Let me help you out ~ A Zouis story

Louis Tomlinson is just a normale student.. At least that would you think.
If you look closer to him you see his pain.
The shame he has of being gay.
The bullies and his homesituation don't help at all.
And the worst thing of all? He falls in love with his teacher.

Zayn Malik is a art teacher. Who cares a lot about his students.
He has a lovely boyfriend , who happends to be the Englisch teacher.
He loves him a lot, but he falls accidentally in love with one of his students.


3. a new school

Louis W. Tomlinson POV.

I looked strained to the School bus, which was riding into the street right now. This was the, I think, tenth time I had to change from school. The tenth new school, with the same curriculum, the same boring , dick alike, teachers and the same gorse canteen food, as the last one. By the time the bus finally arrived the bus stop, I just stepped just into it. The bus was really empty. Besides the bus driver and me there was only one boy, who was reading a book from the Harry Potter book series, and a girl who has almost lost her head into her mobile phone. Neatly, as my parents tough me, said I hello to the driver. After that I looked for a place in the middle of the bus. The trip would be, if we did not end up in a traffic jam, definitely last a half hour long. During the trip there flowed more and more people on to the bus.  Some had really loud music on, others were just quietly looking out of the window. And there was me. What I did was just looking at all the people outside the bus, who were walking with their dogs, or where just riding in their cars. Of course, with my headphones on, so I was sure no one could bother me. Not that I do not want to, but I know that I suffer from a bad morning and I do not really think the other people were there so happy about.

As expected, we arrived half an hour later at the school. It was, as seen from the front, a large building. Larger than my previous school at least, but that was not difficult to surpass. With only three hundred and sixty in there was it the smallest school I ever been to. When I have some further increase the schoolyard I saw that there were, already, some formed groups. But what do you want  when you have missed the first half of the school year here. The cheerleaders were sitting in the sun talking, while a group of goths were smoking in a smoking booth. What nerd-ish looking people were reading by sides a set of benches. That while the athletes were playing soccer on a field. The Badboys, punks and Emo's were ,while they where smoking, talking  with each other. While walking, I am of course smart enough to crash  Against different people "Sorry," I muttered to each of them. As fast as I could, I rend inside the building and I reported me at the information desk. Where I got the code for my locker, a map, and my schedule. I already got my books at home, this weekend. I looked around myself, while I was walking through the many hallways. Eventually I found my locker near the canteen. The canteen itself was a separate room full of tables. The books I did not need first few hours, I dumped in my locker along with my coat. Just when I closed my locker the bell rang. Soon, the hallways were just totally empty. This while I was watching where was locally twenty-three on my map. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was on the second floor so at the end of the hallway. I did My schedule quickly in my bag , which I pulled on my shoulder. As fast as I could, I raced up the stairs. Just when I walked through the proper course the final bell rang. They view it. I'm not going to walk all those stairs back down to get a note. At the end of the hallway, I found luckily the local. After knocking on the door, I walked in.

 "Sorry I'm late, I couldn’t fi…” Without finish my sentence, I sighed. I should have expect this. The whole class seemed to be staring at me. A few people burst out laughing, while others, while pointing at me, began to whisper. I slowly turned red and I looked at the ground. The, Normally boring, carpet seemed suddenly become the most interesting thing in the whole class. “You’re Louis Tomlinson , am I right ?” Great another teacher who pronounce my name as "Lewis." "Uhm, yes that's right," I mumbled , if I'd say he pronounced my name wrong, I was definitely punishment . "I'm Mr. Styles, but everyone just calls me Harry, so you  can call me that even". I nodded and looked up. A pretty young teacher looked at me kindly, smiling.  His dark brown curls laid cheerfully around his face. I made ​​my way to a table somewhere in the middle, which was the only one still free. This is going to be a very long first day.

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