Fight for life

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are enemies right? Well what happens when Harry falls for his sister and what will happen to Draco who is planning on killing Harry.
Will harry get his dream girl? Or will this bout end in tears?


4. 4. Shannon~ Why?

The next morning was sunny but cold, I climbed out of bed, got dressed and then went down into Raven claw's common room. I was approached by Alice Leavened, my dorm sharer. She said nothing but stood in silence next to me... This was VERY awkward.

It was time for my first lesson, potions! With Harry, Ron, Hermine and unfortunately Draco! :( I was on the table with Harry, Alice and Ron, next to us was Draco, Goyle, Hermine and Abbey. Alice and Hermine swopped places so me and her could chat about something special (boys, cloths -ect.) We ended up talking about the ball next week she said someone out of Gryffindoor asked her (probably Ron), then I realised that I had no date!! I wish Harry would ask me sooner or later but I know full well that Draco will make Goyle ask me (I hate him so much.)

Whilst Harry went to slughorn Ron asked "do you like Harry as in a fancy way?" I looked up from my cauldron, my cheeks going BRIGHT red, "eerrmm... Ok I love him so much!!" I quickly grabbed my glass bottle and ran to slughorn for approval of adding a rare herb.

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