next to me. "Hi, I'm Cassidy" I said with my hand out. He smiled and looked at me. 

"Dylan," He shook my hand and chuckled. "Thank god, I got you instead of those old grumy people who hate it if you move a finger," he signed. 

"How strange, don't you just hate that?" I laughed. He laughed too. The pilot told us to buckle up since we were about to take off. We both did as we were told along with everyone else and soon we were in the air. We were able to take our seatbelt's off and chat again. 

"Yeah I do, so Cassidy? Why you headed to London?" Dylan asked, turning and looking at me.

"Well, I'm sort of in this job, I didn't want it but I need the money so I can move away from my parents and have a life of my own and hopefully get to do what I've always wanted to do, what about you?" I asked him. He told me he was just on holiday visiting his parents since he moved to London, he wanted to see them. I nodded. We told each other about ourselfs, had some laughs and seriously if I was ever to do this again with him, I would. I signed as I set my earphone's in my ears, as it was currently time to have some shut eye. Dylan had already fallen asleep. 


I felt a hand on my shoulder bringing me back to reality. "Hmm?" I opened my eyes.

"Cassidy? Were in London, time to get up!" Dylan said. I got out of my seat and saw people getting out of theirs. I grabbed my travel bag and iPod. I made sure I had everything and then followed Dylan out of the plane. 

We went and grabbed out bags. Dylan helped me out and we said our goodbye's. We both had each other's number's after all so we could chat sometime while my stay here. I sat down with my bags waiting. I soon saw a guy with blonde hair come up to me with a sign. 

"Miss. Hanson?" he asked with a England accent. I nodded. 

"Yeah, that would be me!" I replied and got off my seat. My brown hair was in a fishtail braid, which caused it to flip over my shoulder when I stood up. 

"Well, I'm Daniel!! Mr. Cowell's assistant and I'll be personally helping you out with everything," He smiled at me. I returned it. 

"I'm Cassi-" he cut me off. 

"I know, you're Cassidy!" He laughed. I face palmed myself. Idiot Cass...

"Sorry.." I said. He chuckled. 

"It's alright, now let me help with those," he said and grabbed the two duffle bags, while i had my suitcase and carry bag. We walked out of the airport and we made our way to the car park. Daniel led me to his car, I think? He put the bags in the boot of the black car and I headed towards the passager seat. We both climbed in and did up our seatbelts. He started the car and drove out of the small space. 

I looked out the window as the car drove. I was currently in London the place, I've always wanted to be since the ago of 5. It's always been my most favorite place and now I'm here yes, we've been on trips before but I know it would be so much better if I lived here.

The car came to a stop when we finally reached 'Records' the place Simon Cowell owns and works. Daniel opened my door for me and I thanked him. He locked the car and left it in the parking space. I followed him closely behind as we walking into the skyscraper. 

"It's huge," I said to Daniel. 

"I know right? I'm like Oh My God am I really working here? Like everyday!" Daniel laughed. I smiled. 

"Lucky!" I replied. We walked in. He waved to the women at the desk with blonde hair and walked to the eleavator. "So you working full time or just a summer job?" I asked Daniel. 

"Full time, but I'm now working with you, as I said back at the airport. I'll be helping you out with things for the 'relationship' and helping you understand more about it. So if you need help with something you'll ring me, Ok?" he asked. I nodded. 

"So your like my personal manger-assistant guy?" I asked him. He nodded. 

"Yeah like that," he laughed. 

"Cool," I said with a smile. The eleavator went ding and the doors opened. We were currently on Mr. Cowell's office floor. We walked out and past a girl at a desk. Daniel pushed one of the large doors open and I walked in with him behind me. 

"Boss," Daniel said as we walked up toward the one and only Simon Cowell. 

"Hello, Miss. Cassidy Hanson isn't it?" Simon spoke. I nodded taking a seat infront of his desk. "Well Miss. Cassidy, I'm sure Daniel here has already told you a bit of his part?" he asked. 

"Yep, he explained it pretty clear," I replied. He nodded. 

"Well then, as you already know.." he said. "We asked you to help us with a little problem. And you accepted." he said. 

"Uhuh," I nodded. 

"Well the deal is, I'm offering you the money you need as you already asked for exchange for you to 'Fake date' Harry Styles." he said. I nodded. Great, One Direction. "Now I need you to sign this and in just 6 months you'll have your money," he pushed a piece of paper foward. I looked at it. 

"So just half a year with the boy, I'll get my money?" I asked. 

"Yes started in two days the first of August till Jan next year," he said. I nodded and looked down at the paper. Harry had already signed it. I wonder what he thought of all this? Huh, maybe for the free sex? Yeah, my butternut, cream, mocca, ice, cerry lemonde, not! He can think again if he wanted to get me. He may be a hotty but he ain't knowing it well at least not from me. I pushed the sheet back after it was signed. 

He smiled. Great, now I have to spend six months with the curly haired hotty! Better be worth it....

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