Fight for life

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are enemies right? Well what happens when Harry falls for his sister and what will happen to Draco who is planning on killing Harry.
Will harry get his dream girl? Or will this bout end in tears?


8. 8.Hermine~ Helping a friend.

Last night was crazy! I thought as I slowly sat up to see a sock on Chantelle in the bed next to me.

"C'mon lass get up! You wanna see Dough don't you?" Her response was a low groan and a mumble of not now sleeping.

This made me chuckle as I got dressed and headed for the common room to find Harry pacing and Ron on the edge of the sofa. " hey what's wrong?" a wave of concern came over me, " long story short, Draco's gonna kill Harry!" Ron exclaimed I was staring in shock. No I thought "No we need to tell someone..." I stopped in hesitation, "Hagrid will surely help us won't he?" I asked freaking out and pacing like Harry was who is now sat on the arm chair and has already sunk into it.

"Right we need to tell Shannon and maybe she can convince Draco to not do it," I spoke quickly so Ron or Harry couldn't get a word in edge ways.This made Ron click on and we ran out the common room to the great hall where Shannon had detention for fighting with Millie Dudley over something Millie said about her now dead parents, her and Draco are step-siblings, like Harry's they was killed by Voldemort.

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